What do i wear to yoga

If we told you that some people practice naked yoga, would you believe us? Yes, it does exist!

But since this is far from being everyone's thing and you probably prefer to dress for your next yoga session, you'll have to choose an appropriate outfit!

Don't bother to bring out from the depths of your wardrobe your candy-pink frilly dance tutu or your 80s rugby shorts, they won't fit!

We'll give you lots of great tips on how to build your ultimate wardrobe for your yoga class.


The ideal for the yoga class is a loose and comfortable outfit

Once you've chosen your yoga class, all you have to do is find the right outfit!

Yoga is a physical activity (and yes, despite what its detractors say!) practiced on the floor, on a padded yoga mat.

In order to properly perform the different asana (yoga postures), it is important to choose a loose fit, facilitating freedom of movement. If they are badly chosen, clothing can indeed restrict the ability to move freely.

And since you will mainly stretch during your yoga session, you don't want your outfit to tighten you up too much!



A recent U.S. study showed that the amount spent by yoga enthusiasts on yoga classes - clothing, equipment and accessories - reached a staggering $16.8 billion, an increase of more than $6 billion since 2012!

Here are a few rules to follow when choosing your outfit for your next yoga class:

• You will do stretching, sometimes pushed. Above all, choose an outfit that provides COMFORT. Avoid clothes that are too tight, which hinder both breathing and blood circulation.

• Whether for the lower or upper body, be careful not to wear pockets with zippers (zip) to avoid injury during movement.

• Prefer technical fabric clothing that effectively absorbs perspiration, such as polyester. If you really sweat a lot or if you are used to practicing dynamic yoga, choose cotton clothing that absorbs moisture well.

These rules are valid whatever your type of yoga class: Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga yoga, prenatal yoga, iyengar yoga, kundalini yoga, hatha yoga...Remember to bring several outfits if you sign up for a yoga class, with daily practice or in a yoga school with practice several times a week.

Watch out! We advise you not to reuse your synthetic outfit from one class to the next because this material gives off bad smells once it has absorbed body perspiration. You must use a machine!

Tip: if you're looking for a light, breathable outfit with strong thermal regulation power, go for merino wool! This material is clearly more expensive than polyester or cotton, but you won't regret it! Several brands of sport/outdoor propose today many clothes (tops, stockings, underwear, socks, ...) made of merino wool, a really extraordinary fabric!



If you enjoy yoga classes where you are going to burn calories like hot yoga or bikram yoga, which take place in overheated rooms, you will sweat a lot! Take these tips into account so that the session doesn't become a pain for your neighbor!

If you're looking for additional reading, a very complete article published on the yogapassion.fr website presents the 4 essential criteria for choosing your yoga outfit: comfort, "breathability", style and value for money.


Tips for a successful yoga class!

Ladies and gentlemen, here are a few tips on how to dress to get the most out of your yoga session:

• Keep a sportswear sweater for the beginning (warm-up time) and the end of the yoga session during the final relaxation where your body will tend to cool down. Also remember to bring warm socks to stay warm.

• Bra or not? How does your yoga teacher do it? It's a little bit up to your preference. Some girls will prefer a sports tank top with a bra underneath or even better, integrated, and others will like to use their sports bra, like the one they use for running.

• Remember to use elastics to hold your hair in place.

If it's really hot like a hot yoga or bikram class and you're comfortable with other people's eyes, you can also choose to wear only a bra.

Yoga requires a certain concentration and energy centered on yourself, it would be a shame to be distracted because the leggings slip, because the t-shirt falls on your face like a dog upside down or simply because the bra is hurting you. As I was saying, yes to comfort, too bad if it's not perfectly aesthetic.

Vinyasa yoga will be particularly appreciated by some women who wish to sculpt their body without over-inflating it, while eliminating fat mass! However, a sporty background will be preferable for this yoga session.




Stay fashionable during your yoga classes!

For fashion victims it is possible to stay chic during your yoga class. You won't need to spend thousands of dollars:

• 25 $ for a legging,

• 15 $ for a sleeveless jersey

• and 20 $ for a sports bra.

Don't forget also that the more you like your yoga outfit, the more you'll want to take it out of the closet to wear it on your mat and to show off to your friends!




Yoga clothing for men

Gentlemen, more and more of you are practicing yoga. Whether it's to stay flexible or to become flexible for those who are stiff as a post (I'm one of them!), yoga is a great sport that I practice in addition to physical endurance activities.

Hatha Yoga is the most common form of yoga in the West. If you practice assiduously, not only will you become more flexible, but you will also better manage your concentration, anxiety and reduce your stress!

Prayanama, taught in some yoga schools, is a practice aimed at working the breath. The practice of a good breathing movement (a-yama) will help you use your oxygen better and become more economical, while running for example. More generally, you will develop your physical condition if you breathe more efficiently.



A little statistic that should appeal to the sportsman in you: 79% of people who practice yoga also participate in other sports activities such as running, cycling and weight training.

In fact, it has been shown that yoga is a powerful ally to be stronger when running or biking because it helps to strengthen deep muscles and to be better sheathed!

Yoga sessions involving meditation will also help develop your mental strength and reach your goal.

Let's go back to the sportswear recommended for your breathing exercises, postures and other dynamic yoga classes. From bottom to top :

• Barefoot, no need to keep your socks on. Leave them well in your shoes if you tend to sweat a lot. It would be a shame if your sexy neighbor stopped talking to you about socks...

• Lightweight, loose fitting jogging pants. Forget the running shorts that could put you in an awkward wide angle position. No, don't even try, really!

• At the top, a loose fitting cotton or polyester t-shirt. No need to choose a compressive fabric to impress your neighbor with your pecs, in some positions, the fabric will rise up to the belly to let your little tummy show through. If you have chocolate chips, go ahead though :)




Where to find good yoga outfits?

There is no shortage of solutions to find yoga clothing. But where to find the best clothes and how to find the right clothes for one's means?

Specialized brands in yoga clothing

The market for yoga clothing has grown significantly in recent years. More and more brands have launched their own special yoga collection. Some brands are even entirely dedicated to yoga clothing.

The advantage of these brands is that they are specialists in the discipline. In addition to having special know-how in the field, these brands tend to offer a wide choice of clothing. There is therefore something for all sizes and tastes.

The disadvantage is that the prices are generally in the high price range of yoga clothing. Like a lot of branded clothing, you'll have to put a price tag on it!

The other brands

Major generalist brands have started to make clothing adapted for the practice of yoga. This is notably the case of large groups such as Asos. These brands surf on the wave of yogis to offer a range of clothing, certainly less complete than the specialized brands, but which is still worth the detour.

The little extra? It's quite easy to find first-rate clothing in stores like Walmart.

Buy in store

Whichever clothing store you choose, you don't have to buy special yoga clothing. Indeed, it is possible to find leggings in most clothing stores, whether they specialize in sports or not.

Simple leggings and a t-shirt or tank top can be found in the basic departments of major shopping centers.

Don't hesitate to ask for advice in store. Even non-specialized in yoga, salespeople will be there to help you find the piece that suits you.

Buy on line

In this age of the Internet, it's easy enough to find your leggings in just a few clicks. The advantage? You don't have to travel and store around to find what you're looking for. Moreover, it's easier to compare clothing prices online to find the best deal.

The disadvantage? The impossibility to try on the garment before buying. Remember to look at the opinions of other buyers before confirming your purchase, you could avoid unpleasant surprises.

In addition, think about buying on secure sites to avoid any type of scam. Some sites offer returns and refunds if the items are not suitable for you.

Search in used clothing

For small purses and those who want to avoid buying new clothes, it is quite possible to find second-hand yoga clothing. Go to the thrift stores or at the garage sales and you should find what you're looking for.

Some yoga associations also offer clothing exchanges once a year to put back into circulation yoga clothes that are no longer used by their owners. These events are often very good opportunities to find a whole outfit that is suitable for the practice.

On the internet, you can go to sites like eBay or Vinted to find the right shoe for you. The advantage of these sites is that you can find brand name clothing at half price or even less. But don't forget to ask about the condition of the clothes before you pay.

Recycle your own clothes

Think hard, maybe you already have what you need. Although it's not always thought about, it's possible to use soft clothing such as pajama bottoms or light summer pants to practice yoga. If you no longer wear these pants, why not dedicate them to yoga classes?

A way to give new life to clothes without throwing them away.


Don't hesitate to ask your coach or yoga teacher for advice if you have any doubts about your choice of outfit. He or she will be able to tell you what the best options are for your practice.