Karmic relationship meaning

We are going to tackle a very particular theme which has a link with karma: karmic relations. This may speak to you if you have expanded your knowledge in the spiritual and esoteric realms. Otherwise, this term may seem to come from another planet! This is why we are going to bring you all the necessary information to help you understand the notion of karmic relationship.


What is a karmic relationship?

Let's take a step back and define what Karma is before we get into what a karmic partner is.

Most people are familiar with the spiritual concept of Karma; it relates to a person's behavior and actions, both in the present life and in past lives that can affect the present and the future. For example, if a person does not make good choices or is not obnoxious to others, it basically means that karma will make that behavior or action equal in the future.

Karma teaches lessons, spiritual lessons, and what we energetically pass on to others, we take back. So it's really important to reflect the way we treat others.





Karmic relations

First of all, it is important to know that this notion can be applied to friendly as well as sentimental relationships. However, karmic relationships often tend to be related to love life.

A person may have several karmic relationships in his or her life. In each relationship, we are brought to people, and people are brought to us to learn, grow, and challenge. Before we settle down with the right person, the person we are meant to be with, we need to clarify some karmic lessons from the past.

This relationship karma is the karma that we could have brought with us in our past lives. Or, the karma that we developed in our lives as we grew up, the things that we need to learn... This is where karma partners come in.

On the other hand, a karmic relationship is what the universe brings to us to erase the karma we have been carrying around. In most cases, this brings us to an individual who will fundamentally hurt us in some way, but who will force us to grow.

Every relationship has a purpose, it is a learning lesson, what we have done right and wrong or what they have done right and wrong. It gives us a glimpse of where we can improve, that's what a karmic relationship does! Sometimes people need multiple karmic relationships to cleanse old wounds, and an individual may need only one, if any.


The Impact of Karmic Relationships

Karmic relationships often change our lives beyond measure, and we become a person we never imagined we would become. A karmic relationship has its own unique world in which we tend to want to invest more than we should. It is like throwing fuel into a fire with the hope that the fire will last forever. But this kind of unpredictable relationship between you and another person can also take its toll, and in the end, you can end up alone, not even realizing the lessons learned.

That's why it's important to keep in mind that they are essential to breaking the very fabric of our lives. In this way, they ensure that radical changes can be introduced. We often live in a very safe and comfortable bubble, without really realizing that we often don't have the key tools to make rapid progress. It is only when we feel that we are completely out of control that we really begin to look at our lives and find ways to change them.

When a karmic relationship has run its course, listen to your guides, your intuition, and end the relationship. Don't get stuck. If you feel that something is wrong, it is probably because the relationship is over. So you've moved past it and it's time to move on. Karmic relationships are not forever, they are part-time, they are temporary until we find the one we are supposed to be in forever.




Types of karmic relationships

You find a soul mate or spiritual partner when you least expect it. Soul mates are the people who reflect you, make you aware of your repetitive patterns and propel you forward on your journey. Being aware of the different types of soul mates you will encounter in life can help you take advantage of these opportunities and develop deeper connections.

Healing Soul Sister

They are people who come with an intention and give you life lessons that erase the blockages of your past by reflecting you. Healing soul mates appear when we most need to learn what they need to teach. They help us learn to move forward.

A healing relationship exists only as long as your goals are aligned. When the relationship or friendship quickly degenerates. This type of person usually appears when you are dealing with repetitive patterns and trying to solve old problems.

Previous soul mates

These people may have been a lover or soul mate in a past life, relationships are easy and comfortable. The connection is instantaneous. You may feel like friends forever, no matter how much time passes or how far apart you are geographically. This relationship is likely to last a lifetime because you will never want to run away or hide from them.

These relationships can be carefree, but they also shape us. They teach us to trust and believe in ourselves. In this dynamic, both people feel comfortable telling each other anything. Nothing is out of bounds. You are accepted for who you are.

You meet this type of person when you are really yourself. Soul mates from the past life appear when you are in your element and you don't hold anything back. They always have your best interests at heart and will stop at nothing when you are asked to help you realize your dreams.

Karmic soul mates

These people too are connected to you through a past life. These connections are deep and karmic, and often painful, as they involve struggles of the ego. The pain of the ego must be endured, for that is the goal. Working through the relationship and learning to overcome the pain is often the only solution.

Karmic soul mates have a connection called the twin connection. In times of intense emotion, you really feel what they feel. Often, these partners have reincarnated and relive karma to break a negative cycle.




The twin flames

The twin flames work together to overcome emotional and spiritual barriers. They can talk for hours without missing anything to say to each other. They think the same way, finish each other's sentences and do things naturally in pairs. This relationship transcends ego.

When you meet a twin flame, you get a sense of the wholeness of the relationship. Not everyone meets their twin flame as a lover, but those who do will enjoy the relationship for the rest of their lives. You will feel as if you have known the other person for many lifetimes, and you will rarely want to be separated. But also, the twin flames begin to make collective decisions about everything.

Each of these relationships still retains the potential to end in grief. But each one is also an opportunity to resolve and change the karma of your relationship. Each relationship you learn and end by moving forward with love can be marked as a success. It doesn't have to last forever to achieve its goal.


Recognizing a karmic relationship

In a spiritual context, karmic relationships are seen from the perspective of personal growth, and below are some signs of a karmic relationship!

Patterns that repeat themselves

If you are unable to invest in your relationship, it is a sign that it is a karmic relationship. If you seem to be experiencing the same types of relationship problems, this is also the case. Such relationships repeat the same patterns and remain stagnant because the only way out is to let go.

A relationship of dependency

They are characterized by ups and downs of passionate intensity. One or both partners are more in love with the idea of love, for superficial reasons such as beauty, popularity, social or professional status.

They are also obsessive... The other person becomes the center of your universe and the main source of your happiness. You put her on a pedestal and you don't see her flaws.

An intense connection

You think you can't live without that person. You can't understand why your relationship continues to fail, and you keep trying and hoping to do the right thing. They are extremely difficult to break and continue to draw you in until you know what you need.

But also, these relationships are marked by immediate attraction. This person feels perfect for you. It's as if you know them beforehand, and you instantly become attached to them.

The awakening of certain wounds

They bring to the surface everything you are afraid of. Fear of abandonment, fear of commitment, fear of rejection, fear of loss, fear of emotional engulfment and all those things that you hold deep inside you. On the other hand, these relationships reflect your worst vulnerabilities and insecurities. You act and do things that you would not normally do.

Very tumultuous relationships

These relationships are incredibly volatile and unpredictable. The best thing you can do for yourself is to identify such a relationship and learn to let it go for your own good.

Why should you do this? Well, they can show your most undesirable and difficult characteristics that you didn't know about before. And painfully remind you how human you are.

Meeting a karmic partner is similar to a cupid's arrow. You both belong to the same group of souls and have probably lived together for a number of past lives. So getting together this time is a form of going back to your roots. However, this does not necessarily mean that your relationship will be entirely sunny as you have probably guessed from this article.

If you want to move a karmic relationship forward, you need to learn to identify the different karmic themes that exist. You also need to be able to distinguish patterns, to learn how to change your point of view. This means that if you find a person with whom you have a karmic connection, you immediately feel a nostalgic closeness or a sense of swimming in familiar waters, which makes the relationship extremely powerful.


Conclusion on karmic relations

To conclude, it is important to understand that regardless of how you view your relationships in the present moment, realize that your own healing is something that begins with you. A karmic relationship can be defined as a strong and irresistible romantic bond that forms between two people and functions as a force for healing past life's wounds.