Buddhist habits that will change your life

If Buddhist monks seem to be completely at peace, there must be a reason. Indeed, they have established a certain lifestyle. Their whole philosophy of life is to reduce suffering.

This philosophy may seem strange to you and seem impossible to achieve, but in fact it is not. Moreover, adopting this daily routine leads you straight to happiness.

These few rules will serve you for the rest of your life.


Simplify your material possessions

Buddha was not born poor, but on the contrary was of royal family (he was a prince). He could have accumulated as many "material things" as he wanted, but he made the choice to keep only what was necessary.

Small reminder: happiness comes from within and not from the accumulation of external material things.

In today's society, we have been accustomed to possessing (unnecessary things) to feel good. However, this search for the "always more" makes us deviate from the essential:

Happiness comes from the inside out. The Law of Attraction reacts to your thoughts & emotions and creates your outer reality.


Give to receive

Developing an altruistic attitude is the best option for receiving. Giving, allows you to detach yourself from your "needs" that you consider a priority. By detaching yourself from them, you will notice that what was "very important" to you was not really important.

In time you will realize that many of the things you want are actually needs of the mind to "feel good. When you let go, the mind calms down and you return to what is essential and your true desires.

When you have trouble giving, it is because you are afraid of losing something. These thoughts and emotions of lack attract and create scarcity or "lack" in our lives.

Moreover, giving what you have that you don't need allows others to get what they need. It is a win/win partnership. By learning to give positively and sincerely, you increase your inner well-being and that of others.



From a scientific point of view, it has been proven that meditation changes the structure of the brain. Meditation reduces stress, balances the production of cortisol and DHEA in the body, reduces internal blockages, and allows mental reprogramming.

Meditation helps enormously to enter into detachment and allows us to free ourselves from the control that thoughts have over us.





Accept mindfulness as a way of life

It is natural and very easy to judge others. It is the primitive part of our brain that "scans" for potential external dangers. Only it is not always to our advantage, because this habit of judging and cataloguing everything takes over and no longer allows us to see people as they are, but only through our internal filters.

What would life be like without judgment? It would be beautiful, because remember, it is your thoughts that create your emotions and therefore "how you feel".

In other words, judgments are often negative, and negative emotions follow. Living with much less judgment allows for mental calm.


Embrace Change

Every morning we identify with the person we see in the mirror and we cling to that perception. Except that over time, we get older and change. For the most part we do not accept these changes, we rebel "internally" against them.

But the laws of the universe are made in such a way that everything is constantly changing. Going against this idea will only create frustrations and mental barriers that over time, on the one hand accelerate aging, but on the other hand create diseases.

If you think about this idea of opposing change, look at all the areas in your life where you are "swimming against the tide" .

To help you identify them, it's very simple:

Whenever you have a negative emotion, is that you are blocking what is! You don't accept change, you fight it.


Living in the moment

Our mind makes us believe that there is past, present and future, or at least it is "our perception" of things. However, the past and the future do not exist, only the present moment exists.

• Every time you think about the past, you do it in the present.
• Whenever you think about the future, you do so in the present.

In other words, every moment you live, you live it in the present. The idea is to live fully what you are living, right now!

In making this habit, you remember that NOW is the time to savor the present moment you are living, you will be what we call more and more present. That is, "more and more in the here and now".

Your mind will make you think less and less about the past to complain or experience negative emotions and will try less and less to find satisfaction by imagining a "hypothetical" future.

Moreover, the Law of Attraction reacts to your thoughts and emotions NOW.

• When you think about the past when you feel bad, you have negative thoughts and emotions that you emit in the present moment.
• When you think about the future with worry, you have negative thoughts and emotions that you also express in the present moment.

The key is to fully savor the here & now instead of looking to the past and the future for comfort (something that rarely happens).