Family yoga

As debatable as it may be to some, this quote from Elvis Presley is a wonderful illustration of the benefits of yoga in the family: it strengthens the bonds between parents and children. But that's not all! According to a survey conducted by "Esprit Yoga", nearly 75% of respondents highlight the benefits that this discipline brings to practitioners.

A good reason to want to transmit asanas and other breathing exercises to your children, through yoga as a family. Because yes, when it comes to linking body and mind, yoga opens up at all levels, at all ages, between relaxation and flexibility. All you have to do is adapt!

But precisely, how to practice yoga with the family? Under what conditions should you take yoga classes with your offspring? Here is a short overview of a beneficial practice for everyone, from 7 to 77 years old!


Yoga family

When you want to introduce your child to the joys of stretching, self-confidence, sun salutation and the benefits of yoga, you are tempted to turn to a teacher. It's a great idea, but not all certified teachers offer classes adapted to children.

Because this is a special audience, whose level of requirements will not be the same as that of an adult. But then where can you find family yoga workshops adapted to children and adults? Don't panic, we are here to help you!





What are the benefits of yoga as a family?

Whether it is family yoga, prenatal yoga, hatha yoga or vinyasa yoga, the practice of this discipline is packed with assets. The benefits of family yoga are what attracts many parents to take the plunge.

Because yes, first and foremost, the practice of family yoga is the assurance of developing a complicity with one's child or children. As if a few postures and body positions in duo would be able to weave an additional bond, or even create common memories.

It also allows us to learn to surpass ourselves together and, why not, to create pride in a child who manages to progress in front of his or her father or mother! Real little yogis!

Then, yoga, mindfulness and flexibility work together to make the parent and child work as a team, hand in hand. While postures such as "the flying carpet" or "the boat" require two people, yoga is a moment where listening and respect must be the foundations!

Because in addition to regaining awareness of one's body, spine or flexibility, yoga is a great way to introduce children (and adults?) to yogic values! Mindfulness, inner harmony, a sense of concentration, all of which are notions to work on in the family and which can have repercussions on daily life.

So, do you also enjoy yoga with your offspring? But you don't have a yoga center near you? It's not inevitable, far from it!




How to organize yourself a family yoga session?

Working on your breathing, relaxing in duo, reproducing playful positions, relaxing together, all this seems insurmountable to you with a child? And yet, organizing a family yoga session is not that complicated!

First of all, you have to think about the place, associated with the number of practitioners: both parents, only one child, the whole family, etc. This will involve knowing what type of place you need beforehand: the living room, the garden, a public park, or a rented yoga studio. However, the idea is often not to move from home!

Based on this observation, the material must be prepared, so the program must be prepared: yoga mats, weights, elastics, water bottles, yoga clothes, in short, everything you think you need, adapted to children, of course. Because safety comes first!

Then comes the time to think about the postures you want to put in place. Depending on the age of the children, some positions are more suitable than others. And among the most playful and/or simple to put in place, we find :

• The candle, an essential part of yoga, playful and natural for the child,
• The cat, a posture that is well known and that will undoubtedly amuse your child, in addition to making him aware of his flexibility,
• The flying carpet, a duo posture mainly thought for young children, since the idea is that he/she lies on the parent's belly,
• The boat, where the challenge is, always with two people, to catch the hands of his child, face to face, and make him touch all four feet. This will help improve self-confidence and confidence in the other!

Yoga therefore seems to have become a must for the very young and the very old thanks to all the positive things it brings to the very concept of family: complicity, trust, coupled with the physical and spiritual benefits that are already often attributed to it. Ready to look up to the sky together? Yoga is waiting for you!