Throat chakra : 5th chakra

The throat chakra is the fifth of one of the seven main ones. In Sanskrit, it is called by Vishudda chakra which means purification, center of communication and creation. The chakras allow the kundalini to flow through our body from the bottom up. In order to have a good circulation and especially a good distribution of energies, it is essential that all the chakras are open. When one of them is blocked or malfunctions, all energy points are disrupted with disturbing symptoms that can impact daily life.


Meaning of the 5th chakra, the throat chakra

The seven main chakras must be balanced in order to function harmoniously and, above all, for the circulation of energy to be optimal within the carnal envelope. A fluid circulation allows for a healthy life balance and a well-functioning body. In addition, good interaction with others is very much linked to open and receptive chakras. The throat chakra is thus an important energy point that needs to be kept in good balance.

The location of the throat chakra is at the cervical level, in the upper body. The flow of energy at this point is from the base of the throat to the neck, moving upwards a little.

Its emblem is the 24-petalled lotus and it is directly related to the color sky blue. It is said that its essential function is the resonance of the Essence. The part of the body that is directly impacted by this point is the thyroid gland. It is also connected to the Ether element which is the elevation of the supreme power of all forces. The least known element, it is however the sum of all the elements. We notice that people impacted by this element are generally very connected people. Thus, they possess a capacity for reflection and understanding beyond all other people. While they are capable of an exceptional degree of understanding, they have a strong need for isolation in order to maintain their ability to connect at the highest level. The ether is thus represented as the etheric body and enables the propagation of light.





Explanation of how it works

This chakra acts on the capacities of communication and inspiration. It acts on essential functions such as the sense of hearing and listening. In other words, these essential senses must be perfectly aligned in order to have a good perception of one's surroundings and to be able to interact with others.

It is a point of energy that governs the throat, trachea, neck and also the jaw, voice, ears, upper lung and bronchial tubes. The arms and hands are also connected to this chakra.

Chakra located in the hollow of the throat, which is the center of communication as well as self-expression and creativity. Here it is possible to hear one's inner voice.

Center of the perception of the external world, the throat chakra allows us to express our emotions such as love, pain, anger and joy, through laughter or tears and also deep intentions such as thoughts or wishes.

Aspects of expression and acceptance: Expression can be achieved by expressing what we want and our feelings, or through artistic expression, in all its forms. It is about expressing and externalizing what is inside of us. This expression is linked to reception in the form: "ask, you will receive". Therefore, abundance is linked to this chakra, as is the aspect of unconditional reception necessary to accept the abundance of the universe.


What are the symptoms of a blocked chakra?

When the throat chakra is blocked, it results in manifestations such as stuttering, pronounced shyness, babbling and difficulty communicating. To give a concrete example, words have difficulty coming out or the speech is disjointed and meaningless.

It is also difficult to express one's emotions, with the feeling of "swallowing one's fear" and finally feeling a pronounced sense of loneliness. Language problems are thus to be linked with a possible throat chakra blockage.

As it is located at the base of the throat, the thyroid gland is directly impacted and it is not uncommon to observe dysfunctions of the thyroid gland when the 5th chakra does not function properly.

Other symptoms are frequent, such as headaches, heart problems, neck pain, laryngeal problems, dental pain, heart problems and asthma. As a general rule, all pathologies affecting the upper body, especially around the throat, may suggest that this energy point is either blocked or is unbalanced.

It is therefore useful to ask how the throat chakra gets blocked or malfunctioned.




Why is the 5th chakra blocked?

To unblock a chakra, it is interesting to ask the question about it. Indeed, if it is necessary to act to rebalance the energy point, it is essential to know the causes in order to prevent a possible new imbalance in the future.

The reasons for a blockage often occur because of bad behaviour in life. This is the case for all the chakras. It is therefore reactions, attitudes, feelings and an unsuitable lifestyle that have a direct influence on a perfect flow of energy from one chakra to another. It is then absolutely necessary to reflect on one's way of being and lifestyle.

In addition, external causes such as a strict education, family or professional tensions, a negative social environment or bad news can affect the chakras.

Therefore, before wanting to balance the 5th chakra, it is necessary to review a set of parameters around you and act accordingly.


How to purify the 5th chakra?

After having reviewed the sphere in which one evolves and its behavior, it is possible to rebalance the throat chakra.

Several techniques are indicated in order to unblock and purify the 5th chakra.

Practicing meditation

The best times to practice meditation are in the evening, before going to bed, or in the morning, when one is still in a state of semi-consciousness. It is also an excellent routine for regaining and maintaining a perfect balance of energy points.

To do this, you need to visualize your chakras, and be able to do this routine for a few minutes a day, regularly to achieve relevant results.




Lithotherapy and the healing powers of stones

It is the sky blue color which is connected to the fifth chakra also, it is necessary to privilege stones of this color for the appositions.

The minerals that have this color are like this:

Lapis lazuli;
Blue calcite;
Blue agate;
Blue topaz.

To use the power of the stones, simply place the chosen stone on the area of the throat chakra (in the hollow of the throat) for a few moments. During this apposition, one must immerse oneself in a meditative state while lying down and take stock of oneself, in a state of consciousness of one's body.

Wearing a stone as a pendant or placing it under your pillow is also recommended to enjoy its benefits. It is also possible to wear it in one of your pockets and touch it regularly during the day, when you feel the need.

Minerals have a very strong power and wearing them as bracelets or jewelry allows you to enjoy their benefits throughout the day. Moreover, they are often very pretty stones that make an excellent fashion accessory.


Using essential oils

They are powerful and above all, it is a natural remedy. The oils must be chosen according to their properties and their interaction depending on the chakra to be treated. It is nevertheless recommended not to apply them pure on large areas of skin and to respect the number of drops to be used.

Thus, to balance the throat chakra, the recommended essential oils are :

• Clary sage ;
• Myrtle;
• Lemongrass.

You can prepare a shower gel with these oils and take advantage of their powers during each of your showers.

Just follow the following preparation:

1 drop of clary sage essential oil;
1 drop of lemongrass essential oil;
3 drops of myrtle essential oil;
100 ml of neutral washing base.

After mixing the preparation properly, it is ready for use.




Practicing Yoga

The practice of yoga is anyway recommended for daily life. True complete physical activity, it allows to take care of the carnal envelope as well as the consciousness.

Thus, some yoga postures are truly conducive to the opening of the throat chakra:

Ustrasana :
A position that requires an important warm-up before doing it, as it requires intense stretching. This yoga posture has a direct effect on the thyroid gland which is particularly impacted by a blocked throat chakra.

Sarvangasana :
It is a question of pressing the chin on the sternum, this posture is rather to make at the end of your yoga session.

Shankha :
This position allows to soften the throat and the voice. Kneel down and stretch your body backwards, letting your arms hang towards your legs.

Simhasana :
It is a sound position and besides, it is the only yoga posture that is sound. This is normal, since it is a yoga posture that will allow you to act on the throat chakra which is the center of oral communication.

An adapted life posture

Lithotherapy, essential oils or even some yoga postures will really improve the circulation of energies on the chakras. However, to prevent imbalances and improve fluid circulation, it is behavior and lifestyle that must be balanced.

For example, running away from a conflict by not expressing yourself, not expressing your opinion in the hope of integrating into a group are all risks of seeing the throat chakra get blocked.

To overcome this imbalance or prevent it from happening, one must not repress one's feelings or swallow one's anger. It is essential to express one's emotions and dare to assert oneself on who one is or one's beliefs by sharing one's opinion or views, and especially by knowing how to say no!


The importance of having a well-balanced throat chakra

When the fifth chakra is well open and the energies flow perfectly well, you will observe significant benefits in your life. Thus, you will develop your self-confidence and you will be able to overcome buried fears or anxieties that prevent you from expressing yourself properly. If you have artistic aspirations, it will help you in your creation, whatever its form. Most importantly, you will discover or rediscover your own truth and be at peace with yourself.


Share your throat chakra experience

Have you ever felt frustrated at not daring to give your opinion or advice for fear of being excluded or misunderstood? Have you ever had the feeling that words were jostling around in your head without being able to come up with a coherent and understandable discourse?

It is possible that your throat chakra may be out of balance, and it is necessary to do some real work to regain coherence and to be able to express yourself eloquently.

Explain in comments how you act daily to find a good balance of your energies, this can certainly help other people who are impacted by a dysfunction of the 5th chakra.