How to use an incense cone

The incense cone gives off a fragrant scent when burned while producing a lot of smoke. To start burning your incense, place the cone in a heat-resistant container and light the tip of the cone to produce a flame. Once the tip of the cone has an orange glow, your incense is ready to be enjoyed.


Installation and ignition of the cone


Find a heat-resistant incense holder that can hold the incense cone

The cone will produce a lot of heat, so it is important to find a suitable incense holder, often ceramic, that can safely contain the heat.

• Cone incense is often accompanied by a metal disc on which it can be burned.
• Anything that is resistant to heat and can hold the cone is a suitable container.
• Be sure to place the container away from flammable objects such as curtains, lampshades or paper.

Use a match or lighter to light the incense cone

Carefully light a match or use a lighter to light the top of the cone until there is a flame when you remove the match or lighter.

You can also use a candle that has already been lit to spark a flame on the incense. The flame does not need to appear for very long, 5 to 10 seconds is enough.




Place the cone on your incense-holder with the tip facing up

Once you have your incense burner, place the cone in the recess reserved for it. The flat, wide part of the cone should be at the bottom, with the tip facing upwards.

The tip of the cone should take on an orange hue

Once the big flame has disappeared, the tip of the incense cone should continue to glow orange. If the tip appears dark when you remove the flame, try to re-light it until it turns orange when you leave it alone.

Make sure the flame is out by lightly ventilating the cone

It is important that the flame is extinguished and replaced by the smouldering orange tip to give off the good smell. You can either gently fan the cone with your hands or a piece of paper, or blow gently near the tip.



Enjoy your incense for about 20 to 30 minutes

Your incense will continue to burn from the top of the tip to the bottom of the cone. If you plan to burn the entire cone, allow about 30 minutes to do so.

• Be aware that incense cones often give off more smoke than other types of incense.
• Your incense cone will burn itself once it is completely finished.


Solution for successful incense cone lighting

Extinguish the flame if it does not go out after 10 seconds

An incense cone with a solid flame gives off a more smoky and less pleasant smell. If you light the incense cone and the flame continues to burn after 10 seconds, blow gently until the tip turns orange.



For incense cones under lids, give more oxygen if they go out quickly

If the orange tip of your incense cone goes out quickly, the cone may not be receiving enough oxygen. If your incense holder has a lid, remove the lid to give more air to the cone. Once you have given the cone access to more oxygen, try turning it back on if necessary.

Do not hesitate to dry the cone if it is brand new or oily

The new incense cones may be a little more oily than desired. Use a paper towel to gently blot the incense cone to remove any excess oil or moisture so that the cone will burn well.

Keep your incense cone away from drafts or open windows

Another reason why your incense cone may not stay lit is that there is too much breeze. Light your incense cone away from open windows or other sources of air flow. Check that there are no open vents near the incense.




Tips for using the incense cone

• You can extinguish your incense cone by sticking the tip in sand or dipping it in water.

• You may need to place something underneath the incense holder so that it doesn't burn the surface of your table.

• Store the cone incense in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to retain its aromatherapy benefits.

• Avoid touching the cone when it burns as it can be very hot.

• Keep the incense away from children or pets when burning.



Incense has been used for many purposes throughout time and history. In Chinese culture, incense was burned during important ceremonies, while the Babylonians used it during prayer. Today, incense still has a spiritual and ceremonial purpose for many people and religions, but it is also appreciated simply for its aroma and aesthetic beauty. Incense comes in many forms, the most common being cone and stick incense.

Learning how to burn incense properly may seem simple for most, but can be more complicated given the shape of the incense. Misuse of incense can be dangerous, especially if nearby objects catch fire. Incense-Holders are made to safely burn different types of incense as well as to burn your incense with style and originality.

Above all, to burn incense in magnificent Incense-Holders, we advise you to choose your ideal pieces to burn it. The best is to burn it in a room quiet enough and busy enough at the same time, so that everyone can enjoy it, because yes, burning incense can easily become a great moment of sharing by calming your mind.