How to use a singing bowl

In order to find the perfect Tibetan bowl, there are several things to consider. A Tibetan bowl is usually handcrafted and made from an alloy of 3 to 7 different metals. The composition of a bowl is always in direct link with the stars visible from the Earth, and with the 7 chakras of our body.

• Iron, associated with the root chakra, symbolizes the planet Mars.
• Silver, associated with the sacred chakra, represents the Moon.
• Gold, associated with the solar plexus chakra, is linked, obviously, to the Sun.
• Copper, associated with the heart chakra, symbolizes the planet Venus.
• Mercury, associated with the throat chakra, is the image of the planet Mercury.
• Lead, associated with the Third Eye chakra, is united with Saturn.
• Tin, associated with the coronal chakra, represents Jupiter.


What is a singing bowl for?

A singing bowl has a variable utility, according to your needs, in the present moment. Some people use it to help them in their meditation process, others will prefer to use it to balance and harmonize their chakras.

Energy efficient cleaning

After a lithotherapy session, the stones need to be cleaned thoroughly to restore their properties. Part of your negative energies have been absorbed during the energetic treatment. The vibrations released by the Tibetan bowl allow an effective cleaning of the stones. Another use, favored in Feng-Shui, is the cleaning of the interior of your house. Thanks to the vibratory power of your bowl, remove easily the heavy atmosphere and the bad stagnant energies at home.

An asset for your meditation

Those who have ever practiced meditation with a singing bowl will tell you: there is nothing more energizing than its chanting. The easiest way to feel its effects immediately is simply to lightly tap the bowl, concentrating on the sounds it makes. Feel free to close your eyes and isolate yourself in a quiet room. Always keep a good breath.

Alternatively, you can also slide your "stick" over the edge of the Tibetan bowl, to generate more or less high or low vibrations. Be aware that it should be the whole arm that turns around the bowl, not just your wrist. In either case, always keep the bowl on the palm of one of your hands. It should be kept as open as possible, to reduce the bowl's contact with your body. Remember that this is just a support to help meditation, not a vibratory massage.





Balancing and harmonizing the chakras

To balance your chakras, you can use a Tibetan bowl. During a session, you can "play music" with your singing bowl, to deliver specific sounds to each chakra, which will directly stimulate those to be healed. The brain will also absorb some of these sound waves, to keep only the benefits for the body and mind.

Opt for 7 bowls with a subtle tone, from low to high, to facilitate balancing.

We can establish a musical note corresponding exactly to each chakra :

DO : Root Chakra
RE : Sacred Chakra
MI : Plexus Chakra Solar
FA : Heart Chakra
SOL : Throat Chakra
LA : Third Eye Chakra
SI : Crown Chakra


Improve your rituals

When you start or end an activity such as a yoga class, martial arts class, religious ceremony or meditation session, you can perform a short or continuous "gong" with your Tibetan bowl to signify the punctuation of an event.




The benefits of a singing bowl

By habit, a person can be satisfied only with the sounds of his singing bowl thanks to the exceptional benefits of the energies it sends. A feeling of partial or total well-being may be felt, for which your body will thank you. In fact, the waves of the bowl will simply go through the body, to make the water that composes it vibrate.

As explained previously, it is an extremely powerful tool for relaxation and meditation. It enhances relaxation, relaxation, and improves inner calm. Our mind is constantly assaulted by a fury of emotions: the singing of a Tibetan bowl helps to calm these attacks. Similarly, it generates more alpha waves, the ones you produce when you are fully relaxed (learn more about this on our top 8 best Zen music, which have the same effect).

A singing bowl also has the power to easily unblock energy blockages and reduce the emotional charge often associated with them.

The Tibetan bowl also has other undeniable advantages, such as :

• Nourish and harmonize your spiritual and physical bodies
• Improve your movements
• Reduce stress and anxiety
• Solve problems of insomnia and sleep disorders
• Improve physical fitness and reduce fatigue
• Treating depression and psychological disorders...


How to choose your singing bowl?

Here are the two main points to consider before making your decision in choosing your Tibetan bowl.

Each bowl is unique and has its own resonance, in other words the duration of the sound, once you have made it play and vibrate. This can be important because a longer lasting sound will be more pleasant to the ear, especially during a relaxation session. To check the resonance of a bowl, you can vibrate two bowls at the same time and directly compare their durations. Some bowls, which are exceptionally well made, can sometimes resonate for several minutes...

In a second step, also check the depth of sound. This time it is the harmonic richness of the bowl's vibrations. Just pay attention to the different notes that the Tibetan bowl produces. The wider its frequency range, the better the bowl will sound. Always favor those with a full sound, rather than a hollow sound.




How you feel about the singing bowl

Unquestionably, one must know how to follow one's instincts in all circumstances. It is exactly the same for the choice of a Tibetan bowl. Listen to your intuition. Ring the bowl(s) at your disposal, and try to feel the emotions and effects they trigger. Naturally, the mind will have preferences and guide you to the bowl that suits you best. Trust it!

Ask yourself the right questions!

There is really only one real question to ask yourself when buying a Tibetan bowl: What do you want to use it for? Your choice will be totally different depending on what you are going to do with it: a meditation, for example, does not require the same Tibetan bowl as a vibratory massage, during an energetic treatment, which rather requires three different bowls (one low, one medium and one high).

In any case, keep in mind that it will be your ally during your next deep relaxations.