The Stones For Self Confidence

Self-confidence is a key element of success and personal growth. It allows you to reach your full potential. A person who does not have confidence tends to have doubts, doubts about his or her skills, doubts about his or her worth and doubts about others. The consequences of such situations can be severe, as they most often refer to failures. However, when you accumulate several failures in life, it can also lead to a feeling of chronic depression. Lithotherapy stones can help to develop self-confidence.


Why use stones in lithotherapy to gain self-confidence?

To be successful in everything you do, you must first have self-confidence. This can be acquired through several daily trainings, through personal development exercises, through daily practices, in many situations. Self-confidence is a long process, which must be done step by step. To speed up the process, it is possible to use the power of stones through lithotherapy.

Indeed, stones and minerals have invisible powers, capable of transmitting energy to humans. This is called lithotherapy. The transmitted energies are positive and can only influence the person who receives them. Moreover, each person who receives energy from the stones, only gets the amount of energy he or she needs, never less, never more. Thanks to these stones, you will be able to quickly develop your self-confidence, but also your self-esteem. The minerals help to learn to love ourselves as we are with our flaws and complexities so that we can succeed in everything we do. Here are the stones to have to develop your self-confidence.





The stones for self-confidence


The pink quartz

Stone of love, pink quartz is a real ally to boost self-confidence. It makes it possible to develop self-esteem, because it provides the energy necessary to accept oneself such as one is, but also to have a beautiful image of oneself. Rose quartz is also a stone of sociability. It allows you to open up easily to others and to improve communication. It is a stone which is intended for shy people, who have difficulty to reveal themselves.

To take advantage of the full potential and energy brought by pink quartz, you can wear the stone as a pendant on a necklace or bracelet. You can also use it simply as a rolled stone.

The citrine

Citrine is a solar stone that is used in purification. This crystal also allows to radiate in all fields, whether in personal or professional life. Moreover, this stone stimulates good mood and brings prosperity and success in everything you undertake.

Used to purify the chakra, citrine helps to strengthen the mind, but also self-confidence. It allows you to move forward, but also to affirm your full potential. It also helps to overcome doubts and worries. As a solar stone, the citrine brings a better communication and a better clairvoyance in the relations with others.

This stone can be worn as a jewel or simply placed in strategic places: in the office, in the bedroom, etc...




Orange calcite

Orange calcite is a very energetic stone. It is connected to the sacred chakra. It deploys all its energetic potential to provide positive vibrations. People who have experienced traumatic events that have affected their personality can use this stone to rebuild their self-esteem.

Orange calcite also combats doubts and fears that install negative waves. This crystal is perfectly adapted to people who tend to devalue themselves. It also helps shy people to overcome their fear.

To benefit from the positive energies of orange calcite, you can wear it on a pendant or bracelet. You can also simply put it in your pocket and it will accompany you wherever you go.


Carnelian differs from all other stones because it has good vibrations that bring in addition to positive energy, courage. It also offers vitality and audacity and allows to restore the sacred chakra.

Carnelian helps to reinforce self-confidence. It also acts on concentration, harmony and inner peace. In addition, it gives rise to creative inspirations. This stone is thus intended for people who tend to accumulate failures. In addition, it allows to develop your motivation and your will.

Carnelian can be worn as a pendant, bracelet or even on earrings. It is also possible to use it as a decorative stone on the living room, the office or in the bedroom.

Agate foam

Moss agate is the calming stone. It is very effective in overcoming events that test self-confidence. It is also important for overcoming stress, helping you to develop your courage and determination.

This mineral is ideal for calming anxieties, to keep faith and motivation. It is intended for people who are often faced with failures. Thanks to its inner energy, foam agate brings new energy, but also great perseverance, so that you can achieve your goals.

Foam agate can be worn as a pendant, bracelet or other jewelry. It can also accompany you in all your travels.



The red jasper

Red jasper is considered an anchor stone. It allows you to regain control and assert yourself. This mineral is especially dedicated to people who tend to doubt their abilities and to doubt themselves.

This mineral brings a great sense of comfort. It also allows you to regulate your emotional state in order to assert yourself. Red Jasper is an excellent motivator to regain self-confidence after traumatic events. Moreover, this stone also allows you to apprehend situations with an excellent self-confidence.

This stone is to be worn as a pendant, to be closer to your heart. In this way, it will also be effective. But you can also put it in your pocket, so that it accompanies you everywhere.


Amber is a solar stone that is linked to the heart chakra. It is intended to radiate you in all areas of life. This stone also has for virtue to bring positive energy to fight the black ideas and the negative thoughts.

People who find it difficult to decide, to move forward, can use the powers of amber to increase their decision-making power. This stone is indeed used to strengthen motivation. Moreover, it brings happiness and cheerfulness as well as a good self-image. What allows greatly to develop its self-confidence.

The amber worn as a pendant or bracelet will allow you to better achieve your goals. You can also use it as a rough stone to put in your office or in your bag.


Aventurine is a heart stone. It is connected to the heart chakra and is very effective in removing emotional blockages. These blockages prevent you from reaching your full potential.

When you use aventurine as lithotherapy, the stone deploys its powers and positive energies to promote action and decision-making power. In complex situations, the mineral helps you to get out of it, to succeed and to carry out your project. In addition, this stone also encourages you to move forward and increase your determination and self-confidence.

Aventurine can be worn as a pendant or bracelet. You can also wear it in your pocket or bag.

The Garnet

Garnet is a stone of action and full of energy. It will know how to deploy your energy in difficult situations where you often let yourself be carried away.

This stone develops courage, strength of decision and proposal. It is intended for people who tend to be too passive in front of a situation for fear of failing. It can also help people who have taken too much from their failures and who are no longer able to move forward.

Garnet is a crystal that also brings hope in difficult times. It fights negative thoughts to build courage and perseverance. In your quest for self-confidence, garnet will bring you the positive energy you need to improve your self-esteem.

Garnet can be worn as a pendant or bracelet. It can also be used as a simple rolling stone.




Hematite is an energizing stone. It is associated with different chakras, including the heart chakra, but also the root chakra and the sacred chakra. This stone helps to fill up with energy, but also optimism in situations that are often difficult to overcome.

In addition, hematite also helps to have more courage and willpower. It is dedicated to people who often have difficulty asserting themselves, out of fear or simply out of shyness. It can also be indispensable for people with a passive tendency. Hematite is also one of the stones that helps to have more self-esteem and self-confidence.

Enjoy the full power of hematite by wearing it on a necklace or bracelet, but also on any type of jewelry. It is also possible to use it as a rolled stone, to be placed in strategic places: in the bedroom, at the office, on a workspace.


Labradorite is a contact and communication stone. It facilitates relationships with others in order to develop more trust.

This stone is also effective in improving self-confidence. It allows to dissipate doubts and to remove negative energies. It has the particularity of absorbing the negative elements that often pollute the mind.

The labradorite also helps you to make the right decisions and not to back down in front of problems. It will allow you to find solutions to persistent problems. In addition, this stone also has the virtue of clarifying vague and negative thoughts.

To benefit from its full power, wear labradorite as a necklace, bracelet or molded stone.




Eye of the tiger

The eye of the tiger is a powerful stone. It allows to have a great strength of character. What makes it possible to improve the self-confidence. It also brings courage, perseverance, willpower and motivation.

It is also a protective stone which moves you away from depression and mental fatigue. It helps you fight shyness, but also doubts and fears. In addition, this mineral can help you move forward and achieve your goals. It acts as a shield against negative waves.

As a pendant or bracelet, the tiger's eye deploys its full power to give you greater self-confidence.

Smoky quartz

Like rose quartz, smoky quartz is an excellent anchor stone. It is used to combat stress, negative thoughts, dark thoughts and anxieties.

Linked to the root chakra, smoky quartz is intended for people who lack self-confidence or have difficulty asserting themselves. It makes it possible to accept what one is physically and physiologically. It also helps to develop a great self-esteem, even in the most difficult situations.

To enjoy the full power of smoky quartz, you can wear it as a pendant, bracelet or all kinds of jewelry. It can also be used as a simple rolled stone, to slip into your pocket or bag.




Conclusion on the stones for self-confidence

In short, reaching one's full potential and improving one's self-confidence can be difficult. It is a stage in life that is not acquired overnight. Work can often be hard and will make you want to let go. But if you want to speed up the process and quickly increase your self-confidence, opt for lithotherapy stones. Don't wait any longer to find the stone that suits you and to adopt it to increase your level of confidence.