How to unblock solar plexus chakra

Located at the level of the diaphragm, the solar plexus chakra is the center of our confidence, our will, our courage and our ambitions. Very sensitive to emotional and energetic fluctuations, it is a chakra that is easily unbalanced, can quickly become painful and it is important to unblock it if necessary. In connection with our deepest fears and wounds, it requires a great deal of anchoring and acceptance in order to reap its full benefits.

If you have little self-confidence, have trouble getting into projects, or on the contrary, if you are the control freak and workhaolic type, it may be time to take an interest in your solar plexus chakra. Zoom in on this key chakra, its pains, their meanings and how to unblock it.


Where is the solar plexus?

The solar plexus chakra is an area of the body that is located in the stomach, below the diaphragm. It is an area that is not represented on medical human body diagrams, although it is recognized in many traditional and holistic medicines.

The solar plexus houses one of our 7 main chakras: Manipura. The solar plexus chakra is located 3 fingers above the navel, below the chest. At the back, it is located at the level of vertebrae D11 and D12. The chakra is positioned horizontally and radiates from front to back.




Why can you feel pain in the solar plexus?

At certain times in your daily life, you may feel discomfort in the solar plexus, sometimes even pain. These solar plexus pains are usually related to the diaphragm itself. This muscle, which is responsible for breathing, is very sensitive to mood changes. Thus, if you are subject to stress or anxiety, if you are experiencing a stressful period, it is possible that your diaphragm may become blocked, causing pain in the solar plexus. If you recognize that you are going through an emotionally complicated period, take some time to relax and take your mind off it. Breathing exercises, active or passive meditation, the virtues of certain stones, yoga or any other activity that makes you feel good will help you to calm down and thus reduce the pain. If the pain persists, don't hesitate to call a doctor to make sure that the pain is not worse.

Pain in the solar plexus: what does it mean?

Beyond the physical aspect, solar plexus pain can be the symbol of an imbalance of your solar plexus chakra (3rd chakra). Indeed, the causes of chronic stress, anxiety and anguish can be external, but also internal. Only by understanding your chakras, listening to your body and analyzing your behaviors and fears will you be able to resolve these problems.


What is the meaning of the solar plexus chakra?

Chakras are energy centers that allow the different energy flows to circulate in our body. The solar plexus chakra is the 3rd chakra and is considered the main sorting center of our emotions. Moreover, it is not for nothing that it is located at the level of the diaphragm: this breathing muscle is very sensitive to stress and emotions, as is the solar plexus chakra.

Manipura is the chakra of will, courage, ambition and self-confidence. Halfway between the chakras of rootedness and those of open-mindedness, it is the guarantor of your emotional balance. When it functions correctly, the solar plexus chakra pushes you to action, to lightness. It is also the initiator of your relationships with others. It manages the balance of your thoughts, your emotions and your digestion.

Yellow in color, it is linked to joy, abundance and warmth. It is a chakra that radiates. Its solar energy is also linked to the element of fire which, in its symbolism, encourages action and surpassing oneself. When it is in harmony and the energies that pass through it are fluid, the solar plexus chakra brings zenitude, openness and spontaneity.

Thanks to it, you are able to make decisions without being impulsive or over-analytical. Your choices are made consciously and with confidence. You accept the emotions you feel and they do not distort the vision you have of yourself. Voluntary, quick to compassion and empathy, you have a deep respect for others, but also for yourself. You do not allow yourself to be dominated or feel the need to dominate others because you know your weaknesses and strengths, your social identity is acquired.

The solar plexus chakra is the personality chakra. You are not afraid of the judgment of others and know how to recognize your individuality without feeling in danger in front of the collective. In two words, "you are well in your boots". Insecurities are fleeting, you know and accept them, without giving in to panic in the face of a situation that you do not control.

When it is balanced, this chakra makes you radiate to others. Your influence is positive and by thinking about yourself, setting your limits while being present for your loved ones, you manage to manage your stress and do not feel overwhelmed by your emotions. Even if you are very sensitive, you manage to manage and draw your strength from the powerful emotional waves that run through you.


Why is the solar plexus unbalanced?

However, this area is highly prone to knots. When emotions overwhelm you or when you are under stress, the solar plexus chakra can quickly become unbalanced. In connection with physical sensations - often referred to as a knot in the stomach or difficulty breathing - you can fall into emotions and behaviors that then lead to a greater imbalance of your 3rd chakra. At the slightest event, you can form an energy node, without your brain even being aware of it.

The imbalance comes, as is often the case, from childhood or sometimes from an energetic baggage inherited from past lives. The solar plexus chakra is closely related to our fears and insecurities. These come from past wounds that often have difficulty healing... or whose scars remain fragile. The author Lisa Bourbeau talks about 5 wounds that prevent us from being ourselves: humiliation, rejection, abandonment, injustice and betrayal. These are the 5 "wounds of the soul" and we all have at least one of these 5 wounds. It is often in response to these wounds that our deepest fears (and desires) manifest. Thus, when an event occurs, it awakens feelings in you related to these wounds, which, if not recognized and accepted, will in fact cause an imbalance of the solar plexus chakra. The more these feelings accumulate, the deeper the wounds are, the more the solar plexus chakra is open or closed.





Recognizing when the Solar Plexus Chakra is blocked

Physically, it is quite easy to recognize when the solar plexus chakra is blocked. Located at the level of the diaphragm, it is this muscle that will be the first witness of a blockage. You may feel a knot in your stomach, or difficulty breathing for example. These two symptoms are most common in situations of stress or emotional tension.

At the level of the psyche, a blockage of the solar plexus chakra is manifested by inaction, lack of ambition and lack of personality. When Manipura is closed, you find it difficult to make decisions or complete projects. You have ideas, desires, but do not give yourself the means to realize them. You are afraid of the judgment of others and prefer to be forgotten. You give up quickly, at the first difficulty, find excuses not to go through with it. You find it difficult to accept your choices and need your loved ones to reassure and support you in order to move forward.

If your solar plexus chakra is blocked, you find it difficult to say no, or even impossible, because you are afraid of offending people. You never take the lead and are rather the kind of person who follows and submits. You lack self-confidence, and there is also a lack of personality when the blockage is intense.


What are the signs of a solar plexus chakra that is too open?

When Manipura is too open, the opposite effects occur: you are always in activity, you don't know how to stop and give in to impulsivity for fear of boredom... or of confronting your emotions. These emotions tend to overwhelm you. And faced with your inability to manage them, you prefer to turn yourself into a workaholic to avoid thinking about them.

If your solar plexus chakra is too open, you suffer from chronic dissatisfaction. You embark on a thousand and one projects without ever feeling real satisfaction upon completion. You are a perfectionist, have many obsessions, are sometimes even quite rigid. You like to be in control, of yourself but also of others, you seek to always be right and are easily irritable if things don't go your way.

You can be found to be selfish too, because your interests are very often directed towards yourself. Always in order not to open the door to emotions, you focus on yourself and are not interested in the people around you. You can be blamed for your lack of listening or empathy. You have a very strong relationship with your ego and this can play tricks on you.





How to unblock the solar plexus

If you feel physical pain in the solar plexus or if you recognize yourself in the portraits depicted above in connection with a chakra that is too open or too closed, here are some tips. These various recommendations will allow you to relieve the physical pain by regaining appeasement.

• Do breathing exercises. Lengthen your breathing by inhaling on 4 beats and then exhaling on 6 beats. The more comfortable you feel, the more times you can increase to find deeper relief and relax your diaphragm.
• Do a series of yoga positions that involve opening your chest and extending your upper body.
• Do activities that relax you (singing, dancing, drawing, cooking, soft sports, walking in nature, laughing with your friends...).

You will also be able to work on the harmony of Manipura and find the right balance to have confidence in yourself, be available for your loved ones, implement your ideas and projects and go all the way.

• Identify your deep wounds and the fears that regularly manifest themselves in you.
• Do meditation by visualizing a large yellow radiant ball (a sun), which starts from your plexus and whose energy spreads throughout your body.
• Do activities that are satisfying from an individual point of view, but that also serve the collective.
• Be in regular contact with the sun, take vitamin C and D cures.
• Eat sun-drenched or yellow foods.
• Do breathing exercises.
• Use yellow stones for your meditations.
• Wear citrine jewelry or other yellow stones to help you in your daily life.

Keep in mind that the deeper the injuries, the longer the work will take. Harmonizing your solar plexus chakra requires listening to yourself and confronting some old traumas, it is a process that can be very complicated, but considering it is already a step towards better harmony.


Diseases related to the solar plexus

• Digestive difficulties
• Breathing difficulties
• Panic attack, tetany, spasmophilia
• Obesity
• Tachycardia, tension problem
• Diseases related to the intestines, stomach, liver, spleen, etc.
• Skin disease


When should you harmonize your solar plexus chakra?

• If I don't trust myself
• If I feel at risk for the success of others
• If I can't make a choice
• If I never finish what I start
• If I can't say no
• If I am often reproached for being selfish
• If I act exclusively in my own interest
• If I find myself uninteresting or uninteresting
• If I like to control everything, all the time
• If I can't stop working