Yoga poses for abs

Between cardio and weight training, it is sometimes difficult to maintain a sport activity that is both effective and pleasant. With this in mind, 45% of women and 50% of men over the age of sixteen declared having practiced at least one physical activity during the year.

This is why it is important to know how to choose your sport when you want to exercise, but also to take advantage of the sporting effects. And among the most sought-after consequences of an activity: slimming and toning your stomach! This is done by exercising, of course, but also by sheathing, especially the abdominals.

To link the principle of pleasure to all this, yoga is an ideal activity! Linking body and mind, a series of asanas (postures) allows to work the breathing, the alignment, but also the belly. It is also important to know how to select the exercises that you are going to reproduce.

Because yes, some are better adapted to develop the bust, others are perfect for the buttocks, while certain postures allow you to dislodge abdominal fat more easily, to burn calories stored there, or to tone up the abdominal belt.

To lose belly and gain gain gain, here are 10 yoga exercises all found! Follow the guide!


1 - Yoga: the posture of the cobra, for a flat belly

Among the great classics of yoga, but also to have a flat and sheathed belly, the cobra is in a good position! From its original name "Bhujang asana", this posture is perfect for developing abdominal muscles and dislodging fat from the abdomen.

And a little extra soul: the cobra is ideal for stretching the spine and the back.

Concretely, it is a matter of starting the posture lying on your stomach, legs stretched out, ideally on a yoga mat for more comfort, and not to hurt yourself. Place your palms on the mat, just under your shoulders.

Push on your forearms to raise your chest, as well as your head, of course! Pull your chest backwards, breathing as regularly as possible. The legs remain stretched out on the mat. Hold the position while looking straight ahead, or green the sky.

Hold for either 30 seconds or the equivalent of 10 breaths. The most important thing is to know how to listen to your body, don't force yourself! Repeat the posture between 3 and 5 times.

As the weeks go by, you should feel the effects of the cobra, but also find a flat stomach, always in association with a good diet and other postures. And among these postures, here are nine others!


2 - Yoga : the board, to sheath your belly and abdominal muscles.

Also called "Kumbhakasana", the board is an exercise well known to all, since it has been practiced since our earliest childhood, especially in sports or fitness classes, even today. It is very simple to reproduce, but not always to hold. On the other hand, this exercise is perfect for a flat and sheathed belly!

Because yes, it is indeed the overall sheathing that is emphasized here, especially the abdominal strap. To begin, get down on all fours, hands on the ground. Raise your whole body, keeping you on your feet, always face down on the ground.

Be careful not to dig into your back, this could have particularly bad effects on your spine! For the little yogic anecdote, we consider the board as a transition position when greeting the sun.

The alignment of the board must be perfect between the shoulders, buttocks and heels. Once this is good for you, hold the position for about 30 seconds while breathing properly. The abs should pull you, if it does, it's working, congratulations!

Repeat four to five times, and you should see some results on your belly as the yoga sessions progress. Your waist circumference is refined!


3 - Yoga: the bow posture, strengthen the abdominals

The bow (or "Dhanurasana") is a yogic posture particularly recommended to obtain a flat stomach and to strengthen the abs. In practice, it is a matter of starting lying on your stomach, always on a mat, of course! The legs are stretched out, the arms are positioned along your body.

As for the cobra, raise the bust by bending the knees, and by coming to catch these same knees. An acrobatic position, which makes you rest more or less on your pelvis. In this way, you can also swing back and forth following the rhythm of your breath.

In yoga, the bow is used to massage the abdomen, stretch the back, but also and above all, to stimulate the abdominal muscle. When you release the posture, remember not to do it all at once, but to go gently, step by step.


4 - Yoga: the boat, flat stomach guaranteed

The "Naukasana" (or boat, in yoga), is a particularly effective posture to remove deep pounds and abdominal fat. Particularly effective, yes, but also difficult to hold, since it involves sitting on the buttocks only.

Concretely, start by sitting with your back straight, then lean your body backwards. Then, lift your legs one by one, while keeping your abs covered. Lift your arms and point them straight ahead, always with your legs raised. (You can also make the whole thing harder by raising your arms and legs to the sky).

Hold this way for 30 seconds, then release slowly. Repeat about five times, and the belly fat will be damaged in the most beautiful way, but also in the most effective way!


5 - Yoga: the board on the side, sheathing the obliques of the belly

If the "classic" board is one of the postures you have already been introduced to, the side board is a good alternative to change a little and complete your training. Because yes, the side board allows you to build muscles... on the side of your stomach! Namely: the obliques, but also the waist.

In practice, the idea is to do the board on one side only (right foot and right arm, for example), while stretching your legs. The idea is to keep the balance, by working the muscles. So it seems essential to sheathe, and therefore to work the belly!

Switch sides, alternate, and you should see results over time.





6 - Yoga: liberation from the winds, to refine the silhouette

A well-known yoga posture, the liberation of the winds ("Pavanamukthasana") has many effects, both internal and external, on the body. Among these effects, the muscles of the abdomen are used. And the little extra soul: it is a posture that relaxes, yes!

The initial idea is to lie down on the mat, legs extended and heels together, arms along the body. Bend one knee, and bring it back towards your bust. Squeeze it with your arms. You can also do it for both at the same time.

Blow, inhale, while holding the position for a good minute. Repeat the posture five times. Looks like nothing, your stomach will be stimulated, and your abdominal muscles too!


7 : The posture of the chair in yoga, to avoid abdominal fat

The chair, like the board, is part of exercises that have already been practiced, at least at school. No need for a wall here, the main thing is to sit on an imaginary chair with your arms raised and your feet parallel. And that's it! Hold the posture for about thirty seconds, breathing deeply.

Here, and thanks to the unbearable (or almost!) burning sensation, the hamstrings will be worked, but also the belly sheathing. And this is what interests us today!


8 - The posture of the camel in yoga, to tone the belly

With its funny name, the camel (or "Ustrasana") allows to stretch the belly and to stimulate the organs. Get on your knees, gently bend your back back. Be careful to do it with delicacy, at the risk of blocking you, it would be a pity!

Little by little, take your heels in your hands, and maintain the posture for a good minute. The camel allows little by little to refine the belly in addition to stretching the whole body!


9 - The dog upside down in yoga, gently building up the abdominal muscles

We know this yogic exercise often for other reasons, but the upside down dog is not an iconic posture for nothing! Indeed, it allows you to do abdominal exercises while working the entire body's balance.

It involves putting your hands on the ground, raising your hips to form a 90° angle. Both hands and both feet are therefore used as pillars on the ground, and your hips go towards the sky. Here is the dog upside down!

Hold the posture for thirty seconds to a minute while breathing regularly. This way, you will be able to have abs... after a while!

To diversify the posture, you can raise one leg in the air. This will allow you to work on your balance and work on your abs even more!


10 - Yoga: the table, a perfect posture for the belly

If you have read this selection in its entirety, you should understand what the board looks like. Well here, the board (also called "four-legged table" or "Catuspadasana", but also, depending on the exercises, "Ardha Purvottanasana") is pretty much the same... but upside down!

It is the balance which will hold you here in sheathing, and which will make it possible to muscularize your belly or your chest. Flat on your back and on a mat, with your knees bent and your arms at your back, lift your body to form a straight line.

Your belly is facing the sky, and hold yourself in this way for about 30 seconds, with your head in line with your spine. This posture requires a perfect balance, and helps to strengthen the belly, in addition to the arms. Don't forget to breathe properly, exhaling when you sheathe.

To go further, you can try to move your feet away from each other, in order to stretch your legs more. Be careful, do all this with delicacy, the idea is not to hurt yourself!

Thus, with these ten exercises, each as effective and different as the next, you should be able to achieve a potential weight loss, but above all, a belly put to good use! Namaste!