Crown chakra : 7th chakra

The chakras are essential to our quest for balance and serenity. They can be defined as whirling wheels designed to receive, assimilate and transmit vital energy. Essential for awakening consciousness, they help to interpret consciousness and to live better in this world.

There are no less than 88,000 chakras, but it is interesting to know the 7 main ones in particular.

The crown chakra is the 7th and last of the energy centers, but that does not make it the least important.

Its Sanskrit name is Sahasrara which can be translated as a thousand petals in reference to the lotus flower. It is a celestial door that is a receiver, a kind of entrance door and it is not an exit door.


How does this energy center work?

The 7th chakra is also called crown chakra or coronal chakra. It is the last chakra and is activated at a certain age, around 40 years old. Indeed, its activation requires maturity and experience that can only be acquired over the years.

However, the functioning of the chakras cannot be dissociated from each other. But to reap all the benefits, one will have to be patient. This chakra intervenes at a period of life when important decisions will have to be made, it will then help to become aware of one's real capacities. It also allows one to clearly visualize one's goals and purpose in life.

It is the chakra of supreme consciousness, the individual mind and the universal mind meet and become one. So there is no more room for "me" simply, but for "us".

In women, this chakra rotates counter-clockwise, while in men it is the opposite.

This state of consciousness leads to a kind of plenitude or even completeness. One feels more "completed" and especially the permanent positive thinking allows to cross more easily the difficult trials of the life. By being in this higher consciousness, we understand that we are not alone in the universe, and then it is a strong feeling of unity with the elements that allows us to overcome obstacles.





Location of the coronal chakra

This point of energy is located at the top of the skull. Its location is not insignificant, in fact, its functioning is directed by consciousness and it puts us in contact with the universe. It is precisely located at the level of the fontanel. This point controls glands such as the pituitary gland which regulates sleep and therefore rest and menstrual cycles. It also regulates the entire endocrine system, its role is therefore essential for the good general balance of the body. The parts of the body that are also impacted are the brain and the entire nervous system, but also the hair and nails.


Properties of the crown chakra

The element connected to this chakra is the inner light, which represents spirituality, supreme knowledge, access to the divine or connection with the universe.

This chakra is associated with the expression "I know", proof of the ultimate access to knowledge in relation to the consciousness of being connected to a great "all".

The color associated with the coronal chakra is white, symbol of purity. To activate this point of energy, wearing clothes of this color allows to solicit it. The purple or mauve colors are also connected with this center of energy which will make it possible to reflect the vibrations which it emits.


Crown Chakra Imbalances

When a chakra is out of balance, physical and psychic manifestations occur. Thus, when an imbalance at the level of the coronal chakra is present the physical symptoms are as follows:

• Sleep problems: insomnia, sleep disturbance, nightmares
• Recurrent migraines
• Chronic diseases are emerging
• Depression
• Diseases of the immune system
• Mood and memory disorders
• Psychic disorders such as schizophrenia or manic depression.

In addition to the symptoms of the body, there are also problems of the mind:

• Loss of faith in life
• Hermeticism in all spirituality
• Disengagement in taking responsibility
• Tenacious will to discover the feeling of wisdom
• Intense curiosity for other truths

It is common to suffer from an imbalance of this chakra. Indeed, this one is naturally unbalanced. This is normal since it is a center that awakens only late and therefore needs to be educated.


Why open the coronal chakra?

All the chakras must be balanced and open for the body to function in perfect harmony. This last chakra is not to be outdone. However, as it is a doorway for the entrance and not the exit of energies, it requires more attention and time. Its activation allows an opening towards a supreme state of consciousness which requires maturity to integrate and especially to master it.

If the harmony of this point naturally tends to evolve and improve at the same pace as your spirituality, it is important to work on all your other energy centers so that the energy coming from them feeds this chakra so important. It represents a bit the finality of all that has been undertaken throughout life on the circuit of the energetic fluids. The highest knowledge of one's level of consciousness is a kind of Grail and when it is reached, a state of permanent bliss results. Once in full understanding with the spiritual and physical world, tranquility sets in and allows for greater compassion towards others. This is called empathy.

Moreover, naturally empathetic people at a very young age certainly have a 7th chakra activated earlier than others. This is largely due to the difficult trials they faced while young and it has allowed them to mature earlier than other people.




How to balance this seventh chakra?

To balance and open this chakra, which is the result of the energetic work done on all the others, you have several solutions that can be combined together for greater efficiency.

The stones of lithotherapy

Each chakra has its stone connected to it. It is the dominant color of the gem that allows it to be associated with this point of energy and thus be able to bring all its benefits. The attraction which one can have for a stone is an element to be taken into account, if you feel interested by such stone, you should not hesitate to take it and to carry it with you. For the crown chakra, here are the particularly beneficial stones:

• Amethyst
• Rock crystal
• Fluorine
• The opal
• Rose quartz

It is better to privilege the stones with dominant purple or white color.

How To Enjoy The Benefits Of Stones?

The sacred stones have real powers that allow to act on the chakra. They stimulate and activate them, and the gems should be used according to the point of energy you wish to balance. In addition, there are bracelets with 7 stones associated with the 7 main chakras. Also, by wearing it, you will be able to act on all 7 points at the same time.

You can also put the stone on the place where the chakra is located on your body. In this case the coronal chakra being located at the fontanelle, you must place the gem at this place. During the moment of pause, you settle down in a calm and restful place where you can relax and take advantage of it to do a little meditation.





The practice of yoga is an activity that will allow you to relax and refocus on yourself. It will also make you more flexible and it remains a sport activity in its own right, so it is good for both body and mind. Some yoga postures are particularly adapted according to the chakra that needs to be worked on. The most recommended postures to activate the Sahasrara chakra are the following:

• The posture of the tree (Vriksasana): this is a posture that allows the body to be strengthened and it allows the alignment of all the chakras. It brings liveliness to the mind. It is a posture that acts from the bottom up.

• The posture of the corpse (Savasana): it is a posture which makes it possible to relieve the mental stress, but also physical. It also has a repairing action on damaged cells and tissues. You will also feel in a better mood and you will be able to detach yourself from your ego.

• Position of the Semi Lotus (Ardha Padmasana): Known to calm the mind and have an action on blood pressure, it has especially an important effect on the connection with the higher consciousness. This posture will really help your seventh chakra to open up to reach the state of supreme consciousness.

The practice of yoga promotes energy and refocuses balance. If this activity is a good way to balance and cleanse your chakras, for that particular chakra, the coronal chakra, meditation is the best way to activate it.





The practice of meditation is a privileged moment to enter into self-knowledge. It is a moment disconnected from daily life that allows one to take a break and connect with the external elements. On this occasion, you will carry out an introspection that will then awaken you as your sessions progress. The Sahasrara chakra corresponds to the crown of energy that forms above your head. This point of energy is the most spiritual of all the chakras, so it requires more intense work on your concentration and your ability to detach yourself from your physical body in order to get to know your spiritual body.

For a deep meditation session, follow these recommendations:

• sit in a suit
• hands facing the stomach, little fingers up and thumbs crossed
• think of the coronal chakra and visualize the top of your skull
• in a clear way, pronounce the sound "Ng".
• you feel relaxed and relaxed

This session should be deep and should last no less than 10 minutes. In addition, it is important to make sure that your root chakra is properly opened, as you need to work on a solid foundation.

The postures of daily life

The chakras also react according to our daily way of life. Either in a negative way and will tend to block themselves in the face of attitudes in contradiction with them, or in a positive way by activating themselves through actions in agreement with them.

Thus, the 7th chakra, which is really the spiritual chakra, will open and balance itself with actions of life that are very easy to implement.

To detach oneself from one's ego and thus access the supreme knowledge, one must be able to get rid of one's fears and anxieties. In order to do this, it is necessary to take the time to identify and confront these fears and anxieties. To do so, do not hesitate to list them on a sheet of paper and then burn it. You will then feel a liberating feeling.

You can also have recourse to a mantra, which you will repeat during your meditation sessions for example.

Use affirmations to balance the coronal chakra, such as :

• I am connected to the divine
• I am connected to the whole universe
• I will receive the right advice at the right time
• I have an open mind and I am a tolerant person.


Conclusion on the 7th chakra (crown chakra)

The most important advice to be in balance is to remember that you are not just a physical body, but first and foremost a spiritual being, you need to be able to detach yourself from the material things in life. Be aware that you have as many spiritual as physical needs, you feed your mind as you feed your body.

You are at a time in your life when you feel that something is changing, that you need more, but that it is not in a material life that you are going to be fulfilled?

You have certainly reached a certain maturity and your seventh crown chakra is opening. It is important not to ignore these signs and to do things in accordance with your thirst for spirituality.

Have you observed any manifestations of this?

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