Numerology meaning of numbers

If you are in the world of personal development and spirituality, you have surely heard about the Law of Attraction.

If so, there are two possibilities:

• either you can get closer to your goals and feel good about your life
• or it doesn't seem to be working, because something is "blocking". And that's where knowing your life path can be a plus!

The path of life gives us an idea of what our soul wanted to experience by incarnating in this body. Yes... You didn't come here by chance!

It's worth taking a look at your life path to find out why you are facing this or that challenge. Once you recognize what is blocking you, you have a choice:

Accept these situations in order to evolve or ignore them and keep reliving them over and over again.





First step: how to calculate your life path

Before you can really tap into the resources of numerology you must first know the number of your life path. If you don't know it, we will show you how to calculate it and it is frankly not complicated.

There are different methods to calculate it according to the Pythagorean, Chaldean and Kabbalah systems. But here we are going to give you the simplest and most common form: add up all the numbers of your date of birth.

Let's take an example, if the date of birth is 14.10.1977 here is how to do: 1+4+1+0+1+9+7+7 = 30. Then you just have to add 3+0 which gives 3. Your life path is number 3.

If when you add up all the numbers of a birth date in one go and you come up with 11, 22 or 33, stop there. For there is the life path 11, 22 and 33.

Here is an example, let's imagine you were born on 01/02/1981. By summing all the numbers 0+1+0+2+1+9+8+1 we find 22. Here as we are facing a master number (11, 22 or 33) we stop the calculation. No need to make 2+2=4. It would be the same if you came across the number 11 or 33.

In this article we will give you an overview for each life path but of course, we encourage you to do further research in order to deepen this theme if you are interested.


Path of life 1



You are creative and dedicated, conquering, passionate and full of energy. These traits mean that you are naturally willing to meet the goals you set for yourself. Life Paths 1 tend to want to stand out, to want to shine, to be competitive and to want to be recognized by others. In short, Life Paths 1 have an existential need to rise.

However, the negative side of Life Paths 1 is that they often depend on the opinions of others. Yes, to shine one needs the recognition of others...

As a result, these people will tend to manifest things that correspond to what is expected of them. This allows them to feel accepted and recognized by their or "tribe".

Although people on Life Path 1 are full of energy, they are often in a state of repression because they are constantly caught in the crossfire: fulfilling their real desires and those of others.

There is often internal conflict. In other words, sooner or later, this "repression" will create psychological and physical disorders.

The challenge for people on Life Path 1 is to learn to fulfill their desires and not those of others. Learn to shine through the pleasure of fulfilling their wishes without depending on the opinions of others.


As you may have guessed, the purpose of this exercise is to reconnect you to what really suits you.

Take a sheet of paper and write down the 5 values that characterize you and then the 5 things that are most important to you without the gaze of others being taken into account in your answers.

Imagine yourself in a secret room where no one can see or know what you are thinking or doing.

Under these conditions, what are your values and the things you secretly love? Then ask yourself: what life goals can I have based on these values?

These things you have written are what you should try to manifest in your life, because they are who you are, whereas trying to manifest the desire of others will always leave you with an aftertaste of incompleteness.



Path of life 2



You are an authentic, honest, emotionally sensitive person and find satisfaction in helping others. So it's probably not too difficult for you to fulfill your heart's desire when you work with the Law of Attraction in relationships.

However, life path number 2 presents a definite difficulty when it comes to dealing with criticism because all your attention is focused on helping others. Therefore, he will have difficulty dealing with criticism. Since Life Paths 2 does not like conflict and does not really know how to deal with it, in the long run the person will tend to forget himself and focus only on helping others.


To get rid of this negativity, try to determine the origin of this negative inner voice.

Does it sound like a member of your family? A teacher or former partner? And what exactly is he/she saying? What is the pattern that repeats itself?

Write down some of your self-destructive beliefs and then learn how to release them. You can do this using the sedona method or EFT.

You can also use written rephrasing and affirmations. Transform these beliefs in a positive way: "I can never do this" can become "What can I do to start allowing myself to do this?



Path of life 3



You are socially magnetic. As such, your thing is networking, love or anything that involves people. In these areas you have no problem creating what you want. You are also quite optimistic most of the time and you should use this optimism in your visualizations to properly manifest your desires.

That being said, this life path is also linked to a certain amount of casualness and difficulty in commitment at times. As a result, you may find it difficult to focus on one goal at a time, and you will tend to spread yourself thin by visualizing a whole bunch of different goals, which will inevitably slow down your creative ability.


Mindfulness exercises such as meditation, Sedona or Yoga will have an excellent impact on this lack of focus and allow you to get over this negative side of your life path.

These practices will teach you focus and discipline, helping you focus on one thing at a time.

For example, you could spend 10 to 15 minutes a day on breathing/meditation to practice focusing your mind on one thing at a time.

Then you could simply move on to visualization using your dream board and dream book. If you don't have a dream board yet, we encourage you to define what you want and then go to Instagram to retrieve pictures of your dreams. It is a great tool to create that will help you visualize and feel your dreams.



Path of life 4



Those who have a life path 4 are endowed with a strong will. As such, you will probably know exactly what you need to do to achieve the desired end result. This will certainly help you develop a plan of action and then manifest it in your life.

However, the flip side of the coin is that sometimes you will miss out on opportunities because of an overly rigid perspective (the opposite of life path 3). This can affect your ability to manifest money.


The good news is that you can use key Law of Attraction techniques to generate more money.

Once you know what you want the money for and how much you really need it for, do a daily visualization that gives a vivid picture of yourself in possession of that money.

This money is bound to be used to do or have certain things, so take the time to define the experiences you want to have with this money in different areas of your life such as family, travel, various activities, intimate relationships, etc. Don't limit yourself to just one thing. Have a large and rich dream picture.



Path of life 5



One of the main advantages of being born with a life path n°5 is that you are a flexible and open-minded thinker who is able to find original solutions. You are also anchored in the present moment most of the time, which means that you are very aware of current experiences. You are then less inclined to get bogged down in memories of the past or to worry about the future. And that's quite an advantage!

However, you may feel attracted to transitory pleasures rather than trying fully to manifest lasting change. You may also tend to be a little self-centered.

The solution: adopt a positive attitude toward others instead of being so focused on yourself.


To start spreading more positivity, try to make a random gesture of kindness every day or on a regular basis.

Whether it's congratulating a stranger, giving a smile to a stranger, or letting someone walk past you at the supermarket checkout.

Remember that the most important thing is the feeling/feeling with which you make the gesture.

Once you start looking out more often, you can begin to identify your true desires instead of the more superficial ones.



Path of life 6



The great advantage of being on life path #6 is that you are generous and compassionate and you cannot help but spread kindness wherever you go. In fact, people on life path 6 are often "vibrationaly irresistible", practice active listening and are generally good counselors. You are brimming with loving energy!

The downside of being a Life Path 6 is that you always give so much to others that you may tend to forget yourself! Also, be careful not to be too "helpful", as people might perceive this as intrusive and therefore... no longer recognize your help, but see it as something negative or even sadistic, as they will not understand your insistence on helping them.

Remember, you can only help others to the extent that they want to be helped!


One of the most important things you can do is to learn new healing techniques for yourself.

You must understand that you must also give to yourself and not just to others. You are valuable!

Try to make a list of what you love about yourself, without referring to anything that depends on what you do for people.

Put this list in a prominent place and use it as a reminder that your value is intrinsic. For example, you could write this list on a mirror starting with "I am..." and then add to it.

From there, all you have to do is devote time to your favorite passions and goals and learn how to establish better boundaries between yourself and others.

If your desire to help others is really intrusive, i.e. you can't help but help others when they don't ask you to, then use the Sedona method to free the program responsible for this "desire".



Path of life 7



If you have a life path number is #7, you are a peaceful and thoughtful person who knows how to enjoy a connection with others without letting it define your life. As such, if you want to use the Law of Attraction to find love, you already have the kind of mentality that promotes a balanced and satisfying relationship.

On the other hand, you may find it difficult to appreciate some of the things you have. Likewise, you may also find it harder than the average person to believe that Law of Attraction can really work for you.


To work on this "dark side" of your number, try to connect more with your spiritual and intuitive nature (rather than just using the analytical part of your mind).

Meditating, taking daily pictures of moments of beauty and keeping a gratitude journal can be very interesting tools for you. It will also help you develop more positivity and help you realize that eventually you will attract positive events.

If you want to create the life of your dreams then you will need to do these exercises on a regular basis to realize that the Law of Attraction works for you with the little things. This will encourage you to take bigger and bigger steps.



Path of life 8



Being born with a life path number of 8 means that you are naturally determined, focused and thoughtful, but also introverted and not especially sociable. However, Life Path 8 is confident and practical in what it undertakes even though it is discreet in nature. He will then wait for his project to be completed before he can shine.

It is also possible that you will focus on material goods as opposed to things that have emotional or sentimental value. At first glance this should not be a challenge, but for the paths of life it is often the cause of difficulty in finding lasting love.

Also be aware that life path 8, if it takes part in the dark side of the force, can become a ruthless person. When he makes the opposite choice of light, he becomes generous, wise and caring.


One of the best advice you can give to Life Paths 8 is to learn to feel their emotions instead of repressing or ignoring them.

Another method is to write down on a piece of paper or a text file on your computer every feeling of the moment.

Write down especially negative feelings so that you can express them to some degree instead of letting them gnaw at you from the inside.

The whole idea here is to learn how to free yourself from all these repressed emotions in order to free yourself from them. Avoiding and repressing them only keeps them inside you, nothing more.



Path of life 9



People tend to automatically and naturally respect people with a life path number of 9, which makes you an honorable person with a strong sense of fairness. You are also very charismatic and people around you are immediately interested in you.

This magnetism can be exploited when you try to attract everything you want in life. Life Paths 9 are also determined, upright people who are not afraid to "walk alone".

Unfortunately, your "dark side" can get in the way here. You may be obsessed with having a successful career or achieving financial freedom. In fact, having an obsession is not negative in itself, but often the obsession is rooted in want and fear.

Having negative thoughts about these desired things simply prevents you from getting them!


If you know that you tend to be negative or afraid of what you really want, try the wheel exercise. To readjust your beliefs.

In the center of a sheet of paper, write down the theme that is currently preoccupying you. For example, you could write "money" or "career success.

Then circle the word with good associations and positive beliefs. Do this in a circle like the sticks on a bicycle wheel. Each reason will be a spoke.

So, for money, you could write "allows me to travel" or "I like this feeling of freedom", etc. Write as if you already have the money you want. Then, pin the paper where you can see it regularly, on the bathroom mirror, the fridge...



Path of life 11



The life path number 11 is a special number, as it is one of the 3 master numbers concerning life paths (the others being 22 and 33). Being on life path number 11 makes you a very spiritually aware person and you have access to spiritual knowledge much more easily than the other life paths. Moreover, you are constantly guided by this inner path.

Others recognize this naturally intuitive insight in you, so they often ask you for advice and help. Often the life paths 11 receive information during their dreams that they realize in the course of their lives.

In general, people with Life Paths 11 are charismatic and usually leave a mark in the minds of those who have been lucky enough to come across them.

The flip side of the coin is that the 11 tend to have fairly intense mood swings, with very little room to simply feel "good". They go to extremes, they feel super good and then super bad.

They also have a hard time appreciating who they are and yet this is "your door" to a better life.


Learning to achieve a greater sense of emotional balance is essential if you want to manifest the life you desire.

A daily meditation practice will help you wait for peace of mind.

However, we recommend that you use emotional release techniques such as the Sedona Method and L'Eft.

By using them, you will gradually deprogram your mind on a whole host of subjects that used to bother you. Once done, you will be unstoppable! All the more so because by proceeding in this way you will have even more access to this inner path to guide you throughout your life.



Path of life 22



This path of life is another master number: 22, probably the most powerful number there is in numerology. People with life path 22 have enormous inner resources to tap into. And if they do so then they will have a "dream" life.

But the negative side of this life path is that there are certainly enormous resources, but also enormous challenges.

You have huge inner sources to exploit. If you tap into your full potential, you can play a role in creating a truly better world.

Even though you are unlikely to be a truly negative person, you have this penchant for domination as well as self-censorship. The problem with censorship is that it doesn't allow you to find or decide your own way in life, because you spend so much of your time limiting yourself.

In other words, you are certainly and unconsciously afraid of your own power.


Working on how you communicate with yourself (inner dialogue) can really change your life.

You will then be able to taste the fruits of the law of attraction in a deliberate way.

As for your interaction with others, remember that there is a fine line between insincerity and insensitivity.

Think about how you can do this and then work on your communication in a way that is authentic, but tactful and gentle with your interlocutors.

For example, you can try making a list of things that are difficult to say. Once you've done this, mentally or out loud, rehearse a variety of ways to express it while keeping the substance of the message, but with the forms.



Path of life 5



People following a life path are usually fortunate people who have strong spiritual power that they can easily put to use in the service of others, including their gifts as healers. They are responsible, sensitive and dedicated people, often family oriented.

However, because of their rather high aspirations, they tend to choke under pressure, hence their frustration.

When the path 33 is not aligned with itself, it will tend to become self-righteous, self-centered, perfectionist, critical, excessively idealistic... In order to achieve its goals, it is important that the life path 33 learns one key thing for its evolution: to let go of its almost sickly perfectionism. This will allow him to be more open and altruistic.


As you will have understood, Path of Life 33 is really a powerful person, but a bit "double-faced". Indeed she can easily become misaligned and let herself be carried away by her emotions and fall into the "too much". Too perfectionist, too moralizing, too sensitive etc...

If you are a life path 33 we can only recommend you to use mindfulness techniques such as the sedona method or a regular practice of meditation that will help you to let go of your difficulties.