Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra is an energy point that may be at the origin of your stress problems. The energy centers, chakras, invisible but so important, must be perfectly balanced to allow you to be well in your body. This third chakra, must be harmonized as well as the others. We explain what it is, how it works, why it can be blocked and above all how to unblock it?


The third chakra

This chakra is the third of the 7 main chakras in the body. In Sanskrit it is called Manipura, which can be translated as "abundant in jewels" or "glittering jewel". Its role is to recharge our body with energies such as the aura or the etheric body.

This energy point is located just below the sternum, at the bottom of the ribs, in the epigastric region (near the stomach). It can be located by counting three fingers above the navel or at the level of vertebrae D11 and D12. The 3rd chakra is directly related to sight and the organs in charge of digestion in our body.


The organs impacted by this chakra

As this chakra is directly related to digestion, assimilation and transformation, the organs playing a filtering role are directly interacting.

The liver is thus one of the organs that can be the first to be affected by an imbalance. Indeed, it is the receptor of frustration and anger. In fact, you may suffer from symptoms such as a loaded liver. In addition, the pancreas is also sensitive and reacts very sensitively to the production of insulin. People suffering from diabetes may wonder whether the solar plexus chakra is blocked due to overcontrol or whether they are being manipulated.

Then, of course, the stomach, the gall bladder or the spleen (it is commonly said "to put the spleen at the heart of the broth" and the expression takes on its full meaning!)





The psychological aspect of the 3rd chakra

This chakra works with the energy of the fire element. In fact, the people who are dominated by this third chakra, are those who have a rather strong, even exceptional visualization.

Moreover, it is really the chakra of interaction with others.

It intervenes on psychological aspects such as ego, intellect and identity. Thus, if you have a dominant solar plexus chakra, you will tend to go straight to the point (head down) without thinking too much. It is also associated with vanity and the quest for power. The negative side of this is that you may do everything you can to reach your goal without thinking about the consequences, including your loyalty to those who have helped you.

Life events mean that you may have been a victim of injustice or otherwise, and then inevitably you have buried anger and resentment. This attitude, although completely natural and understandable, will however have negative impacts on your body with a third chakra in trouble. It is then that you will have to rethink your attitude towards life, towards what affects you and especially when it comes from others. It may be you who caused the injustice or you may have been manipulative. You will have the same energy imbalances. This can be explained by the poor quality of your relationships with others, or at least a relationship that is not healthy.

The idea is to get out of these patterns in your relationships and to clean up your relationships with others. The solution lies particularly in forgiveness.

So it is necessary to explain the notion of forgiveness. There is no question of forgiving in the basic sense of the term and forgiving or forgetting things that can be serious. It is a question of understanding it in the energetic sense, as a burden that is no longer needed. By giving back to the other person who is responsible for your anger, his or her wrongdoing, mean words or other things, you will break off the relationship with that person who is toxic. Forgiveness must be put back into the concept of the carpe diem "here and now". What happened 10 years ago, or 1 year ago, or 10 minutes ago is already in the past. You are moving on to something else and you have already put down everything that is bothering you to continue on your way. As you do this exercise, you will be surprised to see how relieved and above all, how liberated you will feel.

This forgiveness can be granted to yourself if you are the cause of bad relationships, especially if you have manipulative tendencies.


The spiritual aspect of the third chakra

It represents the quest for self. One of the attitudes to be proscribed is not to depend on the recognition of others and to consider one's own value with benevolence. The idea is to find one's personal power, in connection with altruism, what you give or bring to others.

A person with a strong solar plexus chakra is able to convince and has exceptional speaking skills.




What are the signs that your third chakra is blocked?

Or, how to recognize and identify a blockage of this solar plexus chakra?

For example, in a given situation in which you have felt uncomfortable, you will manifest it by saying "I did not digest it well". It can also be revealed by the way you think you are and how others perceive you. If the two are totally opposite, it creates an imbalance and of course it distorts your relationship with others. Moreover, this chakra is very much linked with the throat chakra. Indeed, if your way of expressing yourself is not in agreement with what others perceive of you, you will have difficulty communicating. Your speech will then be like "blocked", in a way you don't allow yourself to speak.


How to rebalance the third chakra?

If your solar plexus is perfectly aligned, your entourage must certainly say of you that you are radiant or that you are a solar person. This is normal, with this point of energy directly connected to the fire element, you give off strength and heat!

On the other hand, if this point is blocked, misaligned or does not function properly, your relationships with others will be strongly affected.

As a solar plexus chakra acts directly on the stomach and therefore on digestion, you must help your body. This may be a good time to start fasting or dieting. In any case, it is wise to lighten your diet to relieve your digestive system and thus rebalance this energy point.

Also, in order to counter a certain selfishness that you show, you can do things towards others in a totally disinterested way. It is a question of rendering services, for example, but not counting on a return, in which case this gesture would no longer be disinterested. There is no shortage of ideas for this, and if you have time, perhaps the best way is to mobilize yourself in an association that helps others.

On the other hand, an open plexus chakra can be observed in people who tend to manipulate and control everything. Thus, if they encounter obstacles or refusals, these people may react with great anger and frustration.

A blocked or idling 3rd chakra, on the contrary, will manifest itself by an excess of reserve or shyness. The person will find it difficult to express themselves, to assert themselves and will not dare to say who they really are.


Dance: a true blessing

In your rebalancing process, consider practicing dance. Especially ballroom dance, which is danced in pairs. It obliges you to go towards the other, it is practiced in control, the steps are precise, the attitudes also and especially, one of the two dancers guides the other (in general, it is rather the man, but with the consent of the woman).

Essential oils to help you

The power of essential oils is no longer to be demonstrated in the balance of the chakras. They are natural and their use is without danger, while respecting however the precautions of use, in particular not to put too much or not directly on the skin for some of them.

Thus, each chakra will react with an associated essential oil. For the chakra of the solar plexus, it is the bergamot. You can apply it to the skin after diluting it in a neutral base or put two drops of it in your bath, with two drops of juniper and a drop of roman chamomile.


Lithotherapy is the application with therapeutic vocation which is emitted by different stones according to the chakra which one wishes to balance.

The color of this chakra being yellow, all yellow stones are perfect to balance your energy point. However, the most adapted is the citrine which is the stone connected to the third chakra. Indeed, this one is particularly translucent and of a pronounced yellow color. You can thus put this stone in your pocket and touch it regularly. If your blockage is located at the level of the solar plexus, you can put the stone there and take deep breaths in a moment of meditation.




Yoga postures

Yoga, this discipline which allows to rebalance the chakras, is completely adapted and above all highly recommended. You will prefer postures that will encourage you to open your solar plexus.

Here are some postures to practice:

The Posture The Chair (Utkatasana)

It consists of getting semi-crouched, arms raised towards the sky and you have to remember to tuck in your stomach and relax your facial muscles.

The Camel Posture (Ustrasana)

This posture opens the rib cage and develops costal breathing. It is practiced on the knees, with the body and arms stretched backwards towards the ground.

These two postures are not the only ones to promote a good opening of your rib cage. The yoga will thus participate in rebalancing your energy points and you restore serenity and harmony.


Conclusion on the solar plexus chakra

A little tip to avoid ending up with toxic feelings or emotions. For example, if during an exchange with another person, you get angry at what he or she says or how he or she behaves, don't resist this feeling. On the contrary, if you struggle with anger, you will feed that toxic feeling and you will not get rid of it. You have to come to terms with it and accept it with some distance, as if you were watching from afar. To do this, concentrate on one point in particular, your breath or your stone in your pocket and thus, you will feel detachment and above all, do not store these toxic feelings in your body.

Do you sometimes have the feeling of being out of your mind? In this case, this expression takes all its meaning, it is indeed about being outside of your body, no longer connected with your self and it indicates a state of imbalance at the point of the solar plexus chakra. The right attitude is to immediately reconnect with the present, the immediate moment and return to the inside of you. We have explained to you the notion of forgiveness in the energetic sense, it is a powerful feeling that will allow you to relativize and especially to focus on the "here and now". What constitutes your past is not forgotten, but it should no longer be a weight in your life and prevent you from moving forward serenely.

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