Salt Lamp

More and more people are using the salt lamp for its powers on the human body and the home environment. Whether you believe in the virtues of nature or in the power of feng shui, the salt lamp can only satisfy you. And if you are a novice in this matter, why not let yourself be tempted?

Intended for people who are anxious and stressed, have respiratory problems or allergies, but also sleep disorders, you will find it a useful application.


What is a salt lamp?

A salt lamp is made of crystallized salt. The latter, which is found in all its forms in a multitude of living beings, but also in materials, and a conductor of electricity. It allows communication between various elements that surround us. Thus, crystallized salt will produce negative ions (linked to the passage of electricity) and purify our environment while strengthening our vitality and our psyche.





The benefits of the salt lamp


Purify the air

The negative ions produced by the salt lamp will, by sticking to the grains of dust, allow the purification of the atmosphere. Not content to eliminate dust, they can also be associated with pollen, cigarette smoke, various air pollutants, etc..

How does the purification of the salt lamp work?

It is simply a matter of chemistry. The water molecules circulating in the surrounding environment (and the foreign particles they carry) will be attracted and absorbed by the crystallized salt. When the lamp heats up, thanks to the bulb it contains, the water evaporates into the air, but the particles remain trapped in the salt.

Reducing asthma and allergy symptoms

As we explained previously, salt lamps help purify the ambient air by trapping particles harmful to health (dust, mold, pollutants ...). Thus, if you suffer from allergies or even asthma, salt lamps can help reduce these symptoms because there will be fewer harmful particles in the air.

Reduces respiratory symptoms

A salt lamp will release negative ions that will gradually replace the positive ions found in abundance in our homes. And for good reason, most of these positive ions come from all our electronic installations. They are harmful for the human body, and among other things for the eyelashes located in our respiratory tracts (microscopic hairs that allow the cleaning of contaminants). Under the effect of positive ions, these eyelashes will function less well and will no longer play their role of protector and cleaner as well. Thus, salt lamps can help the body filter out harmful particles.

Increasing the body's energy

As we have seen, positive ions have a negative impact on our lives. They also attack our energy levels, unlike negative ions that give us a boost. These negative ions, present in salt lamps, are also found in nature when we go for a walk or take an invigorating shower in the morning. Thus, thanks to the salt lamps, you will be able to find all the benefits associated with these ions, and feel more toned. Place a salt lamp in the places you usually go at home and see if it makes a difference.



Suppression of electromagnetic radiation

Our environment is constantly bombarded by electromagnetic radiation. Indeed, these are produced by all our electronic devices (computer, cell phone, television...). The long-term effects can have strong negative consequences on our health, such as a high level of stress, chronic fatigue, immune deficiency, etc. Negative ions help to reduce this electromagnetic radiation by capturing and suppressing it.

Improve your sleep

Positive ions would also deprive us of quality sleep by reducing the supply of blood and therefore oxygen to the brain. Sleep rhythms are then irregular. Negative ions would counteract these effects.

Improve mood

By improving the supply of blood and oxygen to the brain, salt lamps also help to improve your mood. Concentration is also affected by this phenomenon.

Salt lamps also help to fight against seasonal depression. Indeed, the mood is improved and the warm color of the lamp reminds you of the sun, which is regularly missing once winter comes. All this increases optimism, creativity and reduces fatigue. These lamps are therefore ideal for people who are a little gloomy and nostalgic for summer.

Reduce static electricity

Clearly, this is not a health benefit. However, static electricity is particularly annoying. It usually occurs when you least expect it, and causes you some discomfort in your fingers when you touch an object, or prevents you from performing a particular task (ironing crumbs, for example).

Salt lamps will help reduce this static electricity in the air, since the ionized particles in the air will be eliminated.


What type of feng shui lamp?

Different shapes can exist. You can find salt lamps with natural shapes, on candle holder or geometric shapes. Several aspects are to be taken into account, in particular the dimensions and the weight. The bigger the lamp is, the more effective it has an action. Above 5-6 kg, it is better to take a lamp that is placed on the ground. Generally the lamps sold in the trade weigh around 2kg.

Second criterion, and not the least, a lamp on candle holder will be much more efficient than an electric lamp. And for good reason, not to mention the aesthetic aspect, the electrical installation may also emit electromagnetic radiation.

You can buy salt lamps in health food stores, pharmacies or on the Internet.




Where to place the salt lamp?

Salt lamps are best placed in an intimate room where you are used to going and where you feel at home. Of course, this can be a room in the house like the bedroom or the living room, but it can also be your office, as long as you feel comfortable there.

So, in a living room it is best to place it near the television or a computer screen to limit the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves. Once these rays are captured, you will see that you will feel much better. In the bedroom, you can place it on your bedside table. Its soothing effect will be felt on your sleep and you can be sure to sleep better thanks to it.

You can place the crystal lamps in your desk. Negative ions help you to concentrate, but also to relax in stressful moments.

Many health professionals (psychologist, naturopath...) use salt lamps to provide a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in their offices. Patients feel relaxed and are more able to express their feelings and problems.

Meditation is also a discipline that can use salt lamps because of its calming effect and its ability to stimulate the imagination.

In order to best place a salt lamp in a house, you can adopt the techniques of feng shui. This art of living aspires to circulate as well as possible the energy that lives in your house: the IQ. To do this, objects and furniture must be placed in strategic places so that the energy is not blocked or pushed back to the outside of the house. As for salt lamps, you can for example place them at the entrance of a house, in order to create a kind of airlock to leave negative energies and problems on the doorstep.


Conclusion on salt lamps

Coming from nature, salt rocks are full of particularly unexpected riches. Remember that they are truly effective in helping you sleep better and soothe you in general. It will give you a certain dynamism and you will feel lasting effects on your physical and mental health.

Do you own a salt crystal lamp? What do you think about it? Do you feel any benefits since you've been using it?