Arms yoga poses

Nowadays, yoga gradually fills our daily activities, and is becoming more and more popular at all ages. And it must be said that it is a very complete discipline, which makes it possible to link the body and the spirit in the most beautiful way. From the spine to the abdominal strap, through the lumbar vertebrae or breathing, everything is worked on!

This is perhaps the main power of this sport as a way of life. According to a study 55% of people surveyed declared yoga as their main activity. A sport, therefore, but not only!

In the gym or at home, yoga can also be a way to work certain body parts. Targeted limbs that certain postures can support. Arms, for example?

These work tools that allow us every day to grasp, shake hands or eat, something tells us that making them sharper or more muscular, would be a good idea, no?

Between a little stretching and some small muscular exercises, there are asanas (or postures) that are more adequate when it comes to working the arms. Are you interested? Here's our selection, aimed at beginner yogis, but not only!




The dog upside down, the complete yoga posture for the arms

Among the basic yoga asanas, the upside down dog is a classic! Indeed, it has the advantage of being a very complete posture, which, in the starting position, works the lower back as well as the leggings. But if there are certain members we are interested in today, it is the arms!

Indeed, the position of the dog upside down allows to effectively muscle the latter, while reducing the ambient stress. Practical, isn't it? The challenge here is to have relaxed shoulders while taking advantage of stretching.

Concretely, the head down position is reproduced as follows: on the ground, stay on your feet, arms outstretched, on a yoga mat. You can begin the asanas by positioning yourself on your knees, if this is easier for you.

Then, move your hips up (in line with your knees), making sure your hands are well forward. Move up, move up, move up, all delicately, and make sure your back is straight at the same time. The goal here is to know how to distribute the weight of the body in all the limbs.

As you climb, breathe in and out regularly while maintaining the posture. The upside down dog is part of the sun salutation, but can of course reproduce itself. Because the interest here, remains to muscularize the arms gently.


The board, the special arm yoga posture

If the board is a posture that is well known in many sports disciplines, it is also a great asana for yogis who want to work their arms.

Their arms, but also their abdominals, because the board is also (and above all) known to be a torture to hold, (but no more than another posture that we will come back to)!

Don't panic, a torment, but also a happiness when you realize that the efforts have paid off! It is the same for the arms. In this great classic, the important thing is to know how to keep the back straight. Because a bent back, a hollowed back, and it is the potential injury assured!

But then how to reproduce it? It is a question of leaning on your toes, the stomach facing the ground. Contract the abs, the arms, always making sure that the shoulders are at the same level as the wrists. For less effort, you can also put your elbows on the mat, but in this case, the forearms won't work much.

And if you're reading this, it sounds like you want to put them to work, don't you? So keep this position between thirty seconds and one minute, and repeat the asana regularly. Your arms will say thank you!





The side board, the ideal yoga asana for the arms

After leading the board with brio, why not go further for the arms? Because yes, muscular strengthening also goes through steps and changes, which the side board symbolizes perfectly here.

The idea is simple: it is about making a pivoting board. You turn to one side, so that you are balanced on one foot and one arm (stretched). You hold on, inhale, exhale, and that's it. This is a real difficulty for those for whom balance is not the primary strength, but it allows you to know how to work on it.

Moreover, by using a certain amount of force, the arm is put to concrete use, and the body experiences a real sheathing. A complete yoga posture, therefore, which allows you to contract both the abdominals and the buttocks. Contraction above all, and the results will be there!


Variations of the yoga board, to work the arms

Does the board have any effect on you? Is the side board your favorite asana? You should love these new variations!

Far from a classic warm-up, these yoga postures allow you to get a flat stomach, tone your thighs, but also and especially to work your arms and forearms. Thanks to measured repetitions, each one of them is the guarantee of working the body at its best, while avoiding the boredom of a single exercise.

Here are three asanas that change from the so-called "classic" board, to work the arms at their best:

• The dolphin swings: The idea here is mainly to work on the upper arm, since in the board position you will have to put your forearms on the ground. The idea here is to swing the lower part from the top to the left, then to the right, in order to work the abs and everything above the elbow as well as possible,
• Knee board: In board position, with your shoulders in line, bend your left knee and bring it back towards your head. Then bring it back to the starting position. Do the same with the right knee, and so on, depending on how many repetitions you want to do,
• The spiked board: Always in the board position, align your shoulders well with your elbows, then raise your hips to the sky as much as possible. Make sure to keep your back straight, again and again, or you may injure yourself!

And you're ready to master the board in all its arm-friendly aspects. Get out your best yoga mat, and now it's your turn to play!


The Chaturanga posture, yoga for the arms!

Do you like pumps? That's good, because the Chaturanga position is getting dangerously close to it, even though we're talking about yoga here. Yes, between disciplines, small bridges can be formed, especially when it comes to working the arms.

The main idea, to carry out this posture, is to position oneself on the ground, stomach facing the mat. Put your feet on the point, extend your arms, and bend down gently. Do all this while keeping your elbows tight against your chest, and without much jerking. You see, it's still very close to the pumps, isn't it?

The challenge of the Chaturanga posture is to maintain balance, of course, but also to sheath the whole body, and to strengthen... the arms! Good point! The ultimate secret to master this exercise? Breathe correctly, regularly, following the movements. Courage!

From the pectorals to the hamstrings, many muscles are solicited thanks to yoga. But when you decide to work the arms and forearms, these postures are particularly adapted. Beware, as long as it is done correctly!

With this in mind, don't hesitate to take a class with a private yoga teacher. The latter will be better able to guide you, correct your mistakes, and put you on the path of the little yogis. This will give you arms that are as muscular as they are toned.

Come on, now it's your turn to play!