Reflexology Sandals

The success story of reflexology sandals really appeared in the 80-90s. Today, few people still use them and yet those who don't use them completely miss out on their essential health benefits. Reflexology sandals, also known as massage sandals, are a form of alternative medicine, which aims to relieve muscle tension in the body. In addition to its restorative virtues, they are also very relaxing.

Based on the same principles as reflexology, they act on the proper functioning of the human body. They are also identical to palmar (hand) and auricular (ear) reflexology because they act on specific pressure points. What is foot reflexology?


What is foot reflexology?

China has been practicing foot reflexology for nearly 5,000 years. It has even become a daily habit in many populations. Above all, it is a remarkably revitalizing source of energy for your body. Although sandals only work on your feet, they actually influence the entire body, relieving most of the ailments you suffer from and protecting the organs from aggression.

The use of a reflexology sandal is based on a relaxation technique which, with the help of "beads", stimulates the different areas of the body that are assimilated.n Finally, acupressure sandals will simply solicit a particular area of the arch of the foot to activate reflex zones. A process similar to a professional massage.

According to this same traditional Chinese medicine, these reflex zones are connected to a specific part of the human body such as the head, neck, belly, ears, lungs, heart, liver, sinuses...). For example, the area just below the big toe acts directly on the tensions you may feel in the neck and the nape of the neck. A massage at this precise spot will help relieve the pain. The principle is the same for each part of the body. How do reflexology sandals work?




How do reflexology sandals work?

The reflexology sandal is a true essential accessory for well-being, based on the same principles as acupressure and foot reflexology treatments. They are sandals equipped with a hundred or so specially designed spikes to exert pressure on the reflex zones with each step you take. This is not always pleasant, especially at the beginning, as you will feel that it is painful. Reflexology sandals are not always very aesthetic, but it is now possible to find models that are much more elaborate than others. You will also find sandals, on which the pimples are hidden under a sole. By experience, it is preferable to favor models that have pimples reproducing the foot reflexology map. These can also be of varying sizes, to fit the arch of the foot perfectly.

On the acupressure sandal market, there is a wide range of designs and finishes: leather, elastomer, soft rubber and various colors. You will have no difficulty in finding the right shoes for your feet.





The benefits of reflexology sandals

Feet support the weight of our body throughout the day, fortunately they are still resistant. On top of that, they are constantly locked in our shoes, which makes it vital to maintain them in order to let them breathe properly. Just like you, your feet deserve to spend a pleasant moment of relaxation. That's why the simplest solution is to massage your feet, to help them re-energize your body by stimulating, relaxing and rebalancing it.

Rather than calling in a foot reflexologist, it is just as interesting to use massage sandals. Indeed, they provide exactly the same benefits as a manual massage, except that you do it comfortably, at home... As said before, your feet may take some time to get used to sandals, but you will quickly forget about the pain and give way to pleasure. They will adapt to the shape of your arch as you go for your daily walks.

Better nerve and blood stimulation

For your information, your feet have hundreds, if not thousands, of nerve endings connected to your entire body. In other words, by stimulating the reflexology points of your arch, you considerably reduce the risk of certain diseases. Logically, you also increase your immune system.

In addition, reflexology sandals stimulate these different nerve endings, thus keeping them constantly alert. Thanks to the width of the sandals, you promote blood circulation and avoid swelling of the feet, ankles and legs.

With a more or less prolonged massage, you also accentuate lymphatic drainage, which means that if you are suffering from the phenomenon of heavy legs, you increase the blood return to the upper body. This effectively relieves the unpleasant sensation, especially at the end of the day.

Gain in relaxation

When you walk in reflexology sandals, you perform a movement and pressure that triggers, through repetition, a feeling of relaxation and release, both nervous and muscular. Thus, like a back massage, you reduce not only stress, but also fatigue.

Taking time for yourself - and especially for your feet - is important because it helps to maintain your health capital in the long term. Don't you agree that wearing shoes all day is not pleasant and the relief in the evening, just after taking them off, is divine. That's also why it's better to take your shoes off at home, especially if you're a woman and you wear heels. Finally, shoes lack flexibility and your feet cannot make natural movements outside.




Rebalance the functioning of your body

According to the beliefs of traditional Chinese medicine, repeated pressure on a reflex point influences the energy of our body to improve psychological and emotional well-being. This allows to reharmonize the vital organs with the nerve endings: this is the principle of acupressure.

Reflexology sandals act in the same way on our feet.

The advantages are therefore multiple and both on a physical and mental level:

• Less stress
• Fewer negative thoughts
• Reduced muscle disorders
• Improves body flexibility
• Increases vitality
• Relieves the back
• Improves the functioning of vital organs
• Reduces the risk of disease


Practice in moderation with acupressure sandals.

It is good to know that there are precautions to take regarding the use of acupressure sandals. Finally, the counter-indications remain the same as those of a foot massage performed by a reflexologist. Do not stimulate your foot reflex points.

• After recent heart disease
• In case of respiratory problems
• After a recent phlebitis
• In case of foot trauma
• During pregnancy
• In case of inflammation
• In case of foot infection (fungus, warts etc...)

Do not hesitate to find out more about these contraindications if you have the slightest doubt.

In addition, be aware that sandals should be used with care and especially in a short period of time. Indeed, to guarantee the effectiveness and to avoid any repercussions on health, use your sandals only 15 minutes per day (and a maximum of 30 minutes per day).

Please note, however, that prolonged stimulation of the reflexology points can, for example, lead to significant stomach aches, as the colon will be too active. Of course, there are many other consequences, but the list would be far too long for our article.

Enjoy the benefits of reflexology sandals, but don't abuse them, always in moderation if you want the positive effects on your health to be felt.