The secret of Yoni Eggs

Yoni egg, jade egg, or love egg, different ways of naming these beautiful semi-precious stones, carved in the shape of an egg, and polished, which are placed in a very special place of the woman's body...

It is estimated that women have been using these stone eggs for over 5,000 years.

The empresses and concubines of the Chinese royal palace used eggs carved in jade to increase their sexual power, to awaken their sensuality, and to stay healthy despite their age.

Until recently, this ancestral and secret practice was known only to members of the royal family and some practitioners of Taoism.

"Yoni" is a Sanskrit word used to refer to a woman's genitalia and means "sacred space". Its symbolism has been used in Eastern cultures where it represents the gift of life, creativity and love.

We will use the term "yoni" to show our great appreciation - often lacking in Western culture - for the creative power of this magical part of the female body.


The many beneficial effects of a Yoni egg

Here are some of the benefits of Yoni Eggs:

• Amplify your radiance and feminine radiance and attract to you more easily all that you want.
• Develop an intimate and loving relationship with your "yoni", with your body as a whole, and with yourself in general.
• Stimulate nerve growth and develop amazing sensitivity.
• Increase your libido, awaken your sensuality, amplify your vital force.
• Improve your lubrication, whatever your age!
• Increase the strength and frequency of your orgasms tenfold.
• "Tightens things up" and allows you to control muscles you never knew existed, for your own and your lover's pleasure.
• Preparing for delivery to reduce pain and the risk of tissue tearing.
• Some mothers use Yoni's eggs to help them recover from childbirth.
• Improve your practice of Tantra, Qi gong, or Yoga.
• Develop the strength of your pelvic floor by alleviating incontinence problems and reducing the risk of pelvic organ prolapse.
• Some women who use Yoni eggs report a decrease in the symptoms of their premenstrual syndrome, a reduction in cramps during their periods and a decrease in the duration of their periods.
• Unleash the creative power within you that is unreachable and increase the speed at which you are able to manifest what you want.
• Improve your general health and well being

A Yoni egg is not a simple delicate object that will add charm to your bedside table...

It's not only a fantastic tool for your kegel exercises (perineal strengthening exercises), or a way to stay healthy, have better orgasms or a more satisfying sex life...

A Yoni egg is an ancestral object, a sacred tool that will bring you spiritual transformation. Each crystal has unique properties that can impact your body in many different ways.





The profound effects that your Yoni egg could bring you

The pelvic floor is made up of a large muscle group that forms a "basket" or "diaphragm" that supports all your internal organs. In oriental cultures, the practices of yoga, tai chi, qigong, or belly dancing place special emphasis on pelvic floor exercises. It is said that "life force", "prana", or "chi" can escape through the pelvic floor if the pelvic floor is too weak, and get lost. This life force is essential for longevity and to maintain a high energy level.

In our modern world, office work forces us to sit for long periods of time. At best, we will exercise a few times during the week, but most of us hardly ever train our pelvic muscles. This leads to many problems, such as reproductive problems, painful menstruation, or a general feeling of weakness. In fact, the reason for reproductive disorders is believed to be related to a lack of blood supply to this area of the body. In addition, most of us are "in our head" 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are completely disconnected from our body sensations, especially in the part of the body below the waist.... This lack of awareness of this area leads to imbalances.


Taking care of your body and awakening your sensuality

Many women in our culture have difficulty reaching orgasm. The main reason for this is that they are disconnected from their bodies, especially from "what's down there". Their genitals have become numb, weak and dry for several reasons: trauma, negative emotions related to sexuality, sexually oppressive surrounding culture, actual abandonment or feelings of abandonment, or simply a lack of exercise or attention. The female sexual organs really need love and attention!

When you use your Yoni egg, you will unintentionally put your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles to work, making you aware of your sexual organs. Your brain will begin to create neural connections related to this part of your body. New nerve endings will form directly in the tissue, increasing its sensitivity.

Ask your sports coach for advice during your next workout, he will confirm that when you train a muscle, new nerve endings will form. Guess what this means for your sensuality and sex life!

The use of Yoni eggs also stimulates the Bartholin glands located inside the vagina, which are responsible for its natural lubrication. This is the first effect that women notice. This is particularly important for menopausal women.

The Yoni egg is an incredible tool for restoring the elasticity and flexibility of the sexual organs, making them return to their pre-delivery state, and even better. Don't wait until after you give birth to get started, there are also exercises to do with Yoni eggs to prepare women for childbirth.




Become more orgasmic

Did you know that there are several different muscle groups in your pelvis that you can learn to differentiate and control independently? Developing dexterity at this level would allow both you and your partner to feel more pleasure and, without a doubt, improve your intimacy when you make love. Prepare yourself to discover new sensations that will make your sexual relations more satisfying, and that will add excitement and passion to your relationship. You will also feel closer to your partner.

Did you know that women have different types of orgasms? Some are vaginal, some cervical and some uterine. By using your Yoni egg, you will awaken your body and mind to make these life-changing experiences possible.

Pelvic floor muscles, unlike others, have the ability to regenerate and repair themselves quickly. You can achieve any level of dexterity at any age, it will only depend on your willingness and diligence.


Free yourself from the traumas rooted in your body

Many psychological traumas are rooted in your body, and a large percentage are rooted in your yoni. We are not only talking about sexual trauma. The yoni is one of the most important parts of our being, so it is natural that it absorbs and retains the emotions and energy imprints that we accumulate over the years. It is then logical to work on these traumas directly at their source, at the level of the body tissues that contain them. Releasing the patterns of tension in the tissues allows us to free ourselves from the traumas and the psychological blockages that are linked to them. This is extremely more effective than simply talking about it. This is why using your egg has the power to help you heal old wounds and awaken the life and love within you. Yoni's obsidian egg is one of the most interesting to do this work, even if your intuition will guide you to other stones that will be just as effective.

If your emotions become confused when you use your egg, remember to be indulgent and patient with yourself. Take it easy. Don't hesitate to take a break to rest, write in your journal or take a walk in nature.


The use of a Yoni egg has effects beyond sexuality.

Inside your vagina there are many reflexology points, just like inside the palm of your hands. They correspond to the different internal organs - heart, liver, kidneys, spleen, etc... When you use your egg, you massage these different points, in a similar way to acupuncture, which stimulates and regenerates the organs of your whole body. It has been clearly reported that women who experience sexual pleasure even at an advanced age, look younger than they are.

Using an egg increases blood flow to your pelvic organs and helps to mobilize stagnant energy. Some women have reported that the stimulation thus created at the ovarian level would balance hormone levels and reduce premenstrual syndrome and menstrual pain. If you use an egg made of green jade, pink quartz, or black obsidian, you will also benefit from the specific therapeutic properties of each of these gems.




Rediscover your feminine power

Your yoni and uterus are magical places that are capable of producing life, generating new ideas and visions and allowing you to have incredible erotic experiences.

By reconnecting with your Yoni, and your uterus, the absolute center of your being, you will be able to access your feminine power and its creative power.


How to use your Yoni egg?

Simple kegel exercises are the basis for using your Yoni egg. Doing kegel exercises is good enough, but doing kegel exercises with a Yoni egg is like working your biceps using dumbbells instead of just flexing your arms.

As you progress, you will learn how to manipulate your egg by moving different muscle groups inside your yoni! This is called "pompoir" or "vaginal kung fu". What do you say?

Don't forget: As with any type of exercise in general, regular practice will be more effective than sporadic practice, but sporadic practice is still more effective than no practice at all. Practicing how to use your Yoni egg with willpower and pleasure, instead of simply exercising the different movements mechanically, will make all the difference. The best thing you can do when you practice with your Yoni egg is to transform your practice into a moment of "self-love" and "personal care". Consider this time as your own, and dedicate it to yourself. Begin your session with a massage of your breasts. The more love you give to yourself, the more love you will have to share with others.

Instructions for exercising and advice on how to use your egg will be given to you when you order.

What's great is that you can use your Yoni egg by doing kegel exercises and pelvic floor exercises, but you can already enjoy these benefits just by wearing it! The magic of the egg will work anyway. In fact, if you've never done Kegel before, it's an easy way to get started. Start by simply wearing your Yoni egg for the first two weeks of your initiation. Sleeping with your Yoni egg is another way to start your practice, and establish a routine. This will allow you to already enjoy the benefits of its properties. Your yoni will play with the egg and the crystal will do its healing work, all while you sleep.

Don't forget: It is important to focus on alternating contractions and relaxations, in order to soften and relax your pelvic floor. The goal is to increase flexibility while developing muscle strength. This principle is similar to that of yoga, which involves, on the one hand, muscular strengthening, and on the other hand, muscular stretching, a combination of tension and relaxation. Yin and Yang 🙂





Add a new dimension to your favorite activities

Your Yoni egg can play a role in improving the practice of your favorite activities. As soon as you feel confident, and are sure you can hold your egg, you can then meditate, or go to your Yoga class, or participate in your Qi gong, belly dancing or pilates class while carrying your egg. You can even go cycling or walking with your egg.

The egg will help stimulate muscles, which are usually dormant, during these types of activities. This will strengthen your yoni, and bring you new sensitivities and sensations. Just try to remember that you are carrying your Yoni egg. If you sneeze, laugh or cough, it might bring it out... Be ready to hold it in place with your muscles.


Which crystal to choose to start with?

You can find a multitude of egg-shaped carved crystals on the internet. Keep in mind that not all crystals can be worn inside your yoni without risk to your health, especially over long periods of time. Even if you find something on sale on the internet, which is sold as a Yoni egg, it is not 100% guaranteed that this type of stone can be worn inside the body without deleterious effects. It is always a good idea to do your own research. Traditional Taoist practices recommend their followers to use these three crystals for eggs: Yoni egg in jade, Yoni egg in rose quartz and Yoni egg in black obsidian. These semi-precious stones have been used for thousands of years and their safety has been proven over time.

Unlike other kegel accessories, real Yoni eggs are made from semi-precious stones, are 100% natural and contain no artificial chemicals.

Green jade is considered the best stone for a basic Yoni egg for a beginner. Jade is the recommended stone for novices for many reasons. When you take the facts, it is no surprise that empresses, and concubines in the royal palace of China, preferred jade eggs over any other stone. Pure jade is a very hard, smooth and non-porous semi-precious stone. It is almost impossible to crack your jade egg, or to break it if you accidentally drop it. It has a high thermal conductivity and it is easy to wash and disinfect it by dipping it in boiling water. It is a perfect accessory for practicing kegel exercises. With proper care, the jade egg is like a diamond - it is made to last a lifetime.

Green jade is also well known to be the best stone in terms of helping to heal a woman's reproductive system and hormonal balance. It is a very soft and protective stone that will defend its owner like a shield against unwanted energies, while working to overcome past traumas or accumulations of bad energy.



Where other crystals might risk causing a stirring of emotions during the healing process, which could sometimes lead to overflows, the jade egg works very gently, and promotes a sense of well-being.

That said, choosing a Yoni egg is a very personal decision, and I sincerely believe that every woman knows intuitively which stone is best for her. One of the main reasons for using a Yoni egg is to reconnect with your own wonderful body, and ultimately, to reconnect with yourself... this means that you have to rely on your intuition.

Please keep in mind that most of the jade available on the market is counterfeit, chemically modified, or made from chips of other stones put together. Always order from a trusted site so that the jade you buy is pure, so that you can be assured of the best quality and not take any risk to your health. The most beautiful Green Jade comes from China and it is there that the team of Karma Yoga Shop found its most beautiful Yoni eggs. Be careful not to be fooled by the many names of Jade that refer to other stones such as Indian Jade which is actually aventurine. The real Green Jade is rarer and its effects are much more powerful.

Never use a crystal from a crystal store that is not specifically sold as Yoni egg. Most of the decorative crystals on the market have been produced with chemicals, dyes and artificial components. There are also many forgeries and sellers are often not well informed.

For more information, you can read our article : How to use a Yoni egg.

Natural gemstones have many healing properties that you can take advantage of to improve your physical, emotional, mental and energetic well-being.

In China, the inhabitants of the royal palace already knew this thousands of years ago: thanks to the use of Yoni Jade eggs, they were able to claim their feminine power, fully assume their sensuality and awaken their creativity, all while taking care of the health of their sexual organs, which then remained young and resilient.