Spring detox

Spring will soon come, it is high time to rekindle the inner fire by combining good yogic and natural practices.

In Yoga and naturopathy, the approach to health is oriented above all towards prevention. How to prevent diseases by keeping a healthy organism and a performing metabolism?

"The profound nature of diseases is general and unique: it is the fouling of the ground."


A great cleansing of the body

We absorb a lot of toxins from our environment, the air we breathe, the water we drink, modern food and we can also create toxins through stress and negative emotions.

The symptoms of chronic intoxication are varied: weight gain, bad sleep, pale complexion, bags and dark circles, digestive problems, skin problems (eczema, acne ...), ENT (ear infections, rhinitis, sinusitis ...), allergies, weakening of the immune system, and so on!

The goal of detox is to help and stimulate the purifying or emunctory organs to do their job well and to manage the overabundance of toxins, it's a great drainage, a detox !

As they will have free time, they will take care of dealing with the "overdue files", thus eliminating the stored toxins and favouring the evacuation by drainage.

The DETOX allows to :

• To cleanse and de-inflame the organism. • Putting the digestive and nervous system at rest. • Regenerate blood and vital organs. • Revive vital energy and positively affect mood and morale.

" The first few days may be accompanied by unpleasant symptoms: headaches, fatigue, skin problems that are an expression of toxin elimination. This phenomenon very quickly passes for a state of well-being and lasting vitality. "





When to do a detox?

Ideally 4 times a year, at the beginning of each season and one day a week. This can be done in different ways:

• Cure of pressed juices.
• Mono-diet from 1 to 3 days (1 single fruit throughout the day, among slightly acidic fruits: grapes, apples, kiwi, mangoes, pomegranates, bananas...).
• Intermittent fasting (leave at least 16 hours between the evening meal and the first meal of the next day).
• Fasting with water: 1 to several days Namely: short fasting lasts from 1 to 3 days, it can be done alone without risk beyond that it is better to be accompanied.
• Shank prakshalana (yogic method of cleansing the bowels by drinking salt water and adding yoga postures)


The main principles of a detox treatment

Adapting your FEEDING

• Choose a vegetable diet, as "green" as possible.
• Drink plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable juice, lemon juice.
• Forget about coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, white sugar, red meat, pork and offal, saturated fat, dairy products, gluten.
• Drink lots of water, herbal teas or decoctions, green tea.
• Give preference to alkaline and hypoglycemic foods.
• Re-learn to chew for a long time and to eat with full consciousness.

" The main players in detoxification are the lymph, blood, lungs, liver, kidneys and intestines, which are purified, drained and supported. "




Purify the SKIN

• Sweating (hammam, sauna).
• Take hot baths (in which baking soda can be added to help expel toxins and calm the nervous system).
• Exfoliate the skin by brushing "dry" to stimulate lymphatic drainage, focus on the lymph node areas (neck, groin, underarms)detox and yoga - cleansing the liver.


Draining the LIVER: zoom on the cleansing of the liver and gallbladder

The protocol takes place over 6 days. The first 5 days, it is enough to drink 1L of apple juice during the day, between meals. One liter per day, so 5 liters in all.

One can also instead take 3 tablespoons of cider vinegar before the meals or malic acid as a complement.

"The objective is to soften the possible gallstones and to facilitate their evacuation the D-day. "

The malic acid from the apple will already start to act on the liver. It is also preferable to remove animal products from the diet (dairy products, eggs, meat, fish), coffee and alcohol the 2 days prior to cleansing.

On the sixth day, eat a fat-free breakfast.


Take for example :

- des céréales cuites
- des fruits
- un jus de fruit
- du pain sans gluten

This will allow bile to build up and create pressure in the liver.

Then, starting at noon, don't eat during the day.

A little before 6pm: prepare a mixture with 420ml of mineral water and 4 level tablespoons of magnesium sulphate. It will be divided into 4 glasses. Then take the first glass at 6pm. As it is bitter, you can take just after a teaspoon of honey. You relax. The magnesium sulfate will cause an intestinal purge but will also act on the liver canals.

At 8 p.m., take a second glass of magnesium sulfate.

At 9:30 pm: wash the grapefruit in hot water, dry it and squeeze it by hand: 180ml, without the pulp (filter it). Add 120ml of olive oil. Pour the mixture into a bottle. Add the black walnut stain (optional). Close the jar by tightening the lid and shake vigorously until the mixture becomes liquid like water (only fresh grapefruit juice can achieve this condition).

At 10pm shake the bottle several times and you drink the mixture in one go. You immediately lie down on your right side. Stay still for at least 20 minutes. Afterwards it is best to sleep, otherwise read a little and look for sleep. It is very common and all normal to feel nauseated during the night. Do not be alarmed, it does not last. Set your alarm clock for 6 o'clock.

The next day :
• At 6 o'clock drink the third glass. It is then preferable to remain standing. A yoga or meditation practice is perfect.
• At 8am: last glass of sulphate !!! you can take a spoonful of honey to get rid of the bitter taste. You will then, if it has not already started, eliminate with the stool all the waste contained in the liver and the vesicle in the form of small green or brown beads.
• Wait 10 hours to drink a juice.
• You can eat at noon.
• Start with a fruit juice. Half an hour later, eat a fruit.
• An hour later, you can eat regular food, but it should be light. Anyway the diarrhea that is not diarrhea will stop quickly. You can eat fruit if you feel like it.
• Look for the green colored stones, because this is proof that they are real stones and not food residue. Only bile from the liver is the color of peas.
• Your stool falls to the bottom of the tank while the stones float because of the cholesterol in it.


Benefits of cleaning

This cure developed by Dr. Clark increases vitality, often improves the quality of sleep, improves the shine of the skin, hair and then changes many things in the digestive system and general functioning of the body because the liver plays an impressive role.

It is the organ with the most functions in the metabolism. The liver is a filter and - like all filters - needs regular cleansing.

Dr. Clark's cleaning of the liver channels allows the removal of waste products that are not eliminated, which accumulate in the form of stones in the liver and gallbladder area and prevent the liver from functioning optimally.

Purify the LOUMS

- Make inhalations in cure of several days with a few drops of essential oil of eucalyptus and thyme.
- Try the Jacquier air bowl.
- Systematize Kapalabati Yogic Tonic Breathing in your practices.

Supporting the Kidneys

- Support the kidneys by providing them with lots of minerals in the form of Quinton juice or water.
- Make a cure of parsley juice or add parsley systematically in your juices.

To clean and calm the INTESTINALS

- Adopt green juices very rich in chlorophyll once a day to cleanse and nourish the intestinal cells.
- Bring plenty of fiber to help transit and clean out a congested colon.
- Think about psyllium in your juices or recipes, aloe vera, which is very soothing, and turmeric, which has an anti-inflammatory action and calms irritated intestinal walls.
- Do regular enemas or hydrotherapies: when you cleanse your bowels, you cleanse your head!


- Try the Scottish shower; alternate hot and cold jets several times and end up with a very cold jet; not always easy in winter but so invigorating.
- Adopt brisk walking.
- Practice indoor trampoline and take up small energizing jumps! NASA describes trampoline as "the most effective form of exercise designed by man"; Trampoline increases the gravitational force on the body at the bottom of the jump which helps to stimulate the valves in your lymphatic system which in turn detoxifies the body.
- And above all, breathe, oxygenate and relax!!!!



• 3 Cucumbers
• 1 bunch of celery branch or spinach
• 1 bunch of Parsley 1 Apple
• 1 Tablespoon Fresh ginger
• ½ Tablespoon Turmeric
• 1 tbsp coconut oil (particularly beneficial in case of candidiasis)

" The juice is made either in the centrifuge or in the extractor. The extractor has a better yield and better respects the nature of the juice because the extraction is done at low speed, cold and therefore without oxidation. Drink at least 50 cl of this juice per day. "






Yoga helps the body in the functions of cleansing and purification.

The goal of a Detox yoga sequence is :
• to increase blood and lymphatic circulation
• to compress, twist the internal organs to promote the expulsion of toxin-laden blood
• promote complete respiration to bring oxygen to the cells
• to encourage relaxation, listening to the body and its sensations

The practice of asanas oriented towards twists and inversions followed by pranayama and accompanied by a few dietary rules will help achieve greater mental clarity, deeper sleep, a glowing complexion and more energy.


Zoom detox posture : Ardha Matsyendrasana

It is a beautiful posture to tone the abdomen and internal organs by compressing them alternately.

Through intra-abdominal pressure, the colon is massaged and its peristalsis improved.

It is preferable to start on the right side to first compress the ascending colon, liver and kidney on the right and then twist the left side to stimulate the descending colon, spleen, pancreas and left kidney. This posture decongests the liver and the entire digestive system.



• Sit firmly on the 2 pins, bend the right knee in front of the left leg and bring the left foot to the outside of the right hip.
• Slide your left arm under your left knee or press your left elbow against your right thigh depending on your flexibility.
• With each breath, straighten the column a little more.
• With each exhalation, go a little deeper into the twist, letting the twist go from the bottom to the top.
• Stay for about ten deep breaths.
• Do the same on the other side.


To conclude on detox

Adopt the detox attitude as often as possible (in the off-seasons and ideally once a week) to allow your body to rest and devote all this beautiful energy to your loved ones and your projects!