Yoga for slimming and weight loss

To the question, does yoga make you lose weight, the answer is yes. But beware, it is not a miracle method. By definition, the body loses weight when it is solicited by a physical activity and therefore consumes more energy than usual, but above all more energy than is produced in a single day. Obviously, for this to be effective, you must continue to eat exactly the same amount of food (or even slightly less to create a significant difference).

But others say the opposite and answer the question with "technically, no"! Yoga postures do not, strictly speaking, make you lose weight and lose weight, since the energy expended at that time is not sufficient. In fact, they are a sequence of specific postures that help you lose weight, which are themselves associated with a balanced diet. Obviously, the choice of these postures is very important because they do not all play the same role for the human body. Usually, sport makes you hungry! But with yoga, it's different... The practice of this discipline offers a better control of the feeling of satiety, which helps to limit bad habits (like snacking, junk food...).


How to lose weight and lose weight with yoga?

Also, yoga, with the work of physical postures (asana) more or less intense and at a more or less sustained rhythm, allows to tone, strengthen and refine the body. This decrease in fat mass is due to several factors triggered by the practice of yoga. Here's how it works:

1. Yoga exercises help to slow down the breathing, which leads to a decrease in the heartbeat rhythm.
2. Blood pressure also decreases and the need for oxygen is less consequent.
3. Metabolism slows down and your body burns less energy.

Okay, but then it would make sense to gain weight while maintaining the same caloric intake... Normally, this would be the case. Except that yogis have an advantage: the drastic decrease in cortisol levels. But what is it? It is the stress hormone, which is often present in large quantities and which is responsible, almost alone, for the production and storage of excess and resistant fats.

Thanks to numerous scientific studies, it has been shown that yoga can reduce cortisol levels by 11%, by practicing only one posture, for only 3 minutes a day. This is the key to weight loss!

Muscular strengthening and a toned body

Indeed, the union between breathing exercises, meditation and physical postures is able to help you act on your whole body. Moreover, if you wish to discover the effects of yoga on your silhouette, click on the link.

Postures such as Warrior, Ship, Eagle, Hero, Sun Salutation... work deep into the muscles and strengthen them. Oxygenation is better and so is blood circulation. As you know, yoga is very focused on stretching, which also has the effect of helping you lose weight, as your muscles become thinner and longer, instead of being completely bulging.

Yoga helps you love your body

More than a sport, yoga is a philosophy of life, hence the meaning "union of body and mind". Therefore, rather than hoping to obtain a miracle method to lose weight and lose weight, yoga also acts on your mind. The exercises help you focus on yourself through breathing and visualizing the present moment. This is quite comparable to meditation, which is one of the values of yoga.

Day after day, this work allows you to accept yourself as you are and not want to lose weight at all costs. Think of it rather as a wellness diet, which makes you feel good and results in weight loss.





Which yoga to choose to lose weight more effectively?

Opinions are diverse and varied, but most of the time, the practitioner is advised to follow one of the following three yogas:

Bikram, performed in a room heated to 40°C,
Vinyasa, "slimming" or dynamic yoga,
• And finally, Ashtanga, for those who wish to develop their muscles.

It all depends on your goals and your physical condition. While Bikram is very effective at first, it is difficult to maintain this practice in the long term, as it is often very physical. Similarly, Vinyasa is to be favored if you want to work the whole body first, while having a healthy lifestyle at the same time. On the contrary, if you prefer to accentuate your muscles and strengthen them (and your weight is satisfactory), Ashtanga yoga is the one for you!


Practical advice for a sustainable result

Again, if you want to lose weight, remember that results will not come overnight. Regularity is necessary to succeed in losing weight over time and to maintain the results. It is recommended to practice between 1 and 1.5 hours per session, ideally 3 times a week. Above all, find the rhythm that suits you best. It is preferable to practice a little every day than many very rarely...

Remember to moisturize before, during (if necessary) and after the yoga session. Also, avoid eating before the session, as some postures work on the digestive system and you may be uncomfortable.




5 postures to lose weight on a daily basis

Here are some concrete examples of yoga exercises for slimming and weight loss. Be careful, if in doubt about the right movement to perform, contact a yoga teacher. Also, if you suffer from back problems, cervical problems or any other pathologies, ask your doctor's advice before starting this discipline.

The Cobra posture

This has the effect of lowering cortisol levels (and therefore stress), strengthening the abdominals and burning excess fat to lose belly. Let's not forget the work of the spine and back which helps to relieve tension. To do this movement, do like this :

• Lie down on the floor, on your yoga mat,
• Place your palms of your hands, face down on the ground as if you wanted to get up,
• Inhale and then lift your chest slowly until your arms are straight (don't force if it hurts),
• Hold two breaths and rest your body as you exhale.

Do this exercise 4 to 6 times, taking a short 15-second break in between.

The posture of the bow

For this one, avoid eating 1 to 2 hours before practicing it. Indeed, it will stimulate the digestive system, stretch the back and strengthen the abdominal belt. Start by lying down on your stomach, legs relaxed. Then bend your knees and grab your ankles with your hands. From there, breathe in gently while raising your head (remember to look straight ahead so as not to injure your neck). Try to lift your legs as high as possible. Hold this position for two breaths and then, as you exhale, return to your original position.

Do this exercise 4 to 6 times, taking a short 15-second break in between.

The posture of the board

You have probably already practiced this one, without even knowing that it was a yoga posture. The board works the whole body. But especially the arms, shoulders, back, buttocks and thighs). To do this posture, it is very simple:

• Lie on your stomach,
• Place your hands on the ground and stand up on them,
• The lower part of your body remains on the tiptoes, forming a straight line (the high position of a pump). Don't arch your back or you may hurt yourself.
• Stay in this position for as long as possible while breathing normally,
• Release the position by exhaling to the floor.

The Liberation from the Winds posture

This posture reduces stomach acidity and effectively relieves back pain. It is mainly your hips and abdomen that are stressed during this exercise.

This time, lie on your back. Bend your knees and bring them towards your chest as you exhale. Apply light pressure with your thighs to your chest. On a second exhalation, raise your head to try to touch your knees with your chin. Don't force on your cervical vertebrae, it's simply the upper back that needs to work. Now hold this position for two breaths and then return to your initial pose, still on the exhalation.

Do this exercise 5 times, taking a 15-second break between each set.

The posture of the boat

It is one of the best postures to slim and firm your belly. It also helps the back to strengthen itself durably.

Start the position by lying on your back, legs stretched out and arms along your body:

• As you breathe in, raise your legs to the sky without bending your knees, as high as possible,
• With your hands, try to reach your toes while staying straight,
• At this point, you should form a V,
• Try to maintain a 45° angle, breathe normally and hold for 15 seconds (if possible),
• Upon exhalation, release the body gently.

Repeat this posture at least 5 times in a row with a 15-second pause between each one.




Yoga, yes! But not that...

Si vous pratiquez le yoga régulièrement et que vous associez cette discipline à une alimentation riche et variée, comme des jus de fruits frais, des légumes ou de la viande blanche, vous devriez obtenir des résultats assez rapidement. Évidemment, cette durée varie d’une personne à l’autre, mais cela fonctionne ! Retenez tout de même que la nutrition correspond à 70 % du résultat final, donc ne négligez pas cet aspect. Vous serez en meilleure santé, en meilleure forme et vous rayonnerez de bonheur ! À vous de jouer maintenant…