Use of Yoni Eggs

You've probably heard of Yoni's eggs, but do you know what they're used for? Yes, they are everywhere, they can be seen in many publications, and the testimonies are all unanimous about their properties. We are going to explain everything to you, their use, how to use them, what benefits they provide, and how to choose them?


What is a Yoni egg?

In Sanskrit, Yoni refers to the female genitalia, it symbolizes the feminine energy represented by Shakti. In Hindu culture, she is the wife of Indra, god of a paradise universe. Shakti is synonymous with power, strength and also the Divine Mother source of all power. She is intimately linked to the Kundalini, goddess represented by a coiled snake and who finds her energy at the level of the sacrum.

The Yoni egg has its origins in ancient China, where its use is rather confidential, even secret. Moreover, only the queens or the concubines of the king had access to this practice supposed to please the king and to satisfy his good pleasure.

However, the benefits of using the Yoni egg are not limited to a simple improvement of the sexual life. They extend to the whole body.

Yoni egg is made of natural stone of different varieties. It is oval in shape, like an egg, but is nevertheless smaller than a hen's egg for example. There are also different sizes and they are quite heavy. The stone is polished and the egg is inserted into the woman's vagina.

It seems that women also used to give them to their daughters when they entered the world of women during their first menstruation.


Symbolism of the Yoni egg

Its egg shape is not the effect of chance. Thus, the egg is considered to be the first stage of all life (ovum).

It represents strong symbols such as protection, life, fertility and rebirth.

Thus, these are 4 fundamental aspects that will be activated thanks to the egg:

• Emotional aspect
• The Energy Aspect
• Spiritual aspect
• The physical aspect

The use of Yoni's eggs is part of a true spiritual process, it is a question of desire and intention. One must keep in mind that it is not a medical indication such as perineal rehabilitation after childbirth for example.





Which stones are used?

Yoni's eggs are made of precious or semi-precious natural stones. Depending on the stone chosen, the effects will not be the same. Indeed, lithotherapy (energetic care with stones) classifies the stones by properties. Here are some examples of Yoni eggs carved from different types of stones and their associated virtues :

• New jade: it is a stone with a yellowish appearance tending to green or blue. It is translucent. It has relaxing and soothing properties. If this stone is less precious than jade, it is less expensive, however its vibratory rate remains very high.

• Aventurine : this stone of green color more or less dark, is famous for its virtues of independence and is an aid in the choices of life to be made. It brings inner tranquility and will help to make a new start if life is at a time of change.

• Amethyst: stone of bluish purple or lilac color, it is rather transparent. Ideal to stimulate concentration, it allows the mind to be open and perfectly receptive to life's messages. It also helps you to be in reality and attentive to what surrounds you.

• Carnelian: it is an orange or even red stone, which owes its color to the presence of iron. One can observe some whitish traces there too. It can be translucent or very opaque. It is said to be a stone that brings joy, energy and vitality. Also, it accompanies the slightly confused spirits and soothes them. It also has virtues against sterility or low libido.

• Rose quartz: it is the stone of love in all its forms. It makes it possible to love oneself, to reinforce the self-esteem and to love the others. Femininity is largely reinforced with this stone. It is of pale pink color and rather translucent.

With the help of the information we have detailed above, you can choose the stone that suits you according to the benefit you wish to get from it. The stones are polished, so they have a very soft surface. If you don't know which stone to choose and you don't attach much importance to the property of the stone, listen to your instincts, you are sure not to make a mistake!


What are the benefits?

Using Yoni eggs brings benefits that will differ depending on the type of stone, but the principle of the egg itself brings common benefits.

The main benefit is the development and awareness of the perineum, a genital area that is not well known to women in general. You will also have a better perception of your vagina and pelvis.

The main improvement sought is a better sex life and a stimulated libido. The application of an egg has the action of awakening sexual energy. For women who are menopausal and who may suffer from vaginal dryness, the action of the egg on the Bartolin gland in the vagina will provide better lubrication. Sexual intercourse is much more pleasant and lubricating gels are no longer necessary.

You will have a better sexuality, increasing both your pleasure and that of your partner.

Another virtue is that it will participate in a better oxygenation of the tissues of the genital organs, and improve blood and lymphatic circulation.

The Yoni egg also prevents the risk of urinary leakage, incontinence or organ descent. It is by strengthening the perineum, which becomes more toned, that you can prevent this type of discomfort.

Finally, it is your general feeling that will be improved, people around you will certainly notice a change in you, but will not know why. By being more aware of your femininity, with an improvement in your sexual life, you will indeed be much more fulfilled.




How to use them?

The insertion of the Yoni egg requires some precautions of use. As a general rule, an instruction manual is provided with the accessory.

Here are a few practical tips to get you started with an egg.

The preparation phase is an important step, it is above all a question of hygiene. Therefore, it should be washed thoroughly with warm, soapy water. You can also use vinegar water and rinse your egg thoroughly afterwards. Then wipe it carefully with a clean towel.

You must now proceed with a docking system if it is a pierced egg. Some women choose this model because it seems more secure to them. To do this, use a clean cotton thread and thread it through the hole, securing it securely.

Inserting the egg is a delicate step that must be carried out in a state of absolute calm, being relaxed and in a serene environment. Do not hesitate to practice self-massage sessions to achieve complete relaxation.

Choose the position in which you are most comfortable, standing, sitting or lying down. You will insert the egg when you inhale and release it when you exhale. You will feel as if the egg is being sucked out of your vagina. It is then normally in place.

During the first few uses, it is normal not to feel the egg. It is with time, experience and various contraction/release exercises that you will become aware of your genital environment.

The exercises take place in two stages: alternating contractions and releases. The relaxation time must be doubled in relation to the contraction time. Example: for 10 seconds of contractions, do 20 seconds of relaxation.

Do not force yourself, if you are not comfortable, remove the egg. It is a privileged moment that you give to yourself, it is not a question of practicing without wanting to.

The first times, limit yourself to 2 hours and 3 times a week. With time and according to your desire, you will be able to wear it longer. However, do not exceed 12 consecutive hours.

To remove your egg at the end of the session, you can expel it naturally by playing with the contractions and your breath. Be careful to retrieve it well so as not to drop it! If it is an egg with a string, you pull on the string by blowing and it will come by itself.

Finally, after each use, make sure to clean it carefully and dry it well before storing it in its protective pouch. The hygiene concerning this accessory must be very rigorous.


How to choose your Yoni egg?

If this is the first egg you want to buy, you may be wondering about the criteria for choosing. Also, we will explain how to choose it?

It is important to know that there are several sizes of eggs :

• Large size: 45 × 30 mm ;
• Average size: 40 × 25 mm ;
• Small size: 30 × 20 mm.

One might think that the ideal way to start is to choose a small egg when in fact the opposite is true. Indeed, at the beginning, you will not "feel" it even if it is the largest. It is with the sessions and the habit that you will start to feel its presence. The alternating movements of contractions and releases will help you to control your perineum and you will become more and more aware of your feminine environment. So if you choose a small egg from the start, you may not feel anything and you may get tired of these exercises. However, many women prefer to start with a medium-sized egg, probably because they are afraid that the size above will hurt them.

Another thing to know is that your size does not influence the model you choose. This means that a tall woman does not necessarily have to choose a large egg and vice versa.

The type of stone to choose is according to your desires. However, in general, beginners will prefer a green jade egg for several reasons:

• Green jade is strong, and if it falls, it will not break;
• It has excellent thermal properties and the body will not use its energy to warm it up;
• Its healing power is important, especially on the female genitals.

The purchase of your Yoni egg should be based on what you want, what you feel. It is important to listen to you and trust your instincts.




Where to buy them?

Wondering where to buy your Yoni egg? There are many websites where these accessories are for sale. Some stores also offer them, this can be a good alternative if you need to touch the egg and feel its weight.

If you choose to buy by mail order, please check a few things, such as the quality of the stones, the origin, etc. The opinions of previous clients are often a mine of information.


Are there any contraindications?

To close this article, it seems important to alert you to the contraindications and precautions to be taken.

The use of Yoni egg is contraindicated (see prohibited) in the following cases:

• During Pregnancy ;
• Immediately after childbirth;
• If you suffer from vaginal, vulvar, or bladder infections;
• During your period.

Of course, as soon as you have any doubt or unusual pain, it is best to seek advice from your gynaecologist or a midwife.


Conclusion on yoni eggs

With the help of these explanations, you have all the elements to guide you in your future purchase. Yoni's egg is an excellent way to explore and reveal your femininity. By getting to know your body better, you will be more attentive to your feelings and experience a richer and more fulfilled sexuality.