Yoga poses for legs

From the knees to the spine, from the hips to the breathing, yoga is a discipline that could not be more complete. Depending on the postures adopted, it is then possible to have a straight back, a more regular breath or a more tonic physical shape.

Depending on the type of yoga offered, everyone has a potential advantage in becoming a yogi. And obviously, everyone understands it! Because yes, according to a study of millions of people practicing yoga.

An eloquent figure, which shows the full extent and strength of yoga for all. And it must be said that the discipline fits into daily life with great ease. Imagine coming home after a long working day with heavy legs, you just want to relax them. It is possible with a few yoga poses!

In the same way, in the morning when you wake up, your legs struggle to carry you, you should stretch them gently. All this, and much more, yoga makes it possible. When it comes to working the lower body - and the legs in particular - it imposes itself as a waist discipline, halfway between physical and mental.

A balance that can be achieved through specific yoga postures. Are you looking for the best leg asanas? Here is our selection of the cream of the crop!




The upside down dog, the yogic starting point for legs

From its small name "Adho Mukha Svanasana", this yoga posture is a universal and very effective basis for relaxing the legs. Between bending and breathing, you will not be able to do without it! Contrary to what one might think, it is not a passive position, but on the contrary, it is very sporty.

The idea is to reach the "V" position upside down. For the most beginners, bent legs are allowed, although having stretched legs will, in the long run, be even more efficient. The important thing here is to distribute the weight of the body well on both sides of the yoga mat.

Concretely, it is a question here of putting your hands and feet flat on the mat and forming this famous triangle with the body and the pelvis. Everything is worked on here, but it turns out that the flexibility of the legs is even more so. For even more concentration, do not hesitate to look in the direction of your feet.

In this perspective, the spine must be straight. This posture works mainly on the hamstrings, the back of the thighs and the calves.

Hold the position for one minute, linking your breathing to the whole body. And after a few weeks, you will be ready to do a straight wheel in your living room, or almost!


Yoga: the high lunge posture, to soften the legs

From its little name "Utthita ashwa sanchalanasana", this position starts with a dog upside down posture, which you now master. The idea is to bring his knee (the right one, for example) closer to your nose, and to place the same foot between your two hands. This is what is commonly called a low lunge. But we want the high one!

To do this, simply put your body weight on the right foot and gently approach the high lunge, always with your knee bent and still not touching the ground. Grow with your arms above your head, inhale, exhale, breathe calmly, then return to the initial position.

Repeat the exercise with your left leg (or right leg, depending!). This posture not only makes the legs considerably more flexible, but also strengthens the entire lower body. Tonic buttocks, for supple legs, what more could you ask for?

Finally, a little tip: avoid advancing the knee further than the heel, this will diminish the effects of the posture, and you could hurt yourself at the same time!


Yoga : the warrior posture I, to work the lower body

Among the most effective yoga postures for legs, thighs and buttocks is the Warrior posture. This asana encompasses the entire lower body, which is why it is very popular with all yogis, beginners or not.

It is often performed from the head down position of the dog, which we have just seen again. From there, you just have to bring the right foot between the hands, to stabilize yourself while keeping your hands on the mat. As for the left leg, it is stretched (or rather, lengthened) towards the back, and the pelvis remains straight.

Take a deep breath, straighten the bust as you grow, stretch your arms above your head, and look up. While maintaining balance, make sure your hips remain in line with your body. The challenge is to feel like you're at right angles to your legs.

Here you are like a real little warrior, ready to conquer the world, but above all, to curve your lower body, especially your legs! Yoga works, yes, it works!





The Warrior II posture, the yoga posture for beautiful legs

Also called "Virabhadrasana", there is indeed a second posture of the warrior, yes!

To begin, make a high lunge, which you should know if you have been following us since the beginning of this selection. The right foot is advanced, and taking a deep breath, open your opposite arm backwards. Put both your arms at the same level, parallel to the ground.

The legs are now in the same position as Warrior I's asana, and your gaze is turned to the hand opposite the bent leg. Hold this position for a few seconds, taking care to breathe well, and your legs will come out stronger!

If you are unable to reproduce this posture from the first blow, it is normal. This is a starting point for the Warrior I posture, which will come naturally after training. In addition, these two asanas are often not recommended for people suffering from heart problems, please note!

Finally, it should also be noted that in either exercise, it is crucial to feel the aducers stretch. This is a sign that the posture is working well. Now it's up to you!


The half-bridge posture, toning the legs in yoga

"Ardha setu bandhasana" (its original name) is a posture calmer than the others, less dynamic ... in appearance!

Indeed, at the beginning, it is a question there of lying down on the back, and to put its feet on the ground. Then, raise your pelvis by placing your hands under the lumbar vertebrae to relieve yourself a little. That's right, when you were told that this is a seemingly calmer asana!

Breathe calmly a few times in this position, then gently rest the pelvis on the ground, then the back, gradually. The half-bridge in yoga helps tone the legs, but also the thighs and buttocks. Enough to build muscle without looking it!


Candlelight posture, doing yoga and softening heavy legs

If you are told "Sarvangâsana", does it speak to you? It is however the other name of this posture of yoga for the legs. A new one here, everything starts from a lying position on the mat. The legs are stretched out, the feet are joined, the arms are along the body.

Then lift your legs, feet still joined, and stretch them. Put your hands under your lumbar vertebrae and lift off your buttocks. In this asana, the legs must remain well up and stretched vertically. This is the difficulty, which will allow you to work this part of the body as well as possible.

Hold your chin against your chest, and hold this position for a few breaths. When you come back to the initial position, do it gently, so as not to strain your limbs, especially your back.

The Candle Hold posture, which we have known well since our earliest childhood, helps to fight against heavy legs and stimulates lymphatic circulation.

A very profitable 2 in 1, which however requires to be mastered as well as possible to be effective. Do not hesitate to call one of our Superprof to help you progress without difficulty!

From the lower back to the toes, yoga postures can help you work your legs in different ways. Between flexibility, tonicity and heavy legs, each asana has its own particularity. It's up to you to see which one suits you best. Namaste!