Burning incense at home

Why burn incense in your home? Contrary to popular belief, incense is not exclusively intended for religious activities or moments of self-reflection.

Use it at home, in the office or to mask unwanted odors. Now is the time to explore the possibilities of incense. You'll find that burning incense enhances a variety of activities.

In Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity, incense is used as a means of generating good karma or pleasing an omniscient god.

However, the benefits of incense go much further than that. The only difference is that many religious leaders knew about the power of incense long before science discovered it.


Why is burning incense a good idea?

Our sense of smell is directly linked to our brain. There is no intermediary to mediate the sensation. Sometimes, a certain perfume immediately reminds us of a place, a memory or a person. It also opens our imagination and creativity, helping us to imagine a scenario that is still unknown.

Even if you only use incense for practical, non-spiritual purposes, its pleasant sweet fragrance will spread a soothing scent in your home. Burning incense is also ideal to accompany you during various activities.





Benefit n°1

Burning incense has many benefits, especially for meditation. Meditation is about cleansing the mind while focusing on a single calming element. In a meditative state, you sharpen the senses, capturing the most subtle changes.

If you want to take your meditation to a new spiritual height, try accompanying it with the gentle smoke from an incense burner or incense holder.

Most often originating from India, incense is particularly effective in eliminating musty odors and purifying the space around you. The scent of a lighted incense stick will allow you to enjoy unwavering concentration and a relaxing state ideal for your meditation session.


Benefit n°2

Everyone enjoys a good night's sleep or moments of relaxation with the Zen spirit. Modern technology with its waves or screens often disrupts our sleep and our moments of relaxation. However, you can regain control thanks to incense.

In the same way that you improve your concentration with fragrances during meditation, you can also focus on slowing down your breathing and heart rate at the same time.

Burning incense is versatile. It also means that you can combine aromas. Think of lavender, sandalwood or rosemary while taking a bath or listening to soothing music.

If you prefer a single variety, go for lavender. This plant contains linalool, a powerful terpene. This aromatic compound has a soothing and relaxing effect, making it ideal before going to sleep, for a better night.

The therapeutic benefits of linalol have been scientifically proven. So, relaxing with incense is much more than just relying on the teachings of ancient cultures. It can be an essential tool for regaining your mental well-being in our technology-driven world.




Benefit n°3

It is relevant to think that a perfume can awaken your imagination and form an idea or a concept. When you look at fragrances this way, it makes sense to burn incense to bring more creativity to your life.

If you travel to the same places every day, or work from home and look at the same four walls, it can be difficult to find the inspiration you need.

With the scent of incense, the mind experiences something that is not directly in front of you. It frees us from the daily routine.

This feeling encourages creativity. Palo Santo, a tree that grows naturally in South America, is the ideal candidate. Incense is used in Ayahuasca ceremonies and is appreciated for its stimulating properties.


Benefit n°4

Perfume is at the heart of mating rituals and the attraction of potential partners.

This has been true since our prehistoric ancestors travelled the earth. The process of finding partners is more advanced these days, but it still boils down to the same fundamental principles.

The smell of someone increases tension, arouses pleasant thoughts and helps to set the mood. Incense is ideal for clearing the mind. There are obvious advantages to focusing your mind only on your partner.

In addition, we can channel our primitive instincts by using a certain aroma. Incense with musk, for example, encourages animal impulses. Musk is the scent of the rare secretions of mammalian reproductive glands.

However, the smell of musk alone may not be attractive in itself. Usually musk is combined with oils, flowers and other natural herbs to give an ideal incense for your love evenings.




Benefit n°5

Nothing beats purifying your living space. Whether it's cleaning out your closet, reorganizing your books and DVDs, or something a little more radical like redecorating an entire room.

The feeling is indescribable. The sense of performance combined with the renewed atmosphere is refreshing. Unless, of course, you miss the most important aspect: the smell of your space.

We know how powerful our sense of smell is when it comes to recalling memories or places we've visited. After all your hard work, you don't want unwanted smells to remind you of your old living room?

To complete the physical rearrangement, you also need to restore the spiritual. Indians use white sage to bless and clean a space. It is also ideal for getting rid of old smells.

Use white sage incense if you want to clean your living space. You will then notice that the space takes on a whole new personality.


Benefit n°6

Yoga is an activity synonymous with calm and inner peace. It can be difficult to find the right attitude and concentration. Sometimes even music is distracting.

The same goes for strong perfumes or artificial fragrances. They can mask the odors of your efforts, but they also affect your focus on flexibility.

To create a Zen and relaxed atmosphere, ideal for yoga practice, incense is very often popular. Indeed it is very common in the practice of yoga to improve concentration. It is subtle enough not to be distracting and has a pleasant aroma.

Incense is widely used in meditation, religious rituals, shamanic journeys and yoga. It is the ideal companion for the beginner or advanced yogi. You like concentration and clarity to perform delicate postures.




Benefit n°7

Positive waves or the concept of karma can be found in almost all religions, in one form or another. The basis of karma is that if you give, you will receive in return and vice versa. For example by giving gifts, being altruistic or having a positive outlook on life.

Do you feel tired and pessimistic in the face of an avalanche of work, daily traffic jams or noise from the neighbors? Then put a little positivity in your life thanks to the virtues of incense.

Indeed, a simple, effective and soothing way to regain your positivity is to burn incense. The ideal natural incense is the one containing sandalwood. This wood has a sacred status in India because it blesses and heals. Even today, sandalwood incense is used to bless others and invoke benign powers.

Turn off your TV and telephone, place the incense on your incense holder and let positivity come into you. Repeat positive thoughts in your mind. If you ever doubt karma, repeat this phrase: "If I deserve it, the universe will serve it. »



In our article, we answered the question of why burn incense with 7 reasons but there are many more.

Using incense in your daily life will awaken your mind while spreading a Zen and peaceful atmosphere in your living space. It will therefore promote meditation, yoga practice, relaxation and creativity among others.

Whether it is in incense stick, incense cone or even incense spiral you will find one that suits you.

Moreover by choosing a good incense holder or incense burner you will give a Zen touch to your interior decoration.