Choosing your Yoni egg

Which size? which crystal? perforated or not perforated? Discover the questions you need to ask yourself to choose your yoni egg.


Choosing your Yoni egg

A Yoni egg is a very personal object and we are convinced that each woman will intuitively know how to choose the one that best suits her.

That said, if you have just discovered Yoni eggs, you might feel a little lost. If, after reading the following, you are still hesitating and don't know where to start, or if you want to buy a Yoni egg as a gift for someone, then here are the two options we can advise you on:

• Choose a set of 3 Yoni Eggs - Green Jade, in three different sizes (small, medium or large). It is ideal to have all 3 different sizes of the same stone because you will be able to select the perfect size at any moment of your evolution.

• If you had to choose only one, it would be this one: Green jade, medium size and pierced - Indeed it is the most popular Yoni egg, and it is an excellent choice for beginners.





The three questions to ask yourself to know which Yoni egg to choose


Which size to choose for your Yoni egg?

Yoni eggs come in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

The largest size is usually 45×30 mm, the average is 40×25 mm and the smallest is 20×30 mm.

The following may seem counter-intuitive, but most of the time when you use a Yoni egg, you will start with a large egg. The more you develop your "dexterity", the more you will be able to use smaller eggs. This is because the larger the egg, the easier it is to feel it and allow muscles to hold it. It is also true that the larger the egg, the heavier it is, making it difficult to carry it for long periods of time. If at first you are unable to hold and keep your egg inside your vagina, don't be discouraged, this is perfectly normal. You can start to train for only a few minutes a day by sitting or even lying down.

Most users start with a medium sized egg. The fact that you are a tall woman, or rather a short woman, has no influence on this choice.




A medium size egg will probably be perfect to start with, and if after a few months of practice you feel that a larger size egg would be better for you, then buy a larger one. Come back to a medium size egg in about two weeks, or when you feel comfortable with your large egg.

If you've had a baby, or are menopausal, or you're just not sure which size to choose to start with, look for a set of eggs in three different sizes. This will allow you to start with a large egg, and gradually use a smaller one, or you can vary between the different sizes depending on the day.

Important - do not use your Yoni egg if you are pregnant, or just after giving birth. A Yoni egg can be very useful in the postpartum period, but before you start using one, make sure you get your midwife's or doctor's approval.

Small size eggs are not specifically made for small women, they are recommended for advanced practitioners who wish to experiment with different egg sizes. Sometimes even small eggs can be used in combination with larger eggs. The smaller the egg is, the more it requires great muscular dexterity in order to feel it and be able to hold it inside.

A small egg is also a good choice if you feel some stiffness in your pelvic floor. In this case, the use of a Yoni egg can help you, but it must be used with care. We recommend that you get in touch with a perineum specialist or a Yoni egg instructor. Both will be able to help you create a practice that is specifically adapted to your needs and that will allow you to free yourself from the excessive tensions located on your pelvic floor. Exercises that involve tightening or pulling on tissues will be excluded for you at the beginning, as the priority needs to be put on relaxation.

The use of Yoni's eggs helps each of us to reconnect with our inner guidance, and to build a trusting relationship with our bodies. You can begin to communicate with your body even before you have an egg.

The largest Yoni eggs measure 45×30 mm, the medium 40×25 mm and the smallest 20×30 mm. Use a ruler, and measure this distance with your fingers. Then ask your Yoni to help you determine which size will be best for you. You'll immediately know the answer by your intuition, it's the first one that comes to mind!


Which crystal to choose?

Choosing a crystal is something incredible and fun at the same time because the answer to this question lies within each of us. Some people will choose their crystal simply by relying on their intuition while others will prefer to learn about the virtues of each stone.

Yoni's eggs are carved from a wide variety of different beautiful crystals. You will be able to wear most of them inside your yoni without risk, even over long periods of time.

According to the teachings of the Taoist tradition, three types of crystals are used. Women should start their healing process with Jade, then move on to Black Obsidian to work on its "dark side", and finally, when they feel ready, they can use Rose Quartz to open the heart. These stones have been used for thousands of years. Their health and safety benefits have been proven over time.

The most popular gem among beginners is green jade. We recommend that you start with this type of crystal for the following reasons:

• From a purely physical point of view, it is a very hard stone and will not break if you accidentally drop it when you start your practice with your Yoni egg.

• It has excellent thermal conductivity properties, which means that your body does not need to use a lot of energy to warm your Yoni egg.

• Green jade is a stone with great healing power for the body in general, but especially for the female reproductive system.

• Its energy is very powerful, yet gentle and protective. Jade will protect you like a shield against external negative energies. It can be worn by most women for long periods of time, allowing them to feel more energy, deeper and more intense.

• Jade is the ideal choice if you intend to do exercises with your Yoni egg (it has the right weight and is perfectly suited for kegel exercises).

With proper care, your Yoni egg is like a diamond, it lasts a lifetime!

Important: When you buy a jade egg, make sure that it is real jade because there are many counterfeits and so-called crystals on the market that are actually made of different pieces of bad quality stones. At Karma Yoga Shop, we have carefully selected different crystals with incomparable energy.



We recommend that you start your practice with a jade Yoni egg, but if you feel called by another type of crystal or several different crystals, go ahead! Always follow your intuition! Even if it is your first Yoni egg, it is your egg, your body, and no one can give you better advice than your body and your intuition of course!

Below you will find some of the properties of each stone, to help you make your choice.

You can try to play the game of trying to choose a crystal with your intuition, based only on your feelings, before reading anything about the virtues of each crystal. Then read the descriptions that follow and see if you understand why your intuition led you to a specific stone! 🙂

• Jade: stone of purity and wisdom, but also of power and harmony. Jade resonates strongly with the heart chakra, which will help you create a connection between your heart and what you are passionate about (the creative energy of your Yoni and second chakra). Jade intensifies feelings of love and promotes emotional release. It refreshes our emotional life, transmitting a sense of peace. On a psychological level, it allows us to let go of negative thoughts and soothes the mind, helping to harmonize the mind with the body. Jade energetically balances the distribution of water in the body, and is therefore beneficial to the health of the entire organism, especially the kidneys and the reproductive system of women. It is a protective, balancing, calming and deep stone that promotes self-love and well-being. It also resonates with the third eye and crown chakras, it will help you connect to spiritual knowledge and anchor your knowledge. This Yoni egg has a very gentle and beneficial energy that encourages spontaneity and creativity. It is an excellent gem to use for meditation. Jade is also associated with the heart chakra,

• Rose quartz: Also called "love stone". Rose quartz is extremely strongly connected to the heart chakra. It can be a great help in breaking down barriers and dissolving blockages that we might have erected to protect us from the feeling of love. It will allow us to give, and receive, the energy of love. It is truly the stone of unconditional love, it emits such an energy that you will soon feel a sense of comfort overwhelming you.

• The black obsidian: Which resonates with the root chakra, at the base of the spine. The obsidian is an extremely protective stone and will prove to be a very powerful ally to free you from the traumas and emotions accumulated in your body, especially in your pelvis. It allows to transmute negative energy and helps to heal certain physical ailments of the woman's body.

Important : Never use a crystal from a crystal store that is not specifically sold as a Yoni egg. Most decorative crystals on the market have been produced with chemicals, dyes and artificial components.


Drilled or undrilled

Yoni pierced eggs have a small hole drilled through their thinnest end. You may choose to run a thread through it so that you can easily remove your egg. Some exercises specific to Yoni eggs can be done with this thread. We recommend using unwaxed floss. Pierced eggs can also be used without floss.

Unperforated Yoni eggs are a little easier to clean. On the other hand an undrilled egg might be harder to remove than an egg drilled with a floss, but there is a certain beauty in that too! The crystal will stay in place inside you, and will only come out when it has completed its healing process. We encourage you to let go, trust your body, and trust your intuition. Also trust the learning journey with your Yoni egg. These crystals are not just accessories, they can truly accompany you on the path of spiritual transformation. "Letting go" is one of the most difficult things for some of us to accomplish, but as difficult as it is, it is also necessary and rewarding. Don't worry, the egg can't get lost! Wearing your Yoni egg for 24 hours, or even longer, is absolutely no problem at all. You can even have sex while your egg is inside your vagina.

If you feel the need to remove your non-pierced Yoni egg, you can simply do so by following these instructions. After a few weeks of learning, you will be able to get it out voluntarily using only your vaginal muscles.


Having trouble deciding between a pierced or an unpierced egg? Turn to yourself for a moment and imagine how it would feel to use one or the other of these eggs. Which one would you feel most comfortable with? There is no wrong answer to this question!

Now you have all the keys in hand to begin your practice. If you are still hesitating, know that the answer is already within you, just trust yourself! The most important thing is to start this practice to quickly reap the benefits. There will always be time later to experiment with eggs other than the one you have chosen to start with. We have done everything possible to keep our Yoni eggs affordable so that you can buy several of them, give yourself this gift, they will stay with you for the rest of your life if you take care of them.