How to choose yoga clothes

Want to try yoga? To feel comfortable during the breathing exercises and perfectly at ease to perform the different postures, you will need to choose suitable women's yoga clothing. How to dress for yoga classes? What are the criteria to consider when purchasing your equipment? Follow our practical advice to choose the ideal yoga outfit.



Yoga requires an adapted outfit, which will allow you to feel perfectly comfortable during the exercises and to carry out all the postures without hindrance. The women's yoga outfit consists of 3 main pieces: a top, a bottom and underwear.

For the top, choose a tank top adapted to the sport. Choose a model with crossed straps at the back for more practicality. Under your T-shirt, wear a comfortable bra with wide straps for an optimal support of your chest during the different yoga postures. Prefer underwear without underwire and with flat seams.



At the bottom, choose sports leggings with a thicker fabric. The elasticized waist should not compress the stomach. However, they should be able to hold perfectly in place during the most acrobatic postures.

Also keep merino wool socks and a fleece cardigan handy to put on during meditation and relaxation exercises. Decided to sign up for a yoga class? Plan on several outfits for the week.





Kundalini yoga, Nidra yoga or Hatha yoga, whatever the chosen branch, the same rules apply to the choice of clothing: comfort, lightness, breathability and thermal regulation.


Yoga is a gentle physical activity that is mostly practiced on the floor. To be able to perform the different postures, you will need a comfortable yoga outfit. Were you planning to put on your running suit for your yoga session? Not a good idea! Clothing that fits too snugly can get in the way during breathing and meditation exercises. Straight, slightly loose fitting, but not too loose. A classic straight T-shirt is likely to be over your head during positions like the dog upside down. Also, if your clothes are too loose, your yoga teacher won't be able to check and correct your movements. The ideal yoga outfit is the one that will make you completely forget yourself. This will allow you to fully concentrate on mastering the postures and on your breathing.

Prefer soft materials for a great freedom of movement during the different postures. All yoga outfits are made of elastane to offer you ease and comfort. Flexible and light, your yoga clothing should also allow you to stay dry throughout the session.

The technical materials are ideal for rapid absorption of perspiration. This is also the case with natural materials such as bamboo and cotton, which are slightly more expensive to buy.

The choice therefore depends on both your budget and the way you perspire. Pay even more attention to the breathability criteria if you've decided to start practicing Bikram Yoga or Hot Yoga. These two branches of the discipline are practiced in rooms overheated to 40°C. Don't forget to take a towel and a large water bottle with you!





Choose simple, no-frills clothing. For example, avoid zipped pockets so you don't hurt yourself while posing. If you have long hair, tie it in a ponytail or braid with a simple elastic band. Clips can get in the way when you're lying down or on your head in certain postures.

For accessories, leave your jewelry (earrings, bracelets and necklaces) and watch in your yoga bag in the locker room.



Even if it's not a fashion show, it's still more enjoyable to practice yoga in an outfit you like. The colors can be chosen according to your own personality, but also according to the type of yoga.

For example, bright colors such as red, orange or yellow are suitable for a more dynamic activity such as Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga or Bikram. Clothing for practicing Hatha Yoga should be more conducive to relaxation. Choose plain colors, with classic shades such as black or charcoal grey, or softer colors such as pastel. For Kundalini Yoga, prefer white pants, a very relaxing color and perfectly adapted to this discipline.





Many chains and major brands offer a collection of yoga clothing. If you're just starting out or if you practice yoga on an occasional basis, choose affordable items. For inexpensive yoga clothing, check out sports stores.

For a regular practice, you will probably want the best yoga outfit possible. If that's the case, check out specialty stores.