Laughter Yoga

Laughter is good for your health. Laughter yoga uses laughter to enjoy its benefits: on stress, pain, but also on sleep.


The health benefits of laughter

Laughter feels good: mental, emotional and physical relaxation. Laughter would indeed have many benefits, for example:

- the release of endorphins, hormones causing a feeling of relaxation, well-being, pleasure ;
- the reduction of stress;
-the reduction of pain, by reducing muscle tension and allowing the release of natural anti-inflammatory drugs;
- the improvement of the digestion, thanks to the abdominal gymnastics that it provokes;
- relaxation and faster falling asleep;
- or facilitated respiratory exchanges.

Laughter is a way to express one's emotions, to free oneself from anger, frustration, resentment, etc.


Laughter Yoga in Practice

In the practice of Laughter Yoga, it is not humor that triggers laughter, but the needs of exercise. Laughter is intentional.

Games are a perfect breeding ground for laughter, and being in a group is also a facilitating element.

The session includes several exercises, such as

- stretching, warm-ups;
- breathing;
- meditation;
- moments of free laughter;
- but also playful exercises to easily trigger laughter.

Stretching, relaxation and breathing are elements borrowed from yoga.


Where to find out more about rigology?

Rigology is a technique for developing joie de vivre. It was developed in 2002, by Corinne Cosserron.

It aims, through a global approach including the harmony of body, emotions and mind, to achieve true joy of living. It is based on mind, body, emotions and spirituality.

Rigology encompasses several disciplines, such as laughter yoga, playful sophrology or meditation. The common point: the use of laughter.

To learn more and discover more precisely what rigology is, visit the website of the International School of Laughter and Happiness.