Sacred Feminine

Modern life has distanced many human beings from their sacred femininity. Yet, this energy is precious to the blossoming of the soul. Real inner power, it allows the development of many qualities essential to well-being and success. Let's discover right away together how to reconnect to this extraordinary feminine essence...


What is the sacred feminine?

It is difficult to define the sacred feminine with earthly words. The sacred feminine is not something tangible. It is rather an energy, an essence, a creative force, a divine dimension... whatever the term used, the sacred feminine is hidden in each one of us.

By choosing to take this initiatory path, it becomes possible to develop qualities inherent to the feminine energy, such as welcoming, listening, gentleness, lucidity, empathy, or even self-giving and unconditional love... so many benefits that are missing in this world.

However, the sacred feminine is not limited to these properties. The sacred feminine is also about reconnecting with the wild woman. The wild woman, also sometimes called the she-wolf, is a powerful, intuitive, healing, sensual being, naturally connected to other worlds.


Does the feminine only concern women?

Spontaneously, we would all tend to think that the sacred feminine is only about women. It is true that the sacred feminine is an energy linked to the feminine. However, in the universe, things are never as simple as that. Everything is only shades of gray...

There exists in each individual, regardless of his or her sex, a sacred feminine and masculine part. These two polarities are not there to oppose, but to complement each other. One can imagine that the feminine conceives when the masculine concretizes, and one as the other is indispensable!

This may surprise you, but men too can, and even must, develop their share of sacred femininity! In our western societies, we observe a repression of this energy in a large part of men. Men have always been conditioned to cut themselves off from their sensibility, and to deny their emotions, as if it were something shameful.

However, this dimension is part of the human being, and must be exploited. It is even indispensable to a fairer world, to better human relations, and to happiness!





How to exploit one's sacred femininity?

Reconnecting to one's sacred feminine is not always an easy step. It is even sometimes a long and tortuous road. However, it is quite possible to walk peacefully towards this ambitious goal. Here are a few tips to reconcile yourself with your feminine energy...

Reconnecting to your emotions

Since birth, we are conditioned to deny our sacred femininity. Indeed, we live in a society that invites us to repress our emotions.

From a very young age, it is possible to hear phrases such as: "stop crying, you are not a baby", "don't cry, you are a grown-up", "take it upon yourself and stop your acting out".

Even in the professional world, we are told that in order to climb the ladder, we must not have feelings. Rational intelligence is often valued at the expense of emotional intelligence. Generally speaking, empathy is seen as an excess.

Insidiously, we are taught that emotions are shameful, and that listening to our feelings is a weakness. In order to meet social norms, human beings cut themselves off from the richness of their inner world, which they perceive as a vulnerability that should never be shown.

Reconnecting to one's emotions is a first step towards the sacred feminine. Listening to emotions is intimately linked to feminine energy. To reconnect with the sacred feminine, one must therefore learn to listen to oneself. This involves listening to the body as well as listening to feelings.

When you feel uncomfortable, always ask yourself: what is the emotion that dominates in the present moment? There is a wide range of emotions: sadness, anger, humiliation, jealousy, fear... the French language is not short of terms!

Once you have identified the emotion, don't try to fight it. The more an emotion is rejected, the more intense it is. Emotion in human beings works like an alarm system. It aims to draw our attention to something. When we ignore it, it sounds louder and louder. The sacred feminine invites us to welcome our emotions with benevolence.

It is about accepting the emotion as it presents itself, without judgment. You can even thank it for existing, because it has a true psychic function. Emotions must guide you, help you make choices, adjust certain situations in your life...

Accept yourself as you are

We all try to match certain criteria of beauty or success. The company defines for us what is or is not estimable. So much so that we exhaust ourselves to fit into a mold, sometimes even at the cost of our physical and mental health.

The sacred feminine also means learning to accept one's imperfections, with benevolence. It is not a question of wallowing in one's mistakes, but simply of taking the time one needs to evolve, and not wanting to resemble the standards imposed.

In our uncompromising society, we should always be at the top. However, human beings, like the rest of nature, are subject to cycles, variations, changes, evolutions... Life is not a long quiet river, but a waterfall with a thousand surprises! Living in accordance with this universal principle is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give yourself.




Anchoring oneself in the present moment

The sacred feminine exists in the "here and now". Too often we tend to live in the past or the future. Most of our worries are not related to the present, but to what has happened, or what could happen.

We then spend most of our time stressing about things that we can't change, or that may never happen! Reconnecting to our sacred feminine is also about silencing the mind so that we can hear the heart better.

The sacred feminine reminds us that we all have innate knowledge. This knowledge is revealed to us when we stop running around. It is thus a question of refocusing on oneself, of letting go, of returning to the essential, and of trusting life...


Learn to respect your limits

When emotions are repressed, we are no longer able to know our limits. Indeed, we have to listen to our feelings to know when "it's too much".

A human being can easily exceed his limits from time to time. However, the more he pulls on the string, the more physical or psychological exhaustion accumulates. It is then not uncommon to see many individuals burn out.

Burnout is typical of our productivist society, where you have to go faster and faster, stronger and stronger and bigger... often at the cost of your health!

The sacred feminine implies self-respect, and self-respect undeniably implies respect for one's body, one's needs, one's possibilities.

It is essential to know how to say "no" in order to avoid that the environment encroaches on our vital space. Preserving ourselves is the best way to bring our power to the world. To help others, you must already be well within yourself. Self-love is the basis for loving others!


Trusting your inner voice

The sacred feminine is deeply linked to other worlds. To exploit one's sacred feminine is to trust in the power of one's intuition.

In our modern society, we tend to forget the internal knowledge of every human being. We focus our attention only on the knowledge we have learned from books...

Yet every human being has a small inner voice. This small voice is difficult to explain rationally. It expresses itself through impressions, images, feelings, flashes... It is above all about extremely intense, sudden and inexplicable emotions.

It is important to know how to listen to your little inner voice, because it has a lot to teach you. Sometimes you have to dare to let yourself be guided by your intuitive capacities...

Your little voice speaks to you at every moment. You decide whether or not to listen to it. If you make too much noise, you may not hear it. But if you focus on yourself, in humility and silence, you will distinguish these words from your heart!




Receive the other unconditionally

We tend to judge ourselves harshly, and to judge others harshly. Since we were very young, we have been shown that love is conditional, and that we have to enter into norms to benefit from it. So much so that we think we deserve love only through performance.

It is the same in our relationship with others. We expect a lot from our loved ones. We evaluate them according to our own subjective criteria. We do not hesitate to use emotional blackmail and other unconscious manipulation techniques.

The sacred feminine is the maternal energy of welcome and acceptance. It envelops everyone with deep and unconditional love. She supports, she listens, she comforts.

To make one's sacred feminine shine is also to learn to receive one's fellow men. It is necessary to deconstruct one's prejudices, and cease one's projections, to return to the essential, and relearn the true pleasure of being together, without expectations or conditions.


Adjusting one's actions to one's values

Have you ever heard of cognitive dissonance? Cognitive dissonance occurs when our actions are not in line with our values or deepest aspirations.

Very often, we act negatively, while looking for a multitude of excuses for our behavior. "I don't have a choice", "everyone does it", "if I act alone, it won't change anything"... we all have our arguments that falsely exonerate us.

But deep down inside, we know that we are not on the right path. We feel this kind of little pinch in the heart very unpleasant.

The sacred feminine is also the capacity to take back one's responsibilities and to become again an actor of one's existence. To do this, it is essential to dare to go out of one's comfort zone, and to act in a fair way, sometimes even against the majority.

To exploit one's sacred femininity is to choose a life that resonates with one's needs and desires. It also means choosing to have a positive impact on the world!


Becoming aware of your cycles

This last advice is mainly addressed to women. Women live physiologically through cycles. Her entire body functions at the rhythm of nature. To connect to her sacred feminine implies to live in adequacy with these different natural passages.

It is important to get to know her cycles, and to live them fully. Each moment of the cycle corresponds to an energy, and therefore a very specific state of mind. Some moments will be more conducive to fulfillment, others to reflection, others to rest...


Conclusion on the sacred feminine

The savage woman is above all alone who makes her body an ally. The sacred feminine is a wonderful energy to develop. Although the road ahead is long, everyone can begin it at their own pace, with kindness. Have you ever heard of the sacred feminine? If so, have you started to reconnect with it? Do not hesitate to share your experiences as a commentary!