Jade Roll

At the crossroads between beauty and well-being, the jade and quartz rolls are a great success.

Based on the principles of lithotherapy and Chinese medicine, they offer numerous skin benefits. However, between jade roll and quartz roll, which one to choose? Let's take stock together of the properties of these two accessories!


What is a jade roll?

At first glance, it looks like a miniature paint roller with two heads. However, this is not the case. Jade and quartz rollers are real wellness accessories. More and more known in France, they are gaining new followers every day.

It is true that these instruments can surprise by their design. Indeed, they have two sides, each with the same stone, but of a different size. Each stone, according to its size, has a very particular function.

For example, on a roll of jade, you will find an oval-shaped jade stone of medium size. On the opposite side, you will see a second jade stone, almost identical, but much smaller than the first.

The jade and quartz rollers are used to massage the skin of the face. The largest stone is for the cheeks, forehead and neck. The smaller stone, on the other hand, adapts more easily to the most difficult to reach parts such as the contours of the eyes or the nose.





Where does this strange accessory come from?

The jade and quartz rolls are not new. Indeed, these beauty objects are based on ancestral principles. In particular, they use Chinese medicine as well as lithotherapy, in other words, the properties of the stones.

Indeed, each mineral benefits from particular physical or psychological virtues. By delicately stimulating the skin for a few minutes regularly with a jade stone or a quartz stone, it is possible to obtain different skin benefits.


What are their benefits on the skin?

Using a roll of jade or quartz offers many benefits to the skin. First of all, this care tool is above all a daily beauty gesture. For good reason, regular use of a jade or quartz roll would prevent and reduce wrinkles.

The jade or quartz roller is also ideal for reducing a number of imperfections such as dark circles or bags under the eyes. In general, the skin appears smoother and more luminous. It is therefore a good way to have a beautiful complexion!

The advantages of the jade roll and the quartz roll do not stop at the aesthetic aspect. Their use is also interesting for health and well-being. Indeed, this accessory helps to stimulate lymphatic circulation as well as blood circulation.

Thus, the jade and quartz roller drains the epidermis in depth. This technique helps eliminate impurities and excess sebum. It is also a good way to strengthen the elasticity of the skin and tighten its pores.




Jade and quartz roll

Very often, the two terms are a source of confusion. Most people even think that jade roll and quartz roll are synonyms. However, this is not the case. They are indeed two different tools. Let's look at the properties of each.

Many real similarities

First of all, it is true that the jade scroll and the quartz scroll have many similarities. Both are based on the same principles, act in the same way on the skin, and offer almost identical beauty results.

There is therefore no great harm in choosing a jade roll rather than a quartz roll, and vice versa, for aesthetic use. However, there are still small differences between the two, and it is always better to know them!


Specific aspects and properties

Jade stone and quartz stone are two different minerals. Of the augite family, jade stone generally has a beautiful emerald green color. It can also sometimes be beige brown, red brown, or blue brown.

Quartz stone can have different colors. However, pink quartz is most often used in a quartz roll. Also known as rock crystal, it is part of the silicate family.

The jade stone is connected to the heart chakra. It is known to reduce all disorders of nervous origin as well as to reinforce the stability of the wearer. It is also a good ally against fever, migraine and dizziness.

The pink quartz stone is considered a stone of love. Also linked to the heart chakra, it heals emotional wounds and strengthens confidence and self-acceptance. It is also known to regulate endocrine disorders and promote the evacuation of toxins.




How to make the right choice?

So jade roll or quartz roll, the question remains? The choice is up to you, and depends mainly on your situation and your expectations. The first point to take into account before choosing a jade roll or a quartz roll is the properties of the stone.

Jade scrolls are mainly for people who tend to be anxious or stressed in everyday life. It is interesting for those who are easily overwhelmed by their emotions, who brood over dark thoughts, or who have difficulty anchoring themselves in the present.

The rose quartz scroll is more suited to people who are hypersensitive and empathetic, who have experienced traumatic events. Rose quartz is recommended for those who are highly self-doubting and who are easily overwhelmed by the emotions of others.

Also note that from a purely practical point of view, quartz scrolls are generally more expensive and rarer than jade scrolls. Indeed, quartz is more fragile, and therefore more complex to carve. One should also be wary of overly attractive prices.

Some dealers do not hesitate to use chemicals to make the quartz stronger and easier to handle. However, these are obviously harmful to health. Whatever your choice, favour serious stores that offer quality items.


Conclusion on the jade roll

The jade roll and the quartz roll have many similarities. These wellness accessories based on ancestral knowledge play a major role in the beauty and health of the skin. However, there are some differences between the two, especially concerning the physical and psychic properties of the stones. And you, are you more of a jade roll team or a quartz roll team?