Third Eye

There are 7 chakras for the main ones. They are useful for our good balance and for that, it is important to know them to maintain a good circulation of energies between the different points. They are cycles that regulate the chakras and are different for each one. The sixth chakra is therefore the penultimate one to "start". For a perfect harmony of your energy points, we explain its characteristics, why it can be blocked and how to unblock it.


Meaning of the sixth chakra, the frontal chakra

In the Sanskrit language, it is called Ajna which translates literally as command center. It is the sixth of the 7 major chakras. It is located at the bridge of the nose between the eyebrows. Hence its name "the third eye", it refers to knowledge. It is directly connected to the lower chakras and the mind. It is an energy point that develops more and more as you use it!

It is a very important chakra, because it is from it that the other chakras will be guided. Thus, his mantra is kram, which means patience and mental strength. It also refers to mental strength.

Ajna is the seat of knowledge, wisdom and intuition. It synchronizes the activity of the two hemispheres of the brain. It directs the senses, both at the level of the senses and of action. It is linked to the ability to concentrate and to see bigger, in a more open way. It is also found under the name Eye of Wisdom. Thus, if you have a somewhat narrow vision of life or your mind is not open, you will certainly find the cause in a blockage of this chakra.

This energy point governs the nervous system, as it is connected to the cerebellum and the medulla oblongata. Thus, it is the pituitary gland that will allow the frontal chakra to exercise its action.

Seat of the universal soul, it relates to the consciousness and the vision of life. Through it you have access to divine intuition. You will thus be able to transcribe your intuition into a gift of clairvoyance, you will acquire a deep discernment.




Characteristics of the third eye

The color associated with Anja chakra is indigo blue or dark blue, so you can consume foods of this color. For example.... In terms of beverages, you can consume tea flavored with lavender for example. These foods will act on the opening and good balance of your energy center. They will help develop your intuition to do the right things.

The symbol of this chakra is the 96-petal lotus. The number of petals of the chakras has a very important meaning. Cradle of the inner light, it has a direct and essential action on the whole nervous system. Ajna can also be assimilated to the vision of destiny and its acceptance.

The places in the human body that are connected to the third eye are the eyes, the sinuses, the base of the skull, the temples and of course the nervous system.


Why is the frontal chakra blocked?

To function well and be in harmony, the chakras must be balanced and open. However, for a variety of reasons, one of these chakras may be unbalanced or not activated properly. The complete cycle of chakra activation is 42 years, so you can see that you should not be in a hurry to see them all activate, one thing at a time. The frontal chakra is no exception to this rule. Attitudes, feelings, actions and lifestyle have a direct impact on the proper functioning of the chakras.

Anja chakra will become active around the age of 30 to 36 in women and 35 to 42 in men. This is the moment when you will have enough perspective on life and a search for balance and stability in life. You will have the need to take control of your life, to have a rich and stimulating environment. It is also at this time that the awareness of old age is present and that it can represent a real fear. Thus, if you do not manage to obtain quality exchanges, if you do not take time to cultivate and learn, you risk blocking this chakra which needs spiritual and cultural nourishment.

Thus, before trying to unblock your chakra by different methods, it is absolutely essential to know the reasons for this blockage and especially to act on it.


Why unblock this sixth chakra?

It is important to take into account that if this chakra is failing or blocked, there can be serious consequences on your physical health and particularly on your ability to fight infections. Like other energy points, it is useful for sleep regulation. It is necessary to unblock it in order to help you become aware and to have an opening on the global vision of life.

A balanced Anja chakra allows you to feel good about yourself, so you will have a more positive outlook on life in general and whatever happens. Thanks to your clairvoyance, you will be able to distinguish the true from the false so that you can make the right choices. You will gain self-confidence, without expecting anything from others, in all areas.

On the physical level, the eye being attached to this chakra, your sight will be improved.

On the emotional level, you will give less importance to feelings such as fear, anxiety or apprehension. All these emotions will have less influence on you, because they will seem unimportant and you will be able to take a step back from them. Thanks to this detachment, you will be able to live your life with the awareness that it is your actions that determine your life.

On the spiritual level, the connection between the two hemispheres of your brain is possible thanks to this chakra. Also, the circulation of energies between the two will be fluidified. You will put things into perspective and above all you will no longer be subject to the illusions of life. Aware of a higher truth, you will learn what your true nature is.

Last but not least, this chakra, if it is well balanced, can help slow down aging.




What are the symptoms of an unbalanced third eye?

When a chakra is blocked or too open, certain physical symptoms, but also psychic symptoms appear. The frontal chakra, when it is not open, sends signals that it is essential not to neglect to allow you to live in good balance.

Physical symptoms

In particular, the following conditions are common:

Migraine headaches;
Vascular accidents;
Ophthalmologic conditions ;

Psychic symptoms

The mind is not spared either, when the third eye is blocked :

Mental illness
Lack of ambition
Mental fatigue
Learning Disabilities
Personality disorders
Negative feelings and emotions

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, whether physical or mental, you may wonder about the proper balance of your third eye chakra.




How to open and unblock your Anja chakra?

To balance this sixth chakra, you can use and practice several methods, you can combine them for a better result.

Balance of life

Very often, we want to cure the symptoms of an illness or disease and we don't ask ourselves why. However, it is obvious that the causes must be eliminated, especially to avoid a relapse. This often involves the way you live. Remember that it is your actions that guide and determine your life. So first, take a step back from your lifestyle. Is what you do every day working for you? Are you aligned with your work and, moreover, does it correspond to your core values?

Thus, detach yourself from material possessions, don't let others think for you or decide for you. Try to think for yourself and avoid all religious indoctrination. Furthermore, refuse to entrust your choices to anyone else, be it your family or your spouse.


Generally speaking, meditation is a precious moment and an excellent exercise to find yourself. Ideal to balance all the chakras, it allows you to gain a good circulation of energies in each of the central points. To do this, plan a place where you can settle down quietly without being disturbed for a few minutes. The best time to do this is in the morning when you wake up, however you can meditate at any time of the day, in fact the evening before going to bed is also a good way to fall asleep.


This is the healing power of the stones. Natural care, the stones have a very strong power and depending on the chakra to balance, there are one or more suitable stones.

The stones to be preferred are the following, especially the blue dominant stones :

The sodalite;
The fire agate;
The piétersite;

To enjoy the benefits of gems, you can affix it on the part of the body where the chakra is located, in this case between the two eyes for the third eye. You can also wear the stone on you, either in your pocket or as a jewel on a bracelet or necklace. During your meditation sessions, put the stone under your pillow or in your hand to feel all its energy.

Essential oils

This natural treatment is effective in relieving various ailments. The oils are also perfect to gain balance and are conducive to a good activation of the chakras. However, care must be taken to use them correctly and avoid direct contact with the skin. They are not recommended for pregnant women or very young children.

The Anja chakra is particularly receptive to the following essential oils:

The fragrant dill;
The immortal;
Eucalyptus globulus;
Clary sage;
Noble laurel;

You can use these essential oils alone or in combination. By depositing them in a diffuser, they will create an ideal atmosphere to balance your sixth chakra. You also have the possibility to pour a few drops of these oils in the water of your bath and thus enjoy a moment of relaxation in harmony.


A chakra rebalancing exercise par excellence, the practice of yoga is an excellent way to unblock the third eye chakra. There are postures that are particularly adapted to regain good balance.

The child's posture (Balasana) ;
The posture of the eagle (Gardudanasana);
The warrior III (Virabhadrasana 3);
The dancer (Natarajasana);
The tree (Vrikshasana).

These different postures are ideal to find or activate your sixth chakra. To do your yoga session, prefer a time of the day when you are available and in complete serenity. Take the opportunity to meditate and accompany yourself with the stone of your choice.




Conclusion on 6th chakra

The different practices to rebalance your third eye chakra must however be accompanied by an awareness of your lifestyle. If your actions in daily life are not aligned with your chakra, you will maintain the imbalance. To do this, become aware of your surroundings and your relationships, whether they are family or friends. Look for quality relationships that bring you richness and stimulation both intellectually and spiritually. In this way, you will nourish your spirit and you will be able to access the consciousness of your true nature. It is essential that you take control of your life and not let anyone have a hold on your life path. Mastering your choices will have a positive effect on your life. If your sixth chakra is perfectly balanced, you will be more optimistic and open-minded.

Have you ever noticed that you are often told to look beyond the tip of your nose? Or do you regularly suffer from migraines or have negative thoughts and ideas? It is possible in these cases that it is your third eye that is blocked or too open. Indeed, the expression "looking further than the tip of your nose" refers directly to the location of this energy point. What we are trying to tell you is that you are not open-minded enough and that you need to stop being self-centered?