Practice men's yoga

It is now known that the benefits of yoga are no longer to be proven. Between breathing exercises, meditation, stretching and joint work, the practice of yoga has become the perfect way to link mind, body and spirit. A complete, real sport that allows everyone to improve their overall well-being.

But if practicing yoga is a sport in its own right, it is clear that 80% of yogis are women. Does this mean that men don't like the sun salutation or flexibility postures? Maybe, but the least we can say is that they should!

Indeed, the benefits of yoga in everyday life are countless. In a regular practice, it helps to improve breathing, but also to strengthen the spine, or to develop letting go. And for men, the positive points are numerous, to the point of making you want to buy a yoga mat!

Are you wondering? Here are ten good reasons to practice men's yoga, whether you're a beginner or not!


Yoga for men: building muscle over the long term

Among the first beneficial effects of yoga when you are a man (but also a woman, don't worry!): building muscles. Yes, being a yogi is the assurance of being more toned over the sessions, and to sculpt your body in the best possible way.

Any yoga teacher will tell you: whatever posture you are considering, there is bound to be a member of the body that will be put to work.

And that is the strength of yoga practice: you don't always realize it. A sequence of asanas (postures) does not necessarily imply a conscious, or even unbearable, effort.

Each movement must be linked to the breath in order to get the most out of the benefits of yoga. But we will come back to this. The fact remains that yoga for men is the assurance of gradually building muscle ... and intelligently. It's up to you to see the yoga postures that interest you the most in this perspective!


Becoming more flexible with male yoga

In the same perspective, practicing yoga when you are a man is to succeed in becoming more flexible than in everyday life. Taking into consideration the fact that men are often less flexible than women, yoga can only be a great support to stretch your spine, thighs and forearms.

A small cobra posture, followed by an upside down dog posture, and here is a perfectly thought out sequence to be more flexible. You should see the effects of these asanas as you progress through the yoga sessions. Because with practice, good breathing, and determination, anything is possible!

However, keep in mind that while yoga allows you to gradually become more flexible, you should not force yourself on your limbs, nor should it give you insurmountable challenges. For example, if you can't touch your feet, it doesn't matter. You'll be happier if you can do it over the course of yoga classes. Namaste!


Better concentration thanks to yoga for men

Yes, it seems obvious to say so, but yoga is a complete discipline, which calls for physical strength at certain times, as well as a steely mind. Under what circumstances?

In order to be able to hold the balance in a given posture, for example! Depending on the form of yoga you choose, this concentration can be more or less used.

For example, Hatha yoga is a dynamic type of yoga which, unlike prenatal yoga, is quite physical and allows you to mobilize your mind and concentration in the most beautiful way. In an opposite sense, the moment of relaxation involves the mind just as much, since it is a matter of focusing on a specific point.

A benefit that is suitable for both men and women, but which has the merit of being a hub of yoga at home and in the studio!


Yoga for men, a complementary practice to sport

If yoga is a sport, a real one, some men however continue to practice another sport at the same time, and fail to perceive yoga as a complete discipline. And yet, yoga is open to beginners as well as to more experienced men, but can also be a complementary practice.

Depending on which sport one practices first and which form of yoga one chooses, it is possible to link the two perfectly, and to make these sports complementary.

For example, do you do weight training? Choosing a gentle yoga full of Zen could complement the propensity of weight training to work out your muscles only.

Do you play tennis? Why not favor yoga postures that involve the lower body? So many small details that, put together, will make you think that yes, yoga is indeed a sport, but is above all: indispensable!


Men's yoga: improving balance

Do you know the posture of the tree? It is the exact embodiment of all that yoga allows men to work: balance! Let's face it, sometimes we are terribly lacking it, and we need it terribly! But instead of getting discouraged, why not train and work on it?

Supported by adapted and efficient breathing, each asana can develop posture, since most of them involve knowing how to hold the position for a certain number of seconds.

And who can hold, says knowing how to hold! It is in this way that we very quickly realize that balance is a pillar of yoga, without bad pun of course!




Reduce stress with yoga for men

Yoga is a great way to take a first step in relaxation, meditation, or breathing exercises. Exercises that are more like moments in a yoga session, where each man can refocus on what he has done, or what he is going to do.

But the best thing, in connection with concentration, is to focus on what he is doing. Nevertheless, these moments apart in a yoga class can significantly reduce stress and anxiety.

The same goes for the postures. Supported by the help of a teacher, these allow you to reach serenity with increasing ease. Breathing in and out, your physical condition will come out more peaceful, as will your mind!


Losing weight with men's yoga

Some men have this famous little buoy, which some like to call the "tire". These same men sometimes want to get rid of it. In this perspective, yoga and postures like Uktanasana are perfect!

Yes, as we said, yoga is also and above all a sport, which, like nothing else, allows you to refine yourself, to practice muscular strengthening, and, in the end, to make your figure more toned, more slender.

Through the exercises and breathing postures, every man will find a certain pleasure in going to his yoga session and seeing the effects of the previous one!


Preventing Injuries through Male Yoga

Yoga is a discipline which, if it allows for refinement, if it guarantees a good alignment, if it strengthens the nervous system, also allows, at its level, to prevent injuries. Between two warm-ups, the postural sequences are the assurance of combining all the benefits of yoga in a global way.

Such as? It's very simple! By practicing over the course of the sessions, the body strengthens itself integrally, in a harmonious way, and from the lower limbs to the respiratory capacities, the whole body will be strengthened, because it will be more soothed, and more vigorous at the same time!


Yoga for men: getting to know your body better

In the continuity of this resistance, yoga allows everyone to better apprehend each of its members, each of its breaths. A kind of introspection, which guarantees each man to reach his goals, but also to become aware that some are more difficult to reach.

Remember when we talked about flexibility! Not being able to touch your feet with your fingers is not serious. Better: it allows you to know that you are (for the moment) not capable of it. Yes, yoga is also about seeing the positive wherever it is!


A better libido with male yoga

No, you're not dreaming, yoga does have an effect on the libido gentlemen! In addition to developing concentration, this practice makes the limbs more flexible, the body more dynamic, and endurance longer. On all levels? Maybe, you tell us!

The fact remains that yoga is the assurance of developing 100% of our energy, but also of our performance. Because practicing it also means increasing the production of testosterone. It is also the guarantee of reducing stress and anxiety, which often cause some discomfort in bed.

In short, yoga unlocks everyone, everywhere, anytime. If after that, you don't feel like practicing it in full consciousness!