Yoga silhouette

Contrary to what one might think: no, yoga is not a "lazy" sport. Quite the contrary. Although the sequences are slow enough, the practice of yoga offers a real in-depth work on the silhouette. With a little training, it is possible to sculpt your silhouette, draw your abdominals or soften your muscles very easily...

Most of the time, refining one's silhouette is one of the main reasons that pushes yogi apprentices to practice this discipline. The benefits on the body are immense, but today, society focuses mainly on the physical aspect and on a much sought-after concept: the silhouette. Before continuing, if you wish to discover all the benefits of yoga, I invite you to read this superb article that perfectly deals with the subject: The benefits of yoga!


Reminder: what is yoga?

For all those who do not know it yet, yoga is a discipline that originated in India, dating back several thousand years. Initially, it originated from Vedic texts (ancient sacred texts written in Sanskrit). Since then, with the transmission of knowledge, the practices have changed slightly from what they used to be, but the fundamental idea is always the same: yoga is a way of life before being a mere fashion.

If you thought you were resting, think again! Yoga works all the muscles of the body deeply, but always gently. It is not about achieving performance, but rather about improving your movements. Also, it acts on the psychological aspect, since it is able to help you regain control of your mind. To conclude this, just remember that yoga is based on essential key points: breathing, physical exercises and meditation.





How does yoga affect the silhouette?

As you have understood, yoga, in addition to working on the physical aspect through exercises and postures, it also acts on the psychological aspect, and in particular on the emotions related to food. Thus, you can expect "spectacular" results, provided of course that you are regular in the practice of yoga and adopt a balanced and healthy lifestyle. So, even with the best will in the world, if you don't eat properly, it is very likely that you will fail.

1. The physical effects of yoga on the silhouette

Be aware that the physical consequences are very numerous, but for this article, we will focus on those that directly impact the silhouette.


In general, yoga helps to effectively loosen the muscles of the body. Through repeated and progressive exercises, you will succeed in relaxing, lengthening and strengthening them. Of course, you will not make the big splits overnight. It is the result of months, even years of experience. But one thing is certain: the results are there! Yoga allows, through postures, a daily work of flexibility and helps the body to regain mobility and natural ease.

Also, your joints are healthier and your tensions disappear. So, maybe you didn't know it, but by lengthening your muscles, they naturally take up less volume and naturally refine and slim your body. The second benefit of flexibility is that you sculpt your figure!

The body is invigorated

Once the muscles have developed, you will already feel the difference. You are in better shape, everyday movements are less difficult and pain is reduced. But that's not all... Now that you have "recovered" an athletic muscle, it will naturally consume more energy during the exercise phases to compensate for its development. Except that this system also extends to the resting phase. In other words, you increase your metabolism and consume more calories.

Thanks to this, your body is stronger, it straightens up and frees itself from tensions and other traumas. You are now supported by strong and powerful muscles and flexible joints: your figure regains its natural beauty and lines. Say goodbye to unsightly bulges!

A better functioning of the organs

Yoga offers deep and thorough work on the muscles and the abdominal belt (especially through breathing exercises). Also, some postures naturally stimulate many organs and certain glands. Think of it as an internal massage of the body to help it build muscle and shape itself.

Here are a few examples to better understand the principle:

• The liver is stimulated, which has the effect of improving its ability to filter and purify the body by better processing sugar and fat,
• The thyroid, a very important gland for promoting the elimination of toxins from the body and restoring weight balance, is also boosted,
• The digestive system, and more particularly the colon, are detoxified and certain postures help to restore an efficient natural transit. Also, by avoiding foods that are too rich, you help your body to recover more quickly.
• Finally, in general, the effect of relaxation and relaxation of the body and mind reduces its stress level (which lowers the stress hormone, cortisol, responsible for weight gain by storage). Moreover, you also regulate the pH of the body, which is very beneficial for your organs.

To learn more about this subject, here's another article that you might like: Yoga for slimming and weight loss.




2. The psychological effects of yoga

Yoga is a physical practice with scientifically proven results, but be aware that it is not limited to your weekly sessions. Indeed, in your daily life, in your everyday life, yoga continues to "work" all the time. Indeed, the benefits extend directly to your habits and routine. You transform your bad reflexes into simple gestures that are good for your health.

Let's not forget that the word "yoga" is the Sanskrit word for "the union of body and mind". It is therefore logical to expect changes in all aspects of your life, even psychological!

Listening to your body

Above all, yoga helps to focus on a very important element: your body. By reconnecting with it and listening to the signals it leaves you, you can regain a balanced life and resume a healthy "partnership" with it. By respecting each other, you will be more open to change and therefore to a physical transformation of your body. It is a lifestyle in its own right that you decide to adopt. You develop 3 fundamental bases for your success:

1. The desire to listen to yourself,
2. Enrich your body and mind,
3. The desire to take care of oneself.

Live now!

Second inner benefit: the present moment. Through breathing exercises, meditation and physical postures, you must be totally and fully focused in the present moment if you want to be able to perform them correctly. This concentration leads to an awareness of life's potential and the importance of living it right here, right now. You face life's anxieties and difficulties with more confidence and you manage your emotions better.

In this way, you reduce your chances of gaining emotional weight, i.e. the extra pounds due to overeating due to anger, sadness, stress...

Two essential qualities

To refine your silhouette permanently, you must have two qualities: a taste for effort and patience. One cannot be achieved without the other; these are the two factors required to reach your goals and reshape your body and figure. After several weeks, months or years of practice, you enter into a virtuous circle, which increases motivation, and therefore, your results and so on...




5 yoga postures to refine and sculpt your silhouette

To help you progress more quickly, here are 5 exercises that allow the body to stretch, tone muscles and make yoga practice less difficult. Of course, you may not be able to do these exercises perfectly from the start, but take your time, it's not a race!

1. The Half Moon Posture

Also called "anti-love handles" by yogis, this posture aims to stretch, refine and lengthen the waist, and helps strengthen the abdominals, back and legs.

To achieve this, simply stand on your mat with your legs spread out to the same width as your hips and then stretch your arms upwards. Then, circle your wrist with the thumb and index finger of the opposite hand. As you breathe in, try to grow as tall as possible and then lean toward the side of the hand holding the other. Repeat this exercise for 3 breaths and reverse the direction.



2. The posture of the dog upside down

Even if you don't practice yoga yet, you probably know this one by name. Very effective to work on the finesse of your legs, unblock your shoulders and boost your entire body.

Simply follow the exercise: your hands and legs are open to the same width as your hips, put yourself "in a triangle". Bring your thighs closer to your stomach and try to raise your buttocks as high as possible towards the sky (keeping the position of your thighs with your stomach). Make a "triangle" bridge. Your back should remain perfectly straight and elongated. Don't arch and don't forget to breathe!

Then, stretch your legs as far as possible (your knees bend naturally, don't worry). Be relaxed and don't tighten your neck. Keep this way for 5 to 6 breaths.



3. The posture of the warrior I

From the previous position, simply pull one of your legs up between your hands (as if you were going to start a run with your front thigh touching your torso). The second leg should remain stretched and extended backwards. As you breathe in, straighten up slowly. Your legs shouldn't move, it's just your chest that is mobile. As you straighten up, try to grow towards the sky with your hands and arms outstretched.

Hold this position for 5 to 6 reps as well.



4. The half-bridge posture

This one is very easy to understand: lie down on your back, relaxed. Bend your legs at about 45° and position your arms flat along your body, palms facing the ground. Now gently raise your pelvis until your back is perfectly aligned with your thighs. Keep your legs bent. Breathe deeply with your stomach and abdomen, keeping your chin close to your chest.

Hold this position for 5 breaths before descending.



5. The boat's posture

Last posture: this one works the body as a whole. Sit in a sitting position, balancing each buttock. With your back straight, tilt back slightly until your feet come off the floor naturally. Stretch your arms parallel to the floor, then gradually bring your legs, also stretched out, so that your fingers touch your knees. Try to maintain balance and keep your legs straight for as long as possible.

Aim for a goal of 3 to 4 breaths. Even if you can't at first, try again! Over time, it should get easier and easier.



Take back control of your body with yoga!

Now that you know everything, remember that only regular yoga practice can help you progress. A perfectly drawn, shaped and sculpted figure is what awaits you if you are patient and really invest in yoga. But that's not the only outcome, you also increase your flexibility, improve your breathing and have a better sleep. Yoga is an excellent discipline to maintain yourself and keep in constant shape (and a dreamlike physique!).

You've probably understood it, there's no need to resort to cosmetic surgery to shape your body... Moreover, thanks to yoga postures, you don't store as much fat anymore and your body will naturally become slimmer. Of course, like any physical practice, yoga works slowly but surely. The results will come crescendo, be patient! Last advice, the secret to success is: take your time and work at your own pace.