Yoga mat review

Beginner or advanced, we are all looking for the ideal yoga mat. The one that will allow us to practice without any inconvenience!

Do you know the old mat that comes out of the closet where you slide at the slightest posture that is a bit complex? The one that moves on the floor at the slightest movement or rolls up during your "relaxation" session.

Well I have the honor to announce you that this era is over! In 2020, you will be an exemplary and performing Yogi thanks to an exceptional yoga mat.

But which one is the one that corresponds to your expectations? How to choose your yoga mat? Don't forget to read our article on the different styles of yoga if you haven't yet chosen yours!

Find below our buying guide of the ideal carpet according to your practice and your desires!


We have put together a list of the best yoga mats, easy to get and at all prices!


N°1 : The intermediary!

Whether in terms of thickness or price, this rug fits everyone! Indeed, with a thickness of 5mm it can be used for any practice. Add to that, the price: for a good quality yoga mat, it is a reasonable price. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, this mat seems to be ideal for your everyday practice.

Its big strong point: an all-round grip! It is particularly enjoyable in the practice of Vinyasa or Ashtanga yoga where the postures follow one another at a steady pace. No time to think about your mat during your session! So we adopt a safe material. A simple design but to everyone's taste, it is available in 2 colors according to your desires! The practical side is also there! The straps are supplied with the mat.


N°2: The finest!

As we mentioned earlier, it is pleasant for some yoga to have good contact with the ground, especially for balance postures. To keep maximum comfort while having a certain stability, it is preferable to turn to a mat with a thickness of 4mm/5mm.

Once again, we find a mat perfectly adapted to dynamic yogas. Balance, strength and consciousness will be with you during your session.

If you are a practitioner of softer yoga with a lot of meditation, turn to a thicker mat. You will lack comfort during long sessions. The little extra: its design! You can choose the color, but you have to admit that this blue gradient makes us crack!


N°3: The most comfortable!

With its thickness of 8mm, it is a mat for soft yogas. Indeed, this one is to be forgotten if you are not a follower of Nidra, Hatha or any other practice based on meditation and relaxation.

This mat is a protector for your joints. No matter what position you take and how long you have to stay like this, you will feel like you are on your bed. It has a good grip, which is very important for any type of yoga.

We have the "holy grail" of a cheap and good quality mat! So go for it, there's no need to hesitate. On top of that, it is available in several colors and comes with straps to carry it anywhere.


N°4 : For the most sensitive!

It is not uncommon to meet yogis who are sensitive to certain materials. If you are one of them, this mat is for you! Hypoallergenic, no heavy metals, no PVC, no latex... You can spread yourself on it without scratching yourself everywhere during your session!

For the ecologists, this carpet was made in the most total respect of the environment. To be green right down to the mat! The big advantage of this mat is that it is very light and that it is transportable thanks to its straps provided! So if for example you have to walk to your yoga studio, it is ideal for you.

A thickness of 6mm, it will not be ideal for very dynamic yoga but if you are a beginner and you do not know which practice to turn to, this is the one for you.

This one also has the capacity to remain hygienic thanks to the materials which compose it. The sweat of your hands will not be able to cope with it! With a more than reasonable price, this is the one you need to start!


N°5: the best grip!

In spite of the hours of yoga practiced, you remain a very anxious person who tends to get easily with sweaty hands? You practice on tile flooring and your mat slips with each change of posture? Well I am happy to announce that all that is over!

This mat is made of a surface that prevents sweat from getting into the mat and thus leaving it perfectly dry throughout your session.

Despite its 6mm thickness, which may seem a little high for dynamic yoga, this mat is of excellent quality and is suitable for all types of yoga. Indeed, it allows us to be both surprisingly stable during balance postures and at the same time to protect us from shocks by an incredible cushioning.

Its price is quite high but it is an excellent quality mat that will accompany you all your life.


N°6: For everyone!

Finally, we offer you a mat that is the perfect mix of those previously proposed: 5mm thick, suitable for dynamic and soft yogas, top adherence to the floor, non-slip and not expensive.

What more could you ask for? It is also the only model to offer so many colors!



What are the different criteria to consider when buying your yoga mat?



If so far you have been choosing your yoga mat based on color and pattern, know that this is not the best way to thrive in yoga!

Indeed, the thickness of the mat is of extreme importance depending on the yoga you practice. The objectives are totally different from one practice to another. Therefore, we need adapted equipment!

Nidra, prenatal or Hatha are soft and slow practices where we are rather in an objective of relaxation and comfort. For this kind there, we will turn to a thickness of 5 to 8mm. This will allow a less important contact with the ground to avoid discomfort in the joints. The phases of meditation, whether lying down or sitting, will also be much more pleasant than with a thinner mat. However, if the chosen mat meets the parameters that will be stated later, it will be possible to practice a more dynamic yoga if the desire takes us!

However, if you are more inclined towards Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Bikram or Iyengar, you need more support on the floor. If you have a lot of difficulty stabilizing yourself during balancing postures or complex postural sequences, it is most likely that your mat is not suitable. 5mm thickness is the maximum! You will quickly see the difference. This allows you to be more in contact with the floor in order to work on the balances on the hands and feet without having a discomfort caused by the sinking of the latter in the mat. A good quality carpet, even if it is fine, will give you comfort at all times. Indeed, it will also be perfect for your meditation thanks to adapted materials.

Below, you will find mats of different thicknesses. It's up to you to choose!


Whether you've been practicing yoga for a long time or your experience only stops at a few sessions, you've all experienced sweaty hands sliding on your mat. This problem is often encountered in yoga where the postures are fast and dynamic. Heat rises in the room and maintaining the postures on your mat becomes more and more complicated as the session progresses. As a result, you slip and risk injury.

Yoga is about taking care of yourself, so don't let a mat interfere with your practice! That's why it is important to check when you buy a mat to make sure that it has optimal grip even when you sweat. It is important that this is the case on both sides so that it stays well in place on the floor.

The material

If you buy a quality yoga mat it is supposed to be comfortable in any posture. However, we are all different and it is important to choose a material that suits you, a fabric that is pleasant to the touch and if you are sensitive to some, you should check that the materials it is made of do not make you allergic. For this time, it is more a personal choice.


The practical side

If you are practicing studio or outdoor classes, it is important that your mat be easy to transport. It is possible to find yoga mats that come with straps or a bag to carry it. If not, it just needs to be not too heavy. Stretching yourself before class just because of a mat that weighs 3 tons would be a real shame!


The price

Now there are yoga mats available at all prices and of very good quality! The adherence is more interesting and the environmental impact is generally less important with the most expensive mats.

Now you know all the characteristics of an excellent yoga mat that suits your practice! Too much information? Don't worry, we won't leave you like this!


Yoga mat

As you can see, it is possible to find good quality carpets at low prices. It is generally the materials used that differ.

However, if you practice very regularly it is important to invest in a carpet that suits you, that corresponds to your practice, that you like, and that will still be in good condition after several years.

Yoga is a very inspiring practice that will allow you to relax, to be in a positive frame of mind and thus attract success in your life.