Where to hang a dream catcher

You are about to buy a dream catch and you are wondering where is the best place to hang this beautiful Native American object?

In this article we will give you some advice on how to hang it, whether as a decorative object or to protect yourself from evil spirits and nightmares. We will then see how to purify it to keep it effective over time.


What is the Dream Catcher?

Before wondering where to hang a dream catch, it is important that you know what it really is and what it is used for.

A dream catch is also called a dream catcher, dream catcher or nightmare hunter. It is an ancient object, rich in history, used by the Amerindians also as a magical and spiritual symbol.

In fact he did not consider it simply as a decorative object made with threads and braided sticks, decorated with feathers and stones. For them it was an object with mystical and protective powers especially at night fighting against evil spirits and nightmares.

The origins of the dream catcher go back to the tribes of the Ojibwe and Lakota Indians.





The Dream Catcher Decorative Object

If you don't believe in the spiritual aspect of dream catching, you may as well place it wherever you want.

This is a wonderful decorative object. It can be used in different styles of decoration, but to do so, it is important to choose a model that harmonizes with the rest of the decoration of the environment.

In a more cheerful and relaxed environment, the colorful dreamcatcher is a very interesting idea.

While for a more sober environment with a minimalist decor, the black, white or wooden dream catcher can give the final touch that the environment needs.

However it is preferable that the dreamcatcher is positioned in a space that always receives sunlight so that it can shine as it should.




Where to hang a Dream Catcher?

Many people wonder where to place the dream collector, as most want to use the dream filter to purify and decorate their home.

First of all, it is important to choose a space where it receives sunlight. Indeed, besides making it glow, sunlight purifies the dream catcher.

Here are the best places to hang a dream catcher:

• Above the headboard
• In front of the bedroom window
• Outside in the garden
• In the living room
• In the car
• In a place you love
• Around your neck or hanging from your ears
• In your attic

One of the rooms where the dream catch is most often hung is of course the bedroom. Indeed its power being to ward off nightmares and attract good dreams, for a better sleep and a more peaceful night.

The Dream Catcher hung above the bed

Usually the dream catcher is suspended above the headboard, protecting your dreams. In addition, it brings a decorative touch that will sublimate your wall. It would block the nightmares to let pass only the pretty dreams, which would flow along the feathers to reach your head. However we must not forget that it must receive sunlight in the morning.

The Dream Catcher hung in front of the bedroom window

It is also very common to hang the dream catcher in front of the window. The idea is that when you open the curtains, you leave the morning light on the dream catcher to burn the evil spirits it will have captured during the night.

The Dream Catcher hung in the garden

It is not necessarily the first idea that comes to you when you hear about dream catch. Yet it is quite possible to hang it on your porch, balcony or in the garden, like a chime. To put a bohemian touch to your exterior, hang a few dream catchers in the trees. The bright colors could also contrast well with the greenery of the garden.

Hanging a Dream Sensor in the Living Room

Most people buy dream catchers for their nightmare-fighting benefits and therefore place them in the bedroom. Of course, this sacred Native American object is also a beautiful decoration for your living room. Hang it on your own meditation altar, for example, or use it over a living room window.

Catch Dream hung in the car

You can also use a dream catcher as a talisman in the car. Some people swear by a dream catcher hanging from the rear-view mirror. They firmly believe that dream catchers have a protective effect on the road and that it will protect them from accidents. This is an ideal place to hang a much smaller dream catcher so that it does not obstruct your view while you are driving.

Hanging a Dream Catcher as Jewelry

Nowadays, dream catchers have become very popular because of their beauty and cultural symbolism. They can be found in tattoos and jewelry in particular. It is therefore not surprising that they are commonly worn as necklace, bracelet and earrings. With a dream catcher jewel hung around your neck, wrist or hanging from your ears, take its positive vibrations with you wherever you go.

Catch Dream hanging in your attic

If you hear scary noises coming from your attic, one way to combat these harmful energies is to use a dream catcher. Hang the dream catcher in the middle of the room or on the window, if the attic has one, to capture one of the persistent spiritual energies that may be up there.




How to purify a Dream Catcher?

First of all, it is important to know that by "purifying", it is a matter of eliminating the negative waves that may have penetrated your dream catcher and not of getting rid of the nightmares accumulated during the night. For this a simple exposure to sunlight in the morning will do the trick.

Here are some tips to purify a dream catcher:

• After buying or making your dream catch, light an incense of your choice and pass your filter through the smoke of the natural incense.
• Take your dream filter to a place close to nature, such as a park or garden. Place it on the grass or the ground, so that Mother Earth can purify it. Let it rest for a few minutes.
• In the room where it will be hung, it is recommended to place stones, crystals and other natural elements of positive and purifying energy, to activate the power of your dream catch.

Remember to repeat this energizing ritual frequently. By using the dream catcher following Feng Shui, you will find that you will have more peaceful dreams. When bad dreams or nightmares reappear, it is time to purify your dream catcher again.



As we have detailed in this article, there are two main criteria for hanging a dream catch. To know if you want to use it as a decorative object or a spiritual object. As decoration, there is no real rule, you can only follow your desire. As a protector, the essential rule is that its location should be exposed to sunlight to eliminate bad dreams catch at night.