Best online yoga classes

Looking to do yoga on video? Are you hesitating to start online yoga classes in order to begin or progress in yoga? But which teacher should you turn to? And is this a solution for you? Today, I give you a reflection on this subject and a complete guide to the best online yoga classes that exist on the internet today.


Free online yoga classes

In the internet archives, you will find a wide variety of yoga classes. So much so that when you start, it can be difficult to find your way around. But fortunately, among this jungle, we find the wonderful platform of free videos with the red logo (not Netflix the other one!). The one that will transform your weekly yoga session into a video yoga routine (I know, that expression doesn't exist), I named: Youtube.

On this site, you can find wonderful teachers who, in addition to their work, offer free online yoga classes. This is the perfect solution for people who want to discover yoga but are afraid to sign up for a class at the moment. It's also ideal for smaller budgets (students or other).

Often these teachers have a small Tipee jackpot that you can participate in with a one-time or monthly donation, if you wish. This allows them to buy quality materials and pay back some of their time (Seriously, has anyone ever tried to edit a video? I think it's the most time-consuming thing in the world)).


Online yoga classes in English


Alo Yoga and Alo Moves



The sessions available on the Alo Yoga Youtube channel are on paper for all levels but in reality quite intense and dynamic. The clothing brand Alo has invited dozens of yoga teachers in Los Angeles to broadcast their classes on video. Among these teachers, my favorites are Andrew Sealy who has an incredible aura, Koya Webb who has an exceptional way of explaining the postures, Miki Ash, radiant and comforting, Caitlin Tuner and Jacquelyn Umof who are also incredible but I'm running out of adjectives.

However, I will not recommend this channel to people who are new to yoga. Alo Yoga offers physical sessions that are ideal to progress, as a complement to classes with a teacher. However, we are on a very Americanized channel, with a certain stereotype of the yogi, muscular/detoxified, which would make the cover of a magazine perfectly. But apart from that, it's really one of my favorite yoga channels for the intensity and challenge of the classes.


Yoga with Adriene



Adriene Mishler lives in Texas and offers hundreds of high-quality videos and several 30-day programs on her channel. Some sessions are quite invigorating and yet remain open to beginners. I can't tell you why, these sessions are the right balance between "intensity and comfort". Adriene, for me, it's a real Marshmallow. She has a way of teaching that is very comforting. Moreover, Adriene makes a point of talking about Body Positivism, gratitude and gives explanations that are slow enough to be followed by everyone. Finally, she has a sense of humor that I love. So we have a great chance to adhere to what she proposes.

That's probably why she is now one of the 10 most influential wellness personalities and has more than 4 million subscribers on her channel. However, this is not instragrammed and filtered yoga. Adriene is authentic. She talks about the good and bad sides of life. She drinks margarita rather than green tea, which does not prevent her from wanting to transmit a yoga close to Indian philosophy. Her yoga is meant to be inclusive and that feels good!




Yoga video: paid online yoga classes

Don't have time to enjoy yoga classes near you? Or like me, you never know how to answer the question "where do you live"? Then paid online yoga classes can be a good solution for your yoga practice. They allow you to choose from many different classes with excellent quality videos. All this for the price of a tiny monthly subscription, which is revolutionizing the yoga class market. Good or bad idea? Scandal or wonderful option? It's up to you to judge!


Yoga Download




We are a collective of students and teachers who know how important a consistent yoga practice is to living a happy, healthy and balanced life. As yogis, it's our mission to make the benefits of yoga accessible and affordable for everyone, everywhere - and support teachers in finding new ways to succeed on their path.

Founded by people who love yoga, love music, and experience life as an extension of their practice, Yoga Download is yoga for the way you really live.

Convenience. Practice in the comfort of home, at the park, in your hotel room, on the roof, on the bus – bring your mp3 player, and we’ll bring your class. No need to worry about finding time for long studio classes and longer commutes – YDL was built on the belief that your practice is in you and goes where you go. Your own pace, your own schedule, customized exactly how you love it.

Variety. Choose from a growing number of classes varying in lengths, yoga styles, instructors, experience levels, meditations and music – Yoga Download is truly customizable and brings variety to your practice. Discover new teachers, new styles, new grooves – with printable pose guides to accompany your class. Keep them forever to help enhance your knowledge and your practice.

Quality. Yoga Download classes bring the experience of diverse and talented teachers around the world, and is adding new teachers every week. Quality instruction is now accessible and portable, maintaining the highest technical standards. All Yoga Download classes are recorded, edited and mastered in a professional recording studio, creating optimal sound quality designed for your portable audio player and DVD. Additionally, each class is accompanied by original music, created by professional artists and producers, to help you stay focused and find your flow. We also provide beautiful, easy-to-follow pose guides that you can print out and review before and during your yoga classes for a safe and complete yoga experience.

Affordability. Can't afford to go to class as often as you like? Two months of unlimited Yoga Download equals the price of one yoga class at most studios, and we offer subscribing members unlimited streaming anytime. Enjoy classes over and over again, or find new ones, anytime, anywhere you want. Plus, many of our 20-minute classes are FREE – so get a great workout, stretch or release in a short amount of time, on us.





Is online yoga classes good or bad?

Many may point out the dangers of "video yoga": risk of injury, possibility of developing bad habits, risk of poorly integrating the postures... In reality, this type of teaching is often the ugly duckling of yoga. And it's true, these dangers are real when doing yoga online. We don't necessarily see how the postures should be done in detail and sometimes we have trouble following them, so we do what we can, probably making mistakes.

But personally, I started yoga with video classes because I was traveling all the time. This allowed me to integrate a regular practice into my daily life. I would roll out the mat anywhere, turn on a video and off I went. However, when I signed up for a real yoga class, I was able to correct my mistakes. I made exceptional progress in my practice. Nevertheless, I always saw online yoga classes as a wonderful opportunity to discover yoga.

Today, yoga videos give me the opportunity to test different teachers, different practices. Each teacher will give you another image of the same posture. He will press on the way he feels is right. So, if you manage to integrate all these teachings, I'm sure it will help you progress in your yoga. The key is undoubtedly to vary the videos and especially to know and respect your own limits. You don't do yoga to play who's the strongest. So sometimes you need to calm your inner fire when you are at home, to avoid a bad fall or injury.

However, I find that the diversity of online yoga classes is a real chance. It would be a shame not to take it.


You now know all the online yoga classes that will do you good. All you have to do is find the one that suits you best at this moment in your life among all these teachers and sites. Remember to take care of yourself and respect your body in your practice, especially at home.