Why meditate

The inner revolution brings freedom and the only way to get through this inner revolution is to open yourself to meditation. Meditation simply means learning to forget everything you have learned. It is a process of de-conditioning.

Society has overburdened everyone with thousands of thoughts. Meditation simply helps you to get out of this world of thoughts, to enter a state of silence. It is a process of completely cleaning your slate, it empties everything that has been forced, stuffed into you.

Once you are empty, spacious, silent, clean, the revolution is done, the sun has risen, then you live in its light! And living in the light of your inner sun really means living. In fact it is the only way to live. The others only die, just die slowly, moving in a queue that gets shorter and shorter at every moment and at any moment you can be first in line. In fact everyone tries to be first in line, a great desire to be first everywhere.

Ordinary life is only called life, in fact it is not life. It is only so-called life. It is a process of gradual death, or to be more precise, a process of gradual suicide.

From the moment you become silent, conscious and clear and your inner sky is full of delights, you know the first taste of real life. You can call it god, you can call it enlightenment, you can call it liberation, experience of truth, love, freedom, bliss, different names but the phenomenon is the same.


Choosing your meditation

We suggest that you find the meditation(s) that suits you, perhaps active meditations, perhaps heart meditations or why not traditional vigilance techniques such as Vipassana, Zazen or Tantric meditations for couples?

Start with the meditation that attracts you most. If it suits you, then try to continue it without interruption for 21 days, if it still suits you, continue for at least 3 months.

If you apply the method that suits your temperament, it will work without too much delay. You will soon feel what suits you. A kind of deflagration will occur in you and you will know which technique will help you. But in the beginning, you will have to try harder. One day you will be surprised to find that "it works". That being said, if you feel disturbing emotions, aggressive impulses coming to the surface, stop immediately and turn to another method. If, on the contrary, you feel a certain well-being, a certain affinity, then don't worry about the other methods, apply only the one that has touched you and practice it for at least three months. Your choice is important: awakening can occur in a few minutes.

Whichever method you prefer, it must respect three essential points.
- First, relaxation: do not fight the ego, do not try to control the mind, do not concentrate.
- Second, observe everything that happens, don't intervene.
- Finally, remain neutral, become aware of the movements of the mind without judging, without approving or disapproving.

If you follow these three guidelines, relaxation, observation and neutrality, a special silence will gradually win you over.

Nevertheless, we insist that you follow the instructions given for each meditation. Each step is important and regular practice is necessary to feel the lasting effects. Finally, note that these meditations are used all over the world. They do not require any belief or religion, only a great determination to explore and go within yourself.

Also remember :
- to use these meditation techniques in a playful way.
- to be patient and not to expect particular and immediate results.
- to practice them regularly




Meditation is in vogue, and for good reason. This approach, originally derived from Eastern spiritualities, has spread throughout the Western world. Even doctors and psychiatrists recommend it as a daily practice.


Finding yourself

The mind is a kind of machine for making thoughts. It keeps repeating the list of things to do or to avoid, projects the future or remakes the past. It is an extremely valuable tool for dealing with reality, but it is often invasive when it crosses the line. It is necessary to know how to control it, especially when it broods over negative ideas or fears.

Meditation is the perfect answer to this situation. It makes it possible to silence or at least to dissociate oneself from the inner discourse. It creates a position of observer, from which you are freed from concrete contingencies and can find the essential. You get back in touch with your true self.


A simple technique

Regular exercise establishes a beneficial habit. There are many methods from which to choose the most appropriate one. Even if you can't get rid of all thoughts, just watching them go by without getting involved is enough. You feel better and it's like a rendezvous with yourself.

If you're short on time, twenty minutes is a full session, even if it's only ten. Since it's a pleasure, you'll easily find times to do it. You can extend them afterwards or renew them according to your availability and your desire.


An extra string to your bow

From this space, you can access universal consciousness resources, which bring you a more global vision of life. When you have an important decision to make or a crucial problem to solve, put yourself in meditation. The best option comes naturally during your session, or a few hours later.

And if it doesn't, you've certainly distanced yourself from it. You feel more at peace and you realign with yourself. This self-control makes you creative and more effective. Stronger and calmer, you solve things more easily and in a balanced way.


Increasing well-being

The more the practice is followed, the more the results are established over time. Intuition and power of concentration develop. It becomes possible to maintain one's attention longer.

You are more optimistic and more open to others. Of course, life continues to be complicated at times, but your positive thoughts attract better experiences and reduce those that are difficult.

Many studies have measured its anti-stress power. Anxiety decreases and the risk of depression goes away. Meditation is a natural antidepressant, which changes mood without unwanted side effects.

Science has proven its health-promoting effects. It lowers blood pressure and protects against cardiovascular disorders. Grey matter density in certain areas of the brain increases, resulting in more memory and less impulsivity. All this effortlessly and pleasantly!