Men's yoga class

In recent years, the practice of yoga has become more and more democratic. And for good reason, between letting go, flexibility and muscular strengthening, yoga is a complete discipline, which attracts more and more practitioners.

80% is the proportion of women enrolled in yoga classes. And yet, the benefits of this discipline are just as effective for men, in more ways than one.

Because yes, yoga is above all about taking care of yourself, linking body and mind in the most beautiful way, and benefiting from an experienced yoga teacher. In group or private classes, practicing yoga is good for your health! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yoga practitioner, a yoga session is the assurance that you will come out of it soothed and more toned.

But is a yoga workshop the same for men and women? What could be the specificities of male yoga? Where to do yoga when you are a man, and what's more, a beginner? All these questions come together in one: how is a yoga session for men organized?

Well guess what? The answer can be found here! Come on, a few greetings in the sun, and here we are in a yoga studio for you, gentlemen!


Men's Yoga Session: Warm-up

A good men's yoga session cannot begin without a good warm-up. Yes, it's true that yoga is a sport practice, and sometimes even a very sporty one, that develops physical fitness. The asanas (postures) must therefore be prepared as well as possible.

It would be a shame to get a slap in the face at the first greeting in the sun, wouldn't it?

This way, a men's yoga class will always start with a few breathing exercises and other warm-ups, masterfully led by your yoga coach. It is also important to note that during a yoga session, whether online or face-to-face, the figure of the teacher is essential.

In fact, it is the teacher who will be the link, the guide, but also the support, in order to give you a maximum of elements to progress in your yogic practice. And this starts with the warm-up.

Equipped with a floor mat, it is a matter of oscillating between working on the breath, and some very gentle, sometimes even very slow sequences, to accustom your body to what awaits it.

Don't worry, this is not about preparing yourself to boxing or playing a soccer match, but if yoga is a spiritual discipline, it is also physical!

Taking care of your tool (i.e. your body) is essential to avoid injuries, and to practice yin yoga as well as Hatha yoga or Kundalini in full consciousness!

Now your limbs are ready to relax, your spine is in good shape, and you are ready to get to the heart of the yoga session!




Yoga for men: the practice, the heart of the session

Very often, even though the warm-up is an integral part of a men's yoga class, it is customary to perceive it around a single moment: the practice. The practice is the postures, the asana sequences, on the ground or in a standing position.

Far from prenatal yoga, yoga for men is based on very precise criteria, which the movements symbolize very well: flexibility, muscular strengthening, breathing, and serenity thanks to a good connection of the whole.

Because to do yoga is above all to know how to link mind, body and spirit, like a winning trio! Whatever the type of male yoga practiced, the postures are therefore crucial to understand the stakes of yoga, and to perceive its effects in the long term.

In a class, the teacher once again imposes himself or herself as the one who will open the doors of well-being, but also to make our members work to be more toned, livelier, more flexible!

And all this cannot be effective without parallel breathing exercises. They are the ones who will make the practice as concrete as possible. Because a movement executed with the wrong breathing, and the effects can quickly be minimized!

A successful asana is therefore accompanied by a good breath. According to the sessions, you will gradually see the effects and the importance of the latter on the benefits of male yoga. To try it is to adopt it!

Thus, over the postures, a certain practice of yoga for men will emerge, which cannot end like that. And yes, a last step comes to cut, to organize a yoga session. This last step is, like all sports, important: it's quiet time!


Yoga for men: relaxation, the end of a session

We've been experiencing it since we were very young, but very often, a sports class (whatever it is) ends with a special moment. Yes, it is not a matter of doing a series of postures and going home. It would be like being left on your hunger, galvanized by the effort, without having enough to enjoy the benefits.

No, a yoga session, and especially a yoga session for men, absolutely always ends with a calm time, a moment of relaxation, or even meditation, depending on the atmosphere, the type of yoga, or the teacher.

Thanks to a posture, breathing movements, the body and mind will be able to calm down, assimilate all that the yoga class will have brought them, and get ready to face the rest of the day. Because let's not forget that if the benefits of yoga are consequent, it is crucial to be able to take advantage of them as well as possible.

And that includes a moment of relaxation. Often, this means sitting or lying down on your yoga mat, and letting your mind go to relaxation, in full awareness, enjoying letting go. What better feeling than to feel this type of relaxation after a full class?




The effects of a yoga session for men

Knowing how a yoga session is going is great, but whether it's yoga at home, in the studio, or in a corporate yoga class, there's a lot more to it than just what's going on at the time.

Yoga is a discipline that harmonizes the whole body and mind, but has repercussions on daily life in general. The program therefore, thanks to male yoga:

• Less stress,
• A refined build,
• A better libido (yes yes!),
• A higher daily concentration,
• A better balance,
• More flexibility,
• And many more!

If the practice of yoga for men contains all kinds of benefits, it should not make us forget that it is of course possible to practice yoga as a hobby, as a pleasure, before seeking its benefits.

But let's face it, if you practice regularly, the benefits should quickly appear in your daily life!

It's easy to understand that between yoga at home, yoga postures and stretching, trying yoga for men is adopting it. With a few stretches, and regular practice, it will be possible to relax and understand that yes, yoga is a sport in its own right, a tribute to breathing and asanas.

For if starting men's yoga is a way like any other to relax, it is also important to remember that its practice also allows you to... to tone up, and to improve the overall physical condition. So, gentlemen, are you ready to start practicing yoga?

Between the joints, breathing and alignment, yoga is waiting for you to become a real little yogi! Namaste!