Cleaning yoni eggs

Why is it important to clean and refill your Yoni egg?

One of the significant advantages of having a Yoni egg is that its crystalline structure allows it to capture the "negative" energy of those around it. In other words, your egg absorbs part of the disharmonious energy vibrations that you have in your body (repressed emotions,...) or those that are present around you.

It therefore becomes crucial to allow your Yoni egg to keep its ability to "fluidize" or to be able to absorb energy. Cleaning and charging your egg is therefore a crucial practice for its own balance.


How often should I clean my Yoni egg?

Much of your practice will be based on your intuition. There is no specific rule that applies to everyone. Each person is unique and you will feel what is best for you based on your practice.

However, the more stressful your life is, the more you will use your egg and therefore the more you will need to clean it. If things are going relatively well and you use your Yoni egg regularly, an energetic cleansing two to three times a month is perfect. If you find yourself in a difficult time or struggling with finances, toxic relationships or other difficulties, your Yoni egg can be a great way to reconnect with your sacred feminine energy to help you in the healing and evolutionary process. In this case, it will help you to cleanse it more often.

Each Yoni egg has a different crystalline structure and must be treated differently. Jade eggs are a little more stable due to their composition and may not need to be cleaned as often. However, Yoni eggs made of black obsidian and rose quartz are more intense and can capture and expend more energy. These Yoni eggs need to be cleaned and charged frequently to get the most out of them.





The different ways to clean and load your Yoni egg

Smoking with incense
Smudging (smoking) is by far one of my favourite practices. It's powerful and simple and offers huge benefits and also improves the smell of your room! Incense smoking is an ancient practice used by many indigenous peoples for centuries. Numerous scientific studies have proven the benefits of incense.

Personally, I prefer to use white sage, but you can use any form of sage or palo santo. Make sure the grass you use is dry enough to burn and produce smoke.

Have something to catch any ashes that might fall, such as an abalone shell or ceramic dish. Once done, light your sage or palo santo and extinguish the flame, only the smoke is of interest here.

Swirl the smoke around your Yoni egg and let it soak in it for about 20 seconds.


Sound Bath
Sound baths are a great way to effectively clean and recharge your Yoni eggs. You can make your bowl sing with your egg directly in it to make your Yoni egg resonate. The resulting frequency will reset the structure of your crystal and eliminate any energy it may have accumulated during its use.

You can also use tuning forks or bells to clean your egg if you do not have access to singing bowls. Simply place your Yoni egg close to what you are using and let the "magic" happen.


River bath
Rivers have been an important part of our lives since time immemorial. They represent strength through letting go, power through grace. This is why the river is the symbol par excellence of the "Tao".

Rivers sustain life in abundance, are semi-permanent and yet constantly changing. Spending time near them can do great things for your energy, mind and body, but also to cleanse and recharge your Yoni egg!

By placing your egg in cool, running mountain water, you reconnect it to the sacred female spirit of the earth. Just a few moments will do the trick. 30-60 seconds will be enough, but you can leave it longer.

Make sure that your yoni egg is not carried away and to do so, place it in a small mesh bag so that water can pass through it without taking your egg away.

Also make sure to wash and disinfect your egg before using it again.


Full moon bath
Is it any wonder that our menstrual cycle is totally affected by the moon? Women are naturally aligned with this mysterious force.

When the moon reaches its peak, in all its feminine splendor, it is the perfect time to bathe your Yoni Egg. You can place your egg on the windowsill most exposed to the moonlight and leave it until morning.

Sunlight can also be effective in cleaning and charging your crystals. However, it is more of an intense energy and if you stay too long in the sun, your egg can actually lose energy. Avoid placing rose quartz or amethyst in the sun as these are the most fragile stones that could turn pale quickly.




Prayer and Intention

Prayer and intention can have an enormous impact on all facets of life, but especially on your practice with the Yoni egg. Reiki is also a great way to clean and charge your egg, but if you are unfamiliar with Reiki, a simple prayer and intention ceremony should suffice.

You can place your egg on an altar or a precious space, or simply put it on a blanket in front of you. Sit down in front of it and close your eyes. After a few deep breaths, imagine that white light is extracted from the universe, channeled through you and passes into your egg. This will erase the unwanted energy stored in your Yoni egg.

After that, think about what you really want from your practice. Is it to be more in tune with your body, or to heal old relationships and past traumas? Perhaps to expand your feminine radiance and have incredible sex?

Finally, take a moment to be grateful. Be thankful for your life, your ability to learn, grow and heal, and for the beautiful space you have created. The Universe works in mysterious ways. Visualizing and clearly defining what you want can produce fantastic results. Pay attention to the intention you are emitting!