Tips for men's yoga

For women or men, the effects of any form of yoga are therefore guaranteed! But one might wonder what is the difference between yoga for women and yoga for men. In reality, the two practices are quite similar, but some subtleties remain when it comes to distinguishing how to practice yoga.

In fact, in men, we find an approach to relaxation, stretching, sequences and breathing exercises through asanas (postures) adapted to the male morphology.

Are you interested? Here's everything you need to know about male yoga, whether you're a beginner yogi or more experienced!


10 good reasons to take up yoga when you're a man!

Between fitness improvement and meditation, yoga for men is a sport, a real one! A complete sport, which allows, through regular practice, to improve the breath as well as to strengthen the spine.

But to go further, do you know what makes men's yoga so rich in benefits? Here are 10 reasons to start men's yoga!

• You can build muscle and tone yourself over the long term through regular practice and the best possible yoga postures. Don't forget to know how to breathe well!

• Thanks to male yoga, flexibility will be reinforced. Asanas are a great way to become more flexible and make our exercises easier to reproduce,

• You will also be able to improve your concentration. Because yes, doing yoga also means knowing how to think consciously about what is happening, how to hold a position properly, and how to practice meditation in certain respects,

• Yoga for men is a good complementary practice to other sports disciplines, if you feel that you still need them. Between stretching and sun salutation, men's yoga has it all!

• Men's yoga is a good idea for improving balance! With the help of alignment and a few asanas on a yoga mat or not, you're ready to take control of your body and posture,

• Practicing yoga for men is also the assurance of being able to reduce stress and soothe everyone's anxieties. Relaxation, better breath control, namaste!

• In addition to being a good way to strengthen muscles, yoga for men is a good idea to lose weight. A few well-targeted exercises can help you lose a little weight, get slimmer, and say goodbye to a few little love handles,

• By strengthening the body as a whole, male yoga helps prevent injuries. Beware, not all of them of course, but the limbs are strengthened in the most beautiful way!

• Would you like to get to know your body better? That's the promise and the effect of practicing yoga for men!

• Men's yoga also results in producing more testosterone, longer endurance, and therefore an increased libido! Give it a try!

You are now ready to register in a yoga studio!




How is a yoga session for men organized?

Yes, being a student of a yoga workshop is also a guarantee when you sign up to know how a men's yoga session is organized. Let's face it, just as for women, a men's yoga session is divided into parts that could only change by their precise content.

And in absolute terms, a men's yoga class can be divided into three main moments: the warm-up, the practice of the postures, and the quiet time.

• The warm-up where, in a very logical way, it is a matter of relaxing the muscles of the limbs, by means of some gentle stretching exercises. Whether it is dynamic yoga or Hatha yoga, warm-ups are a necessary part of a good yogic practice, and guarantee not to get injured during the sequences, beginners or not!

• The practice: at this point, you enter into all that yoga has to offer. We reproduce asana sequences, according to the form of yoga chosen, and supported by a yoga teacher as a guide, a powerful support. The idea? Stretch, better understand your body, tone up, and enjoy all the other benefits of yoga,

• Calm time, or relaxation, which gives the yoga session its full meaning. Here, it's about finding relaxation and letting go, through a few simple relaxation and meditation exercises. Lying on the yoga mat and in a Zen state of mind, yoga is a discipline that, whether you are a man or a woman, takes on its full meaning at this moment.

But between yoga at home and group classes, where to practice men's yoga?


Where to find yoga classes for men?

It's true that when you wonder where to find yoga classes for men, it's not always easy to find an answer. And for good reason, most of the time, yoga sessions are common for both men and women. However, there are certain possibilities, even certain subtleties!

It seems obvious to say that it is possible for men to practice yoga in the studio. Indeed, these places have the advantage of gathering equipment, but also professional classes, whether group or private.

In addition, some typically male yoga studios (but open to women, don't worry!) are opening. Between yoga initiation and stretching, yoga for all exists, also for men!

It is also possible to take men's yoga classes via Youtube videos. The new supports are, in this perspective, a real strength to find male yogic content, and bring serenity and stretching to all practitioners.

The same goes for books, which are good ways to learn more about male yoga.

Finally, it is also possible to take men's yoga classes with a private teacher. At home, online, at the office or in a yoga studio, the teacher will set up a yoga program for us that is specially dedicated to men's practice, but also to our desires and motivations!




Top 10 Yoga Exercises for Men

It's up to you, yes, but you still need to know how to practice yoga. From a more specific perspective, it seems that making a short list of the 10 best yoga exercises for men is an essential foundation for knowing how to enjoy the benefits of the discipline. Well guess what? Here's one!

• The posture of the warrior, which, in the standing position, allows to gain in balance and gain in sheathing,
•The posture of the forceps, which guarantees to relieve back pain and spinal column,
• The cobra posture, a classic male yoga posture that allows for flexibility and stretching of the upper body,
• The board, to refine the body and learn how to control your breathing,
• The dog's head down posture, or the "V" upside down, to reduce tension and stretch the body,
• The head up dog, which resembles the cobra, helps to strengthen the abdominals and temper the nervous system,
• The candle posture, to keep in balance on the shoulders, and to stretch the back and the neck,
• The sitting twist, to stretch in the ground position and soften the column,
• The lateral angle, to improve balance in standing position, and develop breathing capacities,
• The cow's head, to release tensions, improve serenity, and simply relax.

And many more!

We will have understood it, to do yoga when you are a man, it is possible, and it is even very possible! Between adapted postures, places typically thought for male yoga, and yoga teachers as supports, it seems very accessible to know how to practice yoga for everyone. It's up to you now!