Opening chakras

In Buddhist culture, the chakras contribute to the good health of a human being. Opening the chakras and balancing them allows our body to function properly. Some of them do not remain so, since they were useful only at our birth, for example. But for others, they can easily be hyperactive, or conversely, underactive. Achieving inner peace requires above all a perfect symbiosis of the chakras.

It is relatively easy to become aware of your chakras and to open them, through simple exercises, but you will nevertheless need to be patient to achieve this. Before continuing, do not hesitate to read or reread our complete guide of the 7 chakras.


Opening your chakras to harmonize your energies

If one of the chakras malfunctions, there is no point in trying to slow it down or speed it up. Be sure to open your chakras before attempting to balance, otherwise you may fail. It is only when all the chakras are open that your energies balance themselves, at least partially.


The root chakra

The consequences of the malfunctioning of your root chakra are diverse. If it is underactive, you will tend to be fearful and nervous. Conversely, if it is hyperactive, you will be more greedy and materialistic. Awareness of this chakra is based on your physique and your natural ease in various situations.

• To begin, you must connect to the ground. Stand up, completely relaxed, spread your feet apart, then bend your knees slightly.
• Now move your pelvis forward, then gradually bring the weight of your body forward as well. Ideally, you should hold this position for several minutes.
• From there, sit in a suit, and start a circular motion between the thumb and index finger of each hand.
• Concentrate and sing the "LAM" sound. Channel your energy, imagining it to be powerful and red in color.


Opening the sacred chakra

The sacred chakra influences feelings and sexuality. In slow motion, this chakra blocks you: you feel emotionless and closed to the world, whereas if it is too active, you will be rather sensitive and very emotional.

To open your sacred chakra, do the following exercise:

1. Sitting on your knees, back straight and relaxed, place your left hand on your knee, palm up, then place your right hand on the other, touching your thumbs.
2. Visualize the location of your lower back chakra and then, in a clear voice, sing the "VAM" sound.
3. In the same way as for the first chakra, remain calm to reach fullness.


The solar plexus chakra

Once this chakra opens, you have control over yourself and feel worthy, no matter what happens. However, when it spins abnormally, it can lead to a feeling of indecision, passivity, or on the contrary, aggressiveness.

Don't worry, here is a posture to adopt to open your solar plexus chakra:

As before, adopt the same starting position. Place your hands in front of your stomach, slightly below the center point of your solar plexus. 1. Join and then cross your thumbs, keeping your arms at the right angle to your body.
2. Now it's time to sing the distinct but calm "RAM" sound.
3. Repeat as many times as you feel the need.





Opening the heart chakra

True to its reputation, the Heart chakra obviously deals with love, compassion and affection. To reach a balance, and thus feel full of friendliness and good feelings in your friendly relationships, an exercise can help you :

• Sitting with your legs crossed, let your forefinger and thumb, with each hand, make contact with each other.
• Next, place your left hand on your left knee, and your right hand against your chest, at heart level.
• While imagining the energy at the location of your heart chakra, silently sing the sound "YAM".
• Feel the sensation of purity invade you inside your body envelope.


The throat chakra

The throat chakra is specific to verbal and non-verbal communication. Again, if your chakra is too intense, you will probably be very talkative and bore your interlocutors. With too little activity, you are perceived as a shy person.

To remedy this, practice this meditation:

• Sitting on your lap, you interlace your fingers with each other without including your thumbs.
• Concentrate on your throat energy point, then make a clear chant of the "HAM" sound.
• Stay focused and attentive to your energies throughout the meditation.
• Practice this exercise for about 5 minutes.


Opening the Third Eye Chakra

If you are very intuitive, it is certainly because your Third Eye chakra is very well open. It effectively manages your insight. On the other hand, if you are dreamy and live in an imaginary world, it is certainly because of the hyperactivity of your chakra. Others find it difficult to think for themselves and find themselves lost, probably because their chakra is not efficient enough.

Either way, try this exercise to calm you down:

• The tailor position is sufficient for this movement.
• Stick your phalanges to each other, except for the major fingers, which you will make join at their tops. The thumbs are pointing towards you, and the tops of the middle fingers are pointing away from you. The arms always at a right angle along your bust.
• Imagine that you actually have a Third Eye. Concentrate on it; once that is done, you can start singing the "OM" or "AUM" sound.


The crown chakra

This last chakra, the most spiritual of the seven chakras, acts on your state of wisdom, to bring you to be one with the universe. Once opened, you discover a world without prejudice, and you are aware of your connection with a world much larger than you.

Let's end with this very simple exercise to open your chakras:

• Also sitting in a suit, cross your hands together, except this time the little ones. Your little fingers are pointing outward from your body, touching at their upper extremities.
• Concentrate on the top of your skull, then sing the "NG" sound. This is the most difficult sound to make.
• This time, the meditation is longer, as it should last at least 10 minutes. However, do not practice this meditation if you have not first opened your root chakra.