How to use the jade roll ?

An essential beauty accessory in Asian countries for thousands of years, the jade roll is making a name for itself in the West. Beauty blogs talk about it like a magic wand that allows you to have a young and toned facial skin. In just a few minutes, you say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles. Dark circles are eliminated, the skin is tightened and the face is illuminated. Beyond an eternally young skin, the jade roller also protects and heals the skin.

Icing on the cake, the jade roller is a beautiful decorative object with its colors. Depending on the deposit from which it was extracted, the jade stone can be more translucent or more opaque. However, between us, you can find some in other colors such as pink, gray, black ... but make no mistake, because these are not jade rolls, because the stones are quartz, amethyst, black obsidian or red jasper. Anyway, is the jade roll a magic object or a trick?


What is the jade roll?

The jade roller is a kind of mini paint roller composed of two oval jade stones of different sizes at its two ends. The larger one is for massaging large areas of the face such as the forehead, cheeks, jaw and neck, and the smaller one is for the contours of the eyes and mouth as well as the nose. Used from the 7th century to the 17th century in Asia, this accessory was very popular among the Chinese aristocracy and upper middle class. In fact, some princesses were buried with their jade scrolls when they died. According to history, it would have been used much earlier by the Mayans and Egyptians (about 5,000 years ago). After years of heavy use, the jade scroll is forgotten. A few years ago, it made a great entry into the sphere of beauty thanks to the adepts of litotherapy (stone therapy) and social networks.

But why jade? In fact, traditional Chinese medicine attributes many benefits to jade stone. Thus, jade was associated with immortality, health, luck and prosperity. The Chinese used to wear it as a jewel to protect themselves from bad vibes, to bring good luck and to be at peace with themselves. According to popular belief, jade was a healing stone. Indeed, the person who wore it became stronger, because his qi or vital energy merged with the spirit of the stone. Even today, jade is still used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat many ailments. Similarly, in the West, this healing stone is also widely used in litotherapy.

But let us return to the jade roll. The use of this beauty accessory has no contraindication since the treatment is non-invasive. Everyone can thus use it without risking to put its epidermis in danger. Nevertheless, pay attention to the product that you buy. Indeed, the stone of jade is increasingly rare and the counterfeits are legion. Thus, what you consider a semi-precious stone can be a more common stone such as serpentine, or even plastic or glass. As a result, you do not get all the benefits of the massage roller.





Where to find a jade roll?

There are few stores that sell from traditional jade scrolls to real jade stone. You can of course find some on online sales sites, but the qualities may not be there. In this case, we advise you to buy only on trusted sites. In any case, to be sure to find an authentic product, it is advisable to go to a Chinese massage parlor. Although this does not completely eliminate the risks (it is possible that the sellers themselves do not know that the product is a counterfeit), at least it reduces them.

The price is already an indicator of the quality of the jade stone (if the product is offered at less than 20 €, go on your way), but if you buy in a store, you can also check if the stone is genuine by trying to scratch it with a coin or by bringing it close to the flame of a candle or a lighter for example.


How to use it?

The jade roller is used in self-massage facial morning and evening to decongest the face and relax it. However, it should not be used alone. Indeed, for maximum results, you must combine it with your beauty routine. Thus, used after a moisturizing treatment, the jade roller is the final touch that helps reinforce the action of your day or night cream by making it penetrate deeper into the skin. You can also apply it after an oil or serum. Or simply on clean, cleansed water, but the benefits of the massage roller will not be optimized.

Massage techniques are very important for good results. Also, start with the eye contour and the edges of the nose with the small stone going up to the hairline, then massage the rest of the face with the larger one, performing massage gestures from the inside to the outside and from the bottom to the top without going back and forth. This is to counter the effects of gravity and stimulate lymph. Then, finish from the sides of the neck towards the center of the collarbone to send the toxins accumulated on the face to the center of the body where they will be treated and eliminated naturally.

During the massage, apply light pressure so as not to aggress and irritate the skin. Otherwise, you will end up with red skin. Then, repeat these movements for a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes (2 to 3 minutes may be enough if you don't have a lot of time in front of you). Thus, the jade roller massage is an easy practice to integrate into your beauty routine. After this small daily ritual, the skin is more relaxed and the complexion is fresher. Although jade is a naturally cold stone, to enhance the refreshing and toning power of your care stone, keep your jade roll in the refrigerator between uses. Also, clean it with warm water and soap after each use. That's right! Like any beauty accessory, your massage roller must be clean and flawless.




What is the jade roll used for?

Traditional Chinese medicine recognizes many beneficial properties of jade roll. This is why this accessory has survived through the ages, and despite a passage into oblivion, it has found its place in the beauty kit of all those who love to take care of their skin. In fact, the jade roll is a facial skin care product that is used to :

• Soothe the skin: facial massage helps to reduce facial tension and to have softer features.

• Promote lymphatic drainage: the jade stone increases blood flow and cleanses impurities.

• Reduce dark circles and puffiness thanks to its draining properties.

• Attenuate the signs of tiredness: the destressing properties of the jade stone allow to relax the face by making it less tired and more alive.

• Smooth out wrinkles and fine lines: by massaging your face regularly, you accelerate cell renewal and collagen production.

• Illuminate and refresh the complexion: in case of a bad look or a dull complexion, a few minutes of massage with the roll on jade helps to restore radiance to the complexion.

• Tighten the pores: Indeed, the massage regulates the production of sebum and refines the grain of the skin.

• Accentuate the effectiveness of facial care: in this case, it is advisable to warm the stone in warm water to optimize its action.


The benefits of the massage roller on the face

The benefits of the jade roll or roll on jade are no longer to be demonstrated. For centuries, Chinese women have used it as a skin care product to have a fresh complexion and a youthful glow. On a mature or young skin, the jade stone brings many benefits.

As mentioned above, the jade roll comes in different colors (although the stone is not jade, the massage roll retains this name). Thus, the benefits of the massage roller differ depending on the stone.

Jade stone of green color: it eliminates small buttons.
Pink jade stone: it has anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle virtues. This jade stone became famous thanks to Nicole Tonnelle, retired beautician and beauty blogger very well known on the internet and social networks.
Jade stone of purple color: it soothes the skin.
White jade stone: it gives radiance.

The benefits of a jade roll massage

The jade roll improves the elasticity of the skin.
Without good blood circulation, the skin looks older and sags. It is dull and lacks radiance, and small inflammations may appear. Jade stone is considered by the Chinese people as the stone of beauty and eternal youth. By using the jade roll twice a day, you promote the production of collagen and elastin, two important proteins that make the skin look smoother and younger. In the long term, the skin is regenerated, repaired and repaired. The result is a clear, luminous complexion and a radiant glow.

The roll on jade relaxes the skin and tones the facial muscles.
The light pressure of the stone of care on the face makes it possible to relieve the muscular tensions of the face, in particular at the level of the jaws thus making it possible to avoid and relieve the blockages. In addition, the jade roller also relieves headaches due to temporomandibular or TMJ joints. On the way, a daily facial self-massage helps to tighten the facial skin and decongest the eye area. Say goodbye to crow's feet and fine lines.

Jade stone detoxifies the body
Jade stone helps promote lymphatic drainage. The body is rid of waste and toxins that accumulate in the cells, as these are transported to the lymph nodes for treatment and elimination. As a result, inflammation is reduced, tissue is regenerated and scars fade. Moreover, when lymphatic drainage is stimulated, the symptoms of fibromyalgia are reduced. In addition, you are less prone to chronic fatigue, chronic pain, depression, insomnia and various allergies. On the face, puffiness and dark circles disappear. In the morning, you no longer have that tired, lifeless look that spoils a morning appointment, even after 8 hours of restful sleep. Your skin is truly fresher thanks to this detox treatment that is safe for your health.

The jade roll reduces stress
With today's pace of life leaving little room for relaxation and rest, the jade roll appears to be the miracle product that reduces stress. Jade stone has always been known for its relaxing properties. Moreover, the Chinese associated it with peace and harmony. Thanks to a daily massage, you reduce stress and consequently the appearance of acne and small skin eruptions. Your face is smoother and healthier.