Stones Against Depression

Depression is a phenomenon that affects more and more people today. Stress, anxiety and certain phases of daily life are enough to push a person into the vicious circle of depression. However, this state of health can have devastating consequences on a person. When depression is too severe, it can lead to death or suicide. In order to avoid falling into this devastating state, depression should be treated at the first signs.

While medical treatment remains the best way to get rid of it, natural treatment also offers its share of healing. Through lithotherapy or healing with the powers of stones, it is possible to fight against depression. Indeed, the stones diffuse a powerful energy, capable of preserving the health capital of a human being.


Factors that cause depression

Several factors can cause depression in a person. These can be stress at work, during school exams, stress in the face of a life event. It can also be illness, failure, heartbreak or the loss of a loved one. Loneliness or fatigue are among the probable causes of depression.





Why treat depression with lithotherapy?

Stones by themselves do not cure depression. Lithotherapy cannot replace medical treatment. However, it is an effective therapy that can help people suffering from depression to better accept their condition. Indeed, it is possible that people in depression may not recognize their condition, claiming that they are fine. The stones will then help them to accept the medical treatment that will follow.

The stones release powerful energies, capable of influencing the psychological, physical, mental and especially emotional state of depressed people. Whether it is for a temporary, seasonal or chronic depression, the stones can multiply their powers tenfold to help sufferers to get better.


How to use the stones to fight depression?

The use of stones to fight depression can be done in several ways. It is possible to use it as a lucky charm, as a jewel (on a necklace or on a ring). You can also use it as a decorative object of the house or put it in a strategic place of the house (bedroom, living room). It is also possible to use it as an elixir.

Depression can happen at any time in life, so it is advisable to always wear your lucky stone every day.




Stones that act on depression

Crystals have inconceivable powers on the state of health of a depressed person. They release energies that bring well-being, harmony and peace to those who suffer from this state.


Hematite: stone of vitality against depression

Hematite is a stone that delivers vitality and tone. This is due in particular to its composition which is only made of iron. This stone brings vitality, but also positive energy when you feel down to earth.

The power of this anchor stone brings to people suffering from depression, inner calm and power when you seem to lose all hope or desire to move forward.

This crystal is therefore recommended for people who are tired on a daily basis. Depressed people often lack energy, but also lack the ability and capacity to do things. In addition, they need the most support to move forward. This crystal proves to be the best companion to provide them with all the support they need.

To benefit from the energy brought by hematite, it is possible to wear it with a small strap around the neck or to carry it with you in your pocket.


Lapis Lazuli or the Stone of Truth

Lapis Lazuli is the stone of truth in all circumstances of life. In the context of depression, this stone helps suffering people to accept and recognize their unhappiness. Depressed people tend to say that they are fine and often reject help from others.

This stone therefore helps to reveal the inner truth, but above all it helps depressed people to accept, to become aware of their pain and especially to recognize that they need to be treated or cared for.

For this purpose, this crystal also helps to have the necessary relief, to remove doubts and resentments that only drown the suffering people. In a better perspective, Lapis Lazuli helps to decrease depression.

To enjoy the benefits of lapis lazuli, it is possible to wear this stone as jewelry or as a good luck charm. You can also put it in your bedroom to get calm and positive energy.


Orange calcite: the saving stone

If there is one stone that can fight against depression, it would be orange calcite. This stone brings the positive energy necessary to face a recurring malaise or trying to settle down permanently. Depression can indeed be chronic. It can accompany a person for many years without healing power.

The orange calcite then intervenes to overcome this depression. It acts directly on emotions, fears and anxieties. It has a beneficial effect on the psychological and physical level since it soothes the pain caused by depression.

This crystal also brings peace and harmony. Harmony with oneself is important because it allows to boost positive energy and to overcome depression for good.

The orange calcite can be composed on a jewel such as a necklace or ring. It is also possible to wear it as a lucky charm in a bag or pocket.


Lepidolite: the stone of balance

Lavender lepidolite is a stone that promotes balance. People suffering from depression are most of the time out of balance, with themselves, with others, with nature or with everything they undertake.

Lepidolite then intervenes to bring these people from depression to joy, harmony and peace. It can also be considered as a vitality stone, as it brings positive energy.

In addition, this stone is also represented as a transition stone. Depressed people find it difficult to let go, to let go of what is no longer there. This is where this crystal comes in. In particular, it helps to facilitate the changes or the passage towards a new life.

This stone is ideal for those who have just lost a loved one and who are still struggling to grieve.

As part of lithotherapy, lepidolite can be worn on a piece of jewelry or as a good luck charm.


Black tourmaline: the stone of purification

Black tourmaline has many virtues. It is used in several therapies against stress, anxiety, fear or anger. This is indeed due to its compensatory influence.

Black tourmaline has a powerful energy that helps to get rid of negative thoughts, dark ideas or black visions that trouble depressed people. It also fights against ideas of unworthiness.

As a cleansing stone, black tourmaline cleanses the body, but also the soul and mind from black and negative thoughts. People suffering from chronic or severe depression can take advantage of the virtues of black tourmaline to get rid of drug addiction or suicidal and self-mutilating cravings.

Thanks to the energetic power of this stone, it is possible to get rid of obsessive behaviors or compulsive psychological disorders.

To benefit from the energy of the black tourmaline, it is advised to carry it in the pocket or to put it under the pillow during sleep.




Smoky quartz: the soothing stone

In the fight against depression, smoky quartz has soothing virtues. It makes it possible to transform negative energies into positive energies. It destroys bad moods and anger that make people depressed.

Smoky quartz is a basic stone which is endowed with great power. It is used most of the time in meditation and healing. It also helps to show the clear path to healing and positive energy. In this way, it helps to diminish the negative energy that will dissipate the fastest.

To enjoy the benefits of smoky quartz, it is important to wear the soothing stone as a good luck charm. It can also be placed on the bedside table, at the office or in the living room.


Rose Quartz: The Stone of Deep Healing

Rose quartz is considered to be the stone of deep healing. It is a stone that brings tenderness, love, joy, but also an important appeasement in the face of life's stages of grief.

Rose quartz is mostly used for people who are experiencing emotional trauma, who have lost a loved one and who are unable to grieve. It is also used to heal from separation and heartache.

Rose quartz is also used in cases of nervous breakdown or in cases of insomnia and difficulty in finding sleep.

In the fight against depression, this stone helps to heal the emotions, but especially the soul by establishing a deep love of self.

It should be worn on a lucky charm near the heart, like a necklace or a medallion. It can also be placed under the pillow before sleeping.


Amber: the stone of passage

The amber stone is considered a stone of passage towards renewal, towards healing and towards letting go. Amber is not really a stone per se. It is a fossilized pine resin. Its power is powerful.

Amber accompanies depressed people in the process of letting go. Some suffering people can indeed get depressed because they can't make it through a discouraging phase of life. Amber then intervenes to calm the emotional state of people who have a constant need to control everything.

On the body, amber also helps to dissolve points of tension and relax the body. It can be worn as jewelry, in the bag or in the pocket.


The obsidian: the stone of clairvoyance

The obsidian is a stone that is dedicated to people suffering from fatigue or depression without great importance. However, these people still need support and help to avoid falling into the devastating depression.

The obsidian is a stone formed by fused and solidified pure silica. It also provides excellent insight into the stage of depression you are going through. It makes it possible to see more clearly and to bring the adequate solutions for the cure.

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of obsidian? This stone can be worn as a necklace or ring. It can also be used as a decorative object in the bedroom or in the living room.


Conclusion on stones against depression

The power of the stones on the depression is powerful. The energies unveiled by the stones and crystals make it possible to overcome this critical state in order to come out of it boosted, alive and especially renewed. Do not hesitate to buy a stone and to carry it with you, as a good luck charm, in the stages of the daily life to take advantage of the benefits of the lithotherapy on the depression.