Acupressure mat benefits

Have you ever had back pain? Most likely. But did you know that you were far from being the one or the only one? In fact, according to survey results released in 2017, 68% of people complain of back pain. Let's discover today the acupressure mat, an indispensable tool against back pain.

Don't imagine that only heavy load-bearing workers are affected: in our modern society, people working in an office are also prone to back pain. We're probably not telling you anything new: everyone knows that sitting for hours in front of a screen is not good for the body. We've all spent a lot of time sitting down, before getting up and finding back or neck pain.

According to the survey, 78% of people with back pain are not satisfied with their treatment. Many say they have to take two to three treatments at the same time just to soothe the pain. Nevertheless, a new solution to treat back pain has been gaining popularity in recent years: the acupressure mat.


The acupressure mat: what is it?

The acupressure mat has finally arrived in our homes. It looks like a gym mat, which can be made of fabric or latex, with thousands of small plastic spikes. To enjoy its countless benefits, simply lie on it daily for at least twenty minutes. The pimples stimulate the energy points in your back.

After a few minutes, you will then feel a wave of heat, well-being and relaxation invade you. As you use the mat, you will feel fitter, in a better mood, and all your pains will diminish durably.

It may seem surprising, even far-fetched, but acupressure techniques are not new. Already 5,000 years ago, the Chinese discovered that pressing certain points on the body can make pain disappear. The first acupressure mats appeared three thousand years ago, with Chinese medicine based on chi, and are now being popularized in our Western society.

Modern medicine has studied the subject, and has recognized many benefits to the acupressure mat. During its use, the mat allows our body to release endorphin, known as the happiness hormone, and other hormones beneficial to our health. This reduces back pain, but also reduces tension, stress, headaches and pain in general.





The benefits and advantages of acupressure mats

These are just a few examples of the many benefits of the acupressure mat. Indeed, by acting both on the production of hormones and your energy levels, the mat improves both your physical and mental state.

Better quality of sleep

First of all, the use of the acupressure mat will give you better nights. Indeed, by acting on your nerves, the mat relaxes you and allows you to enjoy a better quality of sleep.

Improvement of the mood

Then, the release of endorphins also helps to fight against depression and annoyances. You will feel in a better mood, and this in a lasting way.

Weight loss

The use of the mat also helps to fight obesity, helping to reduce cellulite, and therefore promoting weight loss.

Advantage for women

The mat will also help women to alleviate various problems related to PMS, such as fatigue, bad mood or bloating.

Fight against migraines and torticollis

Always thanks to these small sessions of relaxation on your carpet, you will relieve many aches and pains, and not only back pain. Headaches and migraines won't resist pimples, as will neck pain due to long hours spent in front of a computer screen.

Fight against restless legs syndrome

The acupuncture mat is also indicated to fight the restless legs syndrome. Affected people shake their legs during their sleep, which disturbs their night. The mat helps to alleviate this inconvenience by improving blood circulation. And yes, you will also benefit from a better blood circulation thanks to the acupressure mat!

Variety of uses and functions of the acupressure mats

You can also use the carpet in many different ways. Do you have lower back pain? Using the mat in a sitting position will relieve your pain. You have difficulty breathing? Lie on your stomach on your mat. You would rather take care of your energy channels? In this case, you can stand with your feet together on the mat.

A safe and healthy tool

It should also be added that the use of the carpet is safe. It is a completely natural treatment. The pins are made of ABS or HIPS plastic, FDA approved for food packaging. You can use your mat at will, and stay on it for as long as you wish, without risking any side effects.

A universal tool

The carpet is also usable by everyone. With a few exceptions (such as pregnant women or people with hemophilia), the mat can be used by anyone, of any age, regardless of their health condition.

An affordable tool

Another advantage of the acupuncture mat is its accessibility. You can easily order one on our website. While there are extremely reputable models such as the Champ de fleurs mat, there are also equivalent models that are quite effective.

A saving tool

Finally, the use of this carpet will allow you to make many savings, while preserving your health. By solving your daily problems, such as muscular tension, stress, aches and pains and many other ailments, you will often avoid having to resort to painkillers or other medications. You will protect yourself from overspending on medication and possible side effects.




Let yourself be tempted by the acupressure mat!

In conclusion, you have every reason to give the acupuncture mat a chance. By taking less than an hour of your time each day, you will enjoy many benefits that will improve your health, both physical and mental. The mat allows you to alleviate back pain, to relieve muscular pains, joint pains, contractures... It also helps to facilitate falling asleep, to fight depression, anxiety, bad moods.

This carpet has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, and now has its place in more and more Western homes. You can obtain it at a very reasonable price, much lower than acupuncture or physiotherapist sessions, or boxes of painkillers. You can also have your acupressure mat for your whole family.

You are athletic, you carry heavy loads, you work in an office? Do your health concerns cause you a lot of hassles? Do you no longer want to take medication at the slightest pain? Don't hesitate any longer, and try the acupressure mat!