Why practice yoga during the Coronavirus epidemic

These are very special times. For the past few weeks, the Coronavirus pandemic has been raging both in our country and around the world... Planes are at a standstill. The stock market is in freefall. The governments are overwhelmed. And suddenly, money seems to have no meaning next to other values such as mutual aid, health, love. At the same time, I have noticed a considerable increase in the number of visitors to the site since the beginning of the containment and that makes me feel good. Why is that? Because I am convinced that yoga has a lot of positive effects to bring you during this period.

What if COVID-19 was there to remind us to take care of ourselves? What if it allowed us to take a new turn in our lives? During this confinement, I know that many of you are looking for activities to occupy your days. Playing sports at home is a great way to keep a positive outlook despite this situation. But I am convinced that yoga, as a discipline and a philosophy of life, is the best possible choice to bring you more serenity in these difficult times.

So today, I have taken up the pen to express why I think the Coronavirus crisis is an ideal time to start yoga.


Coronavirus: practicing yoga to modify our energy

I think you will all agree that this is a very challenging time for us. And I think one element that contributes to this is the omnipresence of information circulating on the Internet or on television. There is a continuous flow of information coming at us from all sides. Here, a notification informs us of the number of cases and deaths. There, a media announces new measures. We are stuck at home and stay very close to our TV screens, smartphones, computers... As if we need that to make sure we are not alone.

Indeed, without being able to develop real links with others, we turn to the means at our disposal to communicate, which often means social networks. However, instead of being nourished by positive energies in these difficult times (as is often the case after contact with our families or friends), we become interested in a multitude of alarmist articles, we read hateful comments, we share messages of indignation. All of this gives us the impression that we are acting on a situation that, let's be honest, escapes us completely.

And after this outpouring of anger, after this full of anxiety, we often feel even worse, even emptier...

The reality is that we have never been taught how to manage our anxiety and some people find it harder than others to cope with this feeling in these uncertain times. So yoga is a wonderful approach to help us listen to our emotions. Instead of acting on our fear, we learn to accept it deeply. In fact, all our emotions are legitimate. And when we take the time to listen to them, we realize that we no longer act impulsively, under the control of anger or fear. On the contrary, this emotion calms down within us and we then have more room for positive emotions.





Yoga, a way to soothe our emotions

The term yoga means "unity". So, instead of spending hours dividing one another, questioning so-and-so, why not turn more to Love? Towards unity? At any time, we can find ways to be together and create something positive in spite of this situation. Through our yoga practice of course, which connects us every day to all other practitioners, but also through individual actions.

Yoga is a practice that can help us in our daily life to evacuate our stress and anxiety. For me, it is essential in this period of doubt and misunderstanding. Moreover, while we can't move as much as possible (and we dream of eating all the time, I admit it), yoga also has enormous benefits in helping us find sleep.

In summary, yoga can help you :
- have a calmer mind and more positive energy
- ease your anxiety about this situation
- to spend better nights

And of course, if you're a caregiver, yoga can also help you relax, release the tensions of your day and regain the energy to continue your fabulous mission. Similarly, yoga is a good way to preserve and take care of yourself.




Containment and Coronavirus

Containment has been imposed on a large part of the world's population in recent weeks. This means of reducing the spread of the virus has been seen by some as a deprivation of their personal freedom. Who would have thought it possible that one day we would be forbidden to leave our homes? To see our loved ones? To do the things we love? Of course, we know that this measure is taken for the good of all, for our health, for the protection of our own and the most vulnerable people. And so we have naturally accepted it...

This is a new situation that we are currently experiencing. The implementation of containment was considered a real shock for some. However, as the days go by, we notice one thing: in fact, this situation is not so badly experienced. It turns out that most people in confinement live very well the fact that they have to stay at home.

"In the end, it makes me feel good! ». I have read this kind of statement many times since March 16. Of course, we miss our loved ones, we miss nature. But this period is also propitious to find ourselves face to face with ourselves. It is an excellent way to come back "home", in itself, and to take a few moments to take stock.

Every yoga session invites you to do this as well. If you need a support to ask yourself the right questions, take a moment for yourself, in silence, yoga will help you do so.

On the other hand, while our daily life is often filled with "things to do", today we are discovering that we have time. We can choose to make it something that really matters to us. It is no longer "what I have to do" but "what I want to do".

And for some, it's a blank page... We've never had to ask ourselves that question. Our weeks are planned. Our lives leave little room for the unexpected. At first, some people may feel a lot of boredom and that's perfectly normal. We are not used to time passing slowly. Suddenly, we have the right to be unproductive and to do things for fun! So, what do you want to discover? How do you want to have fun? If you're still reading this article on my yoga blog, it's probably because you're touching something with your finger!


Coronavirus: a situation that shakes us up

In addition, this pandemic is shaking up our outlook and our values. Suddenly, life seems to have taken on a whole new meaning. We naturally come to ask ourselves: "What is important to me? So, some people want to change their consumption patterns, change their jobs, or realize dreams that have been put aside for too long.

Luckily, yoga is an excellent practice to help us on this inner journey. Practicing yoga means taking time for yourself and truly listening to yourself: "How do I feel today? ». We can thus come to great awareness about ourselves. Little by little, yoga helps us to sort out our thoughts, to listen to our intuition and to clarify our intentions for the future.

On the other hand, if I am so happy to see you starting or practicing yoga during this global pandemic, it is because I am convinced that this event will allow us to make powerful changes in our society. You may think this is an illusion. Yes, there will always be inequalities, injustices, dramas. Life will always be led by the notions of productivity and economy. Certainly... However, what I mean by this is that individually, I believe that we will never be the same after this period. We all have powerful insights right now. "What if I finally had to carry out my real mission? What if I went back to basics? ».

So, I believe in an electroshock on an individual level. And if each of us starts to think, talk and live differently after this pandemic, change will naturally take place within the whole society. You too are a link in this chain.

Through your yoga practice, you can connect with yourself in this time of profound change and take stock of your life. Not necessarily in the middle of your dog upside down it's true, but during the moments of meditation or breathing exercises that accompany your sessions for example.


Yoga and Coronavirus

So through this article I wanted to invite you to cultivate your inner peace in these difficult times, to send waves of love and healing to the rest of the world and to protect yourself from negative energies. Focus on what you can still do, on the things you have the choice to discover, on who you want to be. Even from your window, you can see the beauty of what surrounds you (the singing birds, the wind in the trees, the blue sky). Even from your home, you can make connections (talking to your neighbors, clapping your hands together, writing letters to lonely people). Most importantly, being stuck at home is a wonderful opportunity to turn to yourself. A place where I bet there are some very beautiful things to discover?

Thus, instead of looking for answers outside by confronting yourself with the opinions of others, this period offers you the opportunity to refocus, to come back to yourself. Yoga will certainly help you to do so, whatever your level of practice.

I wish you to maintain excellent health and to make beautiful discoveries about yourself during this period. I am returning to my maternity leave. And yes, a new little being should be born very soon, but I assure you, my mat is never far away while I'm waiting for it?