What is Karma ?

Together we will shed a little more light on this very frequently used term. Sometimes this is done in a natural way through the famous expression "I have bad Karma".

But in the end, what does it really mean? Is there good or bad Karma? What are the universal laws governing the latter?

It is time to unravel the mysteries of a word that a majority of people use, without mastering its real meaning.


What is Karma?

The law of karma has the same principle as the law of action and reaction in our material world. For example, if we hit the table with our hand, the table will hit it with the same power. We will then feel a form of pain due to the shock. This is quite metaphorical, but very representative.

The law of karma means that some situations we are experiencing today are the result of past events, which were triggered by our behavior or actions. If we have done something that has had a negative impact, then we talk about "bad Karma". If we do something good, we talk about "good Karma. Thus, the mystery is partially unraveled!

Good Karma is, for example, a person who leads a very good life without having to make a special effort. Karma begins to work with our first acts as a human being, who has an ego. Also, Karma is a consequence, a cause and effect caused by our free will.

Thus, in his development, the human being first follows only his own needs and desires. Then the consequences of his actions began to manifest themselves, some choices gave good results and others had negative results. Therefore, this awareness allows us to understand that we can influence our own subconscious mind and modify it through meditation for example. The human being is born with certain skills, personal characteristics and traits that he can rectify or improve by his own will.





The law of attraction

In addition to the functioning of Karma, there is another aspect that influences our life that is the ideal partner of Karma. It is our way of thinking and feeling.

This aspect is called: the Law of Attraction. We can perceive each situation from a positive or negative point of view. The way we take certain events influences what will come into our lives. By the way, I recommend the feature film "The Secret" available on Netflix!

Moreover, before a soul is born, it can choose how it will manage the accumulated karmic energy (karmic: from the word Karma). This can be done in a positive or negative way. But if a soul vibrates with a low level of energy and understanding, it cannot choose and avoid certain things: it has to experience them. In this sense, Karma must manifest itself in the life to come, whether we like it or not.

However, I can understand that we do not want to experience negative and painful things. But in some cases free choice is not possible. It is an experience to pass in spite of the Karma accumulated in the past. It is still necessary and important to feel the consequences of our own creation.

Finally, if a person has enough time, open-mindedness and opportunity in their life to make time for more spiritual teachings, it is a good sign. A person who is spiritually oriented will naturally orient himself or herself to what he or she is attached to at the karmic level. In this way, they will kindly and positively nurture their karmic energy to promote their Karma.


The "butterfly" effect

As we have seen, the Law of Karma says that "every action provokes a reaction". However, it is impossible to predict what that reaction might be. It is like: the butterfly effect.

Much more than a cinematic work including Ashton Kutcher, the butterfly effect also remains a karmic reference. The butterfly effect is the idea that small actions or things can have big impacts. It can also be likened to Pareto's 20/80 law: 20% of our actions are responsible for 80% of our results. Otherwise, one detail can change everything.

Sometimes it is enough to adjust the curve by a few millimeters to cause big changes. In the context of Karma, this breaks a pattern to prevent it from repeating itself. In the butterfly effect, it comes to be able to predict potential consequences to hinder negative Karma.


How to recognize a "bad" Karma?

No matter where you go or whoever you meet, you will face the same situation in different circumstances.

For example, you will tend to argue when someone has a different opinion from yours. Of course, this usually leads to heated discussions. These types of situations that you unconsciously create will drive some people out of your life; whether you do it of your own volition or not. You will then feel isolated in some way and wonder why you can't create stable relationships.

This is one of the karmic obstacles that can prevent you from evolving spiritually, but a karmic obstacle can be anything that repeats or occurs in your life. In order to recognize bad Karma, we need to be awake, in touch with our spiritual needs, and realize who or what our obstacles are. Sometimes we allow people to hurt us or we are simply not fully aware of our strengths.

Once you are aware of why bad Karma is repeating itself in your life, the next step is to make a change. If you have unhealthy relationships and there is no longer any way to save them, then you need to let go of the people involved.

If you have understood where the error in your actions lies, change it, show kindness, forgive yourself, or have more self-confidence. Put into practice what you want, define what you expect from yourself and your life, or simply apply the suggestions that life makes you do through different signals.



How to deal with "bad" Karma?

In this part, I will take an example from an extreme situation. But this will allow you to get a precise and simple scheme to deepen your learning.

What about the souls of very negative people whose actions are criminal? Like murderers for example.

These souls will be burdened with their negative Karma until they "pay back" everything. This means that the person concerned must save the lives of as many people as he has killed. If he does not want to do this, he will then incarnate in many bodies and live in all the incarnations of very miserable and violent lives. In this way, he will pay it back more quickly and he will experience cruelty and violence on his skin.

For more information, the law of Karma is not selective and has no "preferences". It is a law based on rebalancing our karmic balance between acts of a bad nature and acts of a good nature. The objective of Karma is to bring a neutral position at first, and then to make our soul evolve towards something more luminous. But in a concrete way, how?

In a first step, your attitude towards life, people or situation is diffused in the world and it will come back to you. Be relaxed, positive, because what you give is what you get. Any negative thoughts you have about yourself or the world should be changed to positive thinking.

But also think about actions, the way we think or feel something is reflected in our behavior. Certain situations are repeated in our lives to help us change the way we treat the people around us, objects or the environment.

I will give you a concrete example: a person who had an unhappy childhood with a strict and unloving upbringing will be led to repeat the same situation with his own children. Not having received the expected love, this person will be unable to transmit it in return. This happens in the majority of cases. However, we could also witness the opposite effect with an excess of security and over-protection. In both cases, Karma must be rebalanced in order to break the karmic pattern.


Past lives and Karma

We all have past lives. There is no such thing as a "new soul". We have all been reincarnated for millions of years and in truth there is no "death", only the death of the body. Our body is an envelope in which our soul stays before leaving it when it dies.

All our knowledge is stored deep in our subconscious mind, but because we have not sufficiently developed our brain, we can access only a very small part of our memory.

However, this can be seen in part as a disguised "gift" allowing us to start each new life in a new way. Imagine, for example, if you had the memory to do something very bad, then you would have to face the guilt of that act in this life. Thus, Karma is everything we brought into our lives before our current incarnation. So it could be something good: a reward or a talent that we have. However, we mostly think about things we never thought about before.




Discovering our past lives to work our Karma

Sometimes people who are not very advanced spiritually and leading ordinary lives have spontaneous memories of past lives. There is even a considerable amount of evidence of reincarnation based on testimonies of these people, including children. You will be able to find some on the Internet and especially on video, it is amazing!

As the spiritual aspirant progresses along the chosen path, he will develop psychic abilities and intuition, even if he does not seek to do so. How quickly this happens depends on the individual.

If a person can see what they have done and experienced in one or more past lives, then they can use this new knowledge to make better choices in their present life. Such an individual would typically be on a spiritual path and would have enough detachment not to let the memories of the past life interfere negatively with his or her present life.

On the other hand, knowledge of our previous incarnations is a deeply personal matter. It will be revealed to us through our own inner knowledge at the right time. Likewise, you should not reveal to others your own knowledge of your past lives. This is personal to you and you alone. More often than not, if such a person makes such a revelation, he or she is probably mistaken or trying to make a point.

The secrecy of past lives, if strictly adhered to, also ensures that certain mistakes are not made. Even an experienced psychic can make a mistake about your past life, leading you to have a mistaken view of your past identity.


Do not make an obsession of your karmic past.

What we were in a past life means nothing compared to what we are doing in this life. It is an important concept to keep in mind.

If we live our lives as we should, in service to others, we should not worry about our past lives, because they are past. This is also true for our next life, because our right action in this life guarantees our future spiritual evolution. Unfortunately, some people have an unhealthy, even obsessive curiosity about past lives. Whether these people are right or wrong about their past lives, they are unwise if they allow their past lives to overshadow their present life.

The details of your past life will manifest themselves in due course, whether through dreams or intermittent memories. If it does not manifest in a specific way, then you are not yet ready to know more. In the world of spirituality, everything is a matter of timing.

This beautiful article is coming to an end, and it has been a real pleasure to share it all with you. Karma is a powerful and universal law that applies to every individual on Earth. No one can escape it since it is a constant process.

Moreover, Karma does not know the notion of time. Depending on the factors that make up the path of your soul, certain events must happen in order to evolve towards your final destination. A person who is unaware of the signals sent by the Universe will be more likely to "experience violent Karma". On the contrary, an individual with a developed spirituality will be able to glimpse the messages in order to act accordingly.