The law of attraction

If you are a reader of books on personal development, you must know, more or less, what is called "the law of attraction". But do you really know what this concept covers and the benefits of this law? No doubt you have a vague notion of it.

At the end of this article, you will be more familiar with this famous law and you will be able to use it in your life. Deciphering.



The Law of Attraction is simply the ability to attract into our lives what we focus on. In other words, if you have a negative and pessimistic vision, you will only attract the negative and pessimistic. On the other hand, if your thoughts are positive, you will only attract the positive into your life.

The phenomenon of the law of attraction is simple: we attract the tone of what we think about. It's like moving in the direction you're looking. In short, your success and happiness depend essentially on you. This is the basis of the "law of attraction".

In other words, our thoughts eventually become reality: if we think we will succeed, we succeed, and conversely, if we think we will fail, we fail!



The most important element of the Law of Attraction is positive thinking. It is imperative to focus on what you want and not on what you don't want. Indeed, according to some theories, the Universe, which welcomes each of our thoughts, does not take into account the negation.

In other words, if we think "I don't want to be late", the Universe understands: "I want to be late". Therefore, we must always think in a positive way like "I want to be punctual". For example, if we think wealth and abundance, we attract money. On the other hand, if we think debts and poverty, we attract lack.

In terms of health, the Placebo effect is a good example of the law of attraction. In the same way, in a couple, if we concentrate on what is going well instead of underlining only what is not going well, there will inevitably be a better harmony.

In order to be in a positive dynamic, there are "secret triggers" that allow you to change the negative frequency on which you are in order to refocus on the positive. For example, pleasant memories, a favorite music...





Visualization allows us to put images, colors, sounds and emotions on our formulated objectives. We try to be as precise as possible in this visualization in which we are in a temporality where we are fulfilled. Because we have reached our professional and personal goals. In this visualization, we live this best version of ourselves and of our life and we consider that we deserve it.

As for meditation, it is a great practice that allows you to dive into your inner world and prepare your mind for the law of attraction. It is simple and easy to find balance, to gain attention and energy, while taking a step back. In short, it is beneficial for the heart and the mind.

To connect with yourself, let's see some techniques and tips:

Choose your special time for yourself, and make sure you are quiet.

Sit cross-legged, with your buttocks on your heels, and sit with your back straight, as if stretched by the top of your head. Then close your eyes gently.

- I free myself from my physical body,
- I calm the activity of my mind,
- I reach inner silence,
- I get in touch with myself.

Focus all your attention on your breathing, and to stay perfectly concentrated on your breathing, you can count: up to 4 when breathing in, and up to 8 when breathing out.

When you are perfectly relaxed, you will be able to use the law of attraction, your mind being calm and serene, you will have less resistance and interference:

- Visualize what you want to see happen in your life
- Observe all the images as if you were an actor in your own movie.
- Feel all the emotions that this realization arouses in you.
- Stay in touch with these emotions and let the conviction and faith in you rise.
- Ask now and be guided to make your wish come true.
- Give thanks as if you have obtained what you wish, and let go.
- Open your eyes to an inspiration.
- Practice every day and you will see the benefits manifest in you and your life.



It is important that you avoid phrases that rely on negative words like "no" or "don't" to express what you want, such as "I don't want to lose my job.

Similarly, include words that represent what you want to avoid attracting what you don't want. For example, when you say, "I don't want to lose," you send the word "lose," whereas if you say, "I want to win," you send the word "win.



Gratitude or appreciation for what we already have is necessary to attract the things we want. Every day when you wake up, try to be grateful. Think of all the good things in your life for which you should be grateful. Give thanks for your job (even if you don't like it), it will help attract a new one if you do.



With this type of Law of Attraction technique, you seek to channel your determination through words on paper. You will keep your mind firmly focused on your goal and clarify your intentions so that the Universe knows exactly what you want to achieve.

Grab a pen and start making a list of words or phrases that describe the thing you are trying to manifest. For example, if you want an ideal job, good co-workers, the best salary, flexible hours and a pleasant environment, write it all down on paper. Continue until you have a complete picture of exactly what your goal looks like.





Granted, it's not that simple, but it's possible if you use the right methods to get there.

The idea here, as we explained it to you, is to get rid of the dark thoughts. Thus, to think backwards. When you don't like something or something bothers you, rather than emphasizing its negative aspect, focus on what you would like instead. For example, "I hate the fact that he's late" becomes "I'd rather he was on time". Another example: "I don't like to be rushed", becomes "I would prefer to have more time". It's all in the nuance.

In other words, enjoy the present moment. It is better to be happy and positive hour after hour, without being afraid of the future, without apprehending and without worrying, rather than preventing oneself from enjoying the present moment by already thinking about tomorrow, or even the day after tomorrow.

On the threshold of the temple of Delphi, attributed to Socrates, one could read the following commandment: "Know yourself and you will know the universe and the gods". And indeed, the Law of Attraction recommends that you remain consistent with who you are. This is how you will be able to showcase yourself in the best possible way and enjoy your natural talents.

We all know the saying: "Rome wasn't built in a day". We all know that in order to achieve our goals, we often have to fail. A dread for some, who see it as a shame. However, failure is an integral part of our construction. Antoine Spath, a psychologist, explained to us, "Failure is a narcissistic wound. It hurts, because it can make you lose self-confidence, especially since it is not socially valued. However, failure is part of the construction of the psychic life, it is a necessary passage. After any failure, we learn a useful lesson for our personal development.



For the law of attraction to work fully, there must be a balance between thoughts, emotions and actions. One should not believe that one can achieve one's goals by thinking alone. This is not a plea for passivity.

On the other hand, we will pay more attention to the opportunities that present themselves to us in order to act in the best way. Without vigilance, without working on oneself and without awareness, it doesn't work. In the end, the secret may be to believe in yourself?