Stones for pregnancy

A happy event is coming... A little one will soon enter your life, and this makes you indescribably happy!

But in the meantime, you need all the support you can get and the best conditions to make the next nine months relatively pleasant.

In addition to available loved ones, good sleep and a balanced diet, pregnancy stones can accompany you during this miraculous and tormented period!

Follow the guide...


How Can Stones Make Pregnancy Easier?

A small pink line slowly appears on the test, erasing all your doubts for good... That's it, you are pregnant! You have been waiting for this moment with joy, but also a little apprehension, you have finally boarded the train of young mothers.

A journey that is as magnificent as it is trying is about to begin. A unique epic with its moments of fulfillment and excitement, but also its intense fatigue, its legendary nausea and its emotional elevator.

Above all, it is a transforming and miraculous experience, because carrying a developing human being is no small feat! Body, mind and soul are all equally affected by this beautiful phase of life. Awareness of one's own body is increased, as well as sensitivity to environments and energies.

This is why, during her pregnancy, a young mother needs all the support she can get around her. Of course, this includes available and patient relatives, a nourishing diet, and lots and lots of rest.

Overall, a calm atmosphere and positive vibrations are also essential for the good health of mother and baby. Pregnancy stones can make an important contribution to this.





The Power of Stones for a Healthy Pregnancy

Before we talk about the properties of crystals, we want to say this: they will never replace good eating habits, regular physical exercise, good sleep or the support of a doctor. Especially for a young mother, who needs the best conditions to stay in shape and ensure the good health of her baby!

As fans of meditation and yoga as we are, let us suggest a prenatal yoga session in your special pregnancy routine... A gentle method to live these nine months with serenity and accompany your body in its changes.

In addition to your good habits, however, the stones for pregnancy can be good supports:

• On the physical level, by relieving the body in its transformation process,
• In the emotional sphere, by bringing you comfort,
• On the subtle planes, by providing energetic protection and guidance.



On the physical level, first of all, crystals can be useful in helping the body cope with the profound changes that occur during pregnancy. Since each stone has its own unique energy and virtues, you will find as many remedies in them as there are stones!

Thus, some stones with soothing powers will contribute for example to tranquilize muscular pains and related to the childbirth. Others will promote a good absorption of nutrients, an essential process for a good development of the baby. Others will support the fetus in its growth, or help regulate hormones.



Pregnancy can be a fantastic time, but it can also be a stressful and emotionally charged time. So, in addition to the support of your loved ones, you can also use crystals to help you through certain crises and live this moment more serenely.

Or diffuse their tender energies to reassure you in moments of anxiety, and give you confidence in the future. Or to help you communicate with your child and to build a beautiful relationship.



Pregnancy also affects the being in its vibratory layers, and increases sensitivity to the surrounding energies. This is why stones can also be useful for protection on the subtle plane.

You can use them to help you maintain a harmonious vibration and to protect you from the negative energies that surround you. Some of them will protect you and your baby from electromagnetic radiation emitted by everyday technologies or from bad waves from certain places or people.

From a more spiritual perspective, other crystals will help you channel the intuitions and inspirations that frequently arise during pregnancy. It is indeed a unique moment in life, where extrasensory perceptions are more refined and where energy centers are open. Receptivity to messages from the soul and the Universe is increased, it is the peak of the Feminine, of the imagination and of the inner world.

You will be able to use certain stones to listen to your higher guidance, in particular to orient yourself in your new motherhood...




The Best Stones For Pregnancy


Moonstone, The Crystal For Young Moms

If you have to choose only one stone to accompany you during your pregnancy, we advise you without hesitation the moonstone.

Crystal of the Feminine par excellence, it will support you in many ways during this period like no other.

First of all, its vibration is a very good support for the female reproductive system and all associated functions. Thus, you will be able to call upon it to strengthen the organs directly in charge of baby's growth, notably the uterus. The mother-of-pearl stone will also contribute to a good regulation of hormones, and to a more harmonious digestion.

Moreover, the soft and maternal waves of the moonstone will bring you comfort during moments of doubt, and will help you to relax fully.

With it, it will also be easier for you to consider your future role as a mother. She is, after all, the stone of conception, gestation and new projects. And what a beautiful project yours is!

Finally, this crystal of intuition will help you receive the inspirations that will come to you during your pregnancy.

In its presence, you will feel guided by a higher power, and may receive valuable information about your life and your child's life. You may even receive messages from baby himself! Again, the moonstone will facilitate communication...



The calming amethyst stands out among the stones for pregnancy for its virtues both on the physical and psychological levels.

Its violet waves will first help to relieve muscular pains, especially in the back region, inherent to gestation. It is also ideal to dispel headaches and nausea.

Moreover, on the emotional level, amethyst is recommended to calm the crises and to find its balance. The prospect of motherhood and hormonal changes can generate increased stress. In addition to a good psychological support from your family, call on the purple crystal to soften these moments of anxiety and find your serenity.


Rose Quartz

There is nothing like the tender rose quartz to support a mother-to-be! Its comforting presence will help you through moments of doubt and anxiety, assuring you that all is well.

It also eases all kinds of pain, and facilitates blood circulation for proper delivery of nutrients throughout the body and to the fetus.

Rose quartz will also connect you to your heart center, the place of unconditional love. With its warm pink light reminiscent of the womb, it will bathe you and your baby in infinite tenderness.



A stone of growth and earth forces, malachite is also one of the best stones for pregnancy, especially as it contributes to the healthy development of the fetus. Its green vibration will indeed nourish mother and baby at the cellular level, strengthening their organism and ensuring their good health.

Malachite can also be used to soothe inflammation and joint pain, as well as to support back muscles.

In addition, acting on the heart chakra, it will promote the connection between the hearts of mother and child, already forming a powerful bond.



Revitalizing and energizing, carnelian will help you to better live your pregnancy, first by supporting the organs linked to the sacral chakra. Thus, the whole reproductive system will find in the red-orange stone an excellent support during the development of your baby.

On the emotional level, carnelian will give you an extra dose of optimism and vitality in moments of doubt or anxiety. It will help you regain confidence and boost your self-esteem, reminding you that you have the resources within you to have a beautiful motherhood.



Stone of the water element and the marine worlds, the larimar will diffuse waves of well-being in the amniotic fluid and will envelop baby with its soft vibration.

With it, you will connect to the soothing Sea and to the Mother within you, to the infinitely loving and compassionate presence of the Feminine. It will help you connect with your body and baby's body, to best meet your physical and emotional needs.

Moreover, larimar is a crystal of communication: it will allow you to establish a psychic link with your child, which can be translated by feelings or visions.


Lapis Lazuli

Nicknamed the "Stone of Pregnancy" in ancient Egypt, lapis lazuli is a precious help for all mothers-to-be thanks to its tranquilizing energy.

Its deep blue surface with gold flecks is reminiscent of a starry sky, guaranteeing wisdom and universal serenity. In its presence, you will feel supported and guided by the stars on the path to motherhood.

Little more: this magnificent crystal will highlight your natural beauty already amplified by the pregnancy, giving lustre to your skin and hair.





Black Onyx

Black onyx is a crystal of choice for regaining one's grounding during times of anxiety. It radiates vitality, stimulating the root chakra to restore a sense of confidence and strength.

Thus, it will encourage you to keep a cool head at all times, especially in the face of hormonal surges. Soothing anxiety, it will help you channel your energies into taking care of yourself and your baby. It can for example inspire you to take a slow walk in nature while breathing deeply...

Keep it close to you to transform your nervousness into optimism and to reconnect with the Earth.



In the family of the best stones for pregnancy, chrysocolla works as a relaxant, relaxing both the body and the mind.

So with it, you can gently let go of your apprehensions about being a mother, and trust the natural process. It will also help relieve sore muscles.

Crystallizing a peaceful strength, chrysocolla will remind you that you hold the ancient knowledge of motherhood that has been passed down through generations. It will assure you that once your baby is born, you will be able to transmit all your love and wisdom to him.



Aquamarine has a relatively similar vibration to larimar. It also crystallizes the energies of water, but as a mirror of the sky, while the larimar evokes the depths.

Thus, like the celestial expanse reflected by the sea, aquamarine evokes the serenity and clarity of a cloudless horizon. And the knowledge that, even in a storm, the crystal blue is always present.

The beautiful bluish stone will help you approach motherhood from this perspective: knowing that infinity supports you no matter what the outlook. Its calming energy is also an excellent remedy for headaches and insomnia.



Lepidolite is a stone of transition. As such, it is an excellent support for the profound changes involved in pregnancy and motherhood.

With lepidolite, it will be easier for you to embrace the metamorphoses of your body, but also those of your life once your child is born. The stone will help you embrace each new thing with flexibility and openness, and will support you through the difficulties inherent in any evolution.

It is also known for its sleep-inducing effect, and will promote restful nights during your nine months.


Red Jasper

Very much used during pregnancy in the past, red jasper is an excellent crystal to keep on oneself to ensure a good growth of the fetus. It also soothes pain during gestation, but also at the time of delivery.

Keep it in constant contact with your skin to ensure proper absorption of nutrients.



Unakite is the stone to have on you during childbirth. It will help you to stay calm as much as possible, and to trust this natural process as well as the people accompanying you.

This crystal will also promote good skin elasticity for a reduction of marks after childbirth.




How to Meditate with Stones for Pregnancy?

One of the best ways to make the most of the energies of the stones for pregnancy, apart from wearing them directly on yourself, is to meditate in their presence.

Practiced regularly, this technique will help you to soak up their good energies and will also ease these nine beautiful and trying months.

Your meditation can be about your baby's health, your future relationship, or your role as a mother-to-be.

Whatever your specific intention, you can follow a few simple steps for your session: