All About Tantric Massage

We are going to approach a subject that you have probably crossed within our website which is the tantrism. The last time we saw together what was Tantrism through yoga. And this time, we will discover other dimensions of this practice through massage. We are not going to make you wait any longer, so let's take a look at this practice rather stereotyped by its sensual character, but so transcendent! All about tantric massage.


Reminder of the notions of tantrism/tantra

The word tantra means "to weave" or "to stretch".

So the idea with Tantra is to weave many practices, and other spiritual styles and teachings, in order to connect with others and the universe. When practiced consistently, Tantra can help you to be in tune with who you are, achieve your goals and, when done with a partner, deepen your relationship.

The fundamental teaching of Tantra is that, regardless of gender identity, we all have male and female polarities within us, and by balancing and cultivating these energies throughout our bodies, we become instruments of expansion. Male energy is about getting things done, while female energy is about education, emotions and empathy.

The origins of tantra can be traced back to and are first clearly documented around the first half of the millennium AD in India. It has Hindu and Buddhist roots and has also influenced Eastern religious traditions such as Jainism, Sikhism, Tibetan Bön, Taoism and Japanese shintō.

Importantly, any online search involving the term "Tantra" will return results that primarily refer only to sex. This is not to ignore the fact that life in general is sexual. Most animals spend their lives working to attract each other. However, through tantric practices, many of which are mystical and sometimes, yes, of a sexual nature, there is no division between piety and humanity. Although each Tantric tradition is different, most agree that the practitioner is a deity and that this state is accessible through ritual, meditative and yogic practices (reference to our article "Tantra Yoga").





Tantrism/tantra and sexuality

The art of Tantric sexuality is considered "yogic" in nature, it can also have similar benefits to the practice of yoga. It can help you reduce anxiety, improve flexibility, and find a little more peace through breath control and body awareness. If this sounds like something you'd like to try, experimenting with tantra in the bedroom is simple enough. If you are single, don't worry, Tantric principles can also be incorporated into a self-esteem session.

In addition, eye contact is another way to experiment with Tantric practices, with your partner or alone. For example, you can spend time looking at your partner's eyes or your own eyes in the mirror. Ultimately, tantra aims to broaden the experience of sexuality to include other spiritual and emotional elements. Once we accept the whole body as a sexual instrument instead of just the genitals, we can begin to experience liberation. It comes with deeper intimacy and trust, not just with our partners, but with our own bodies and minds!

So it does indeed go hand in hand with sexuality mainly, but this practice is much deeper than that. Far beyond yoga, tantrism or, tantra can be experienced through other means such as massage.


Tantric massage

Tantric massage is a sensual massage with the aim of awakening sexual energy and directing it upwards and all over the body. In this way, it opens all energy centers and channels, freeing them from mental, emotional and physical blockages so that the energy of life can flow beautifully and freely throughout the body. As you browse through all of our articles, it will undoubtedly speak to you, dear readers! This practice is not intended to release or lose energy, but rather to nourish it and let it feed all the cells of the body.

Moreover, Tantra massage allows you to expand into deeper areas of pleasure, and not only. Most people who experience this often cry, get angry or "giggle" during their sessions. Why do they cluck? It unblocks release pathways for energy to flow freely. You can accomplish a lot through mental and emotional work, changing beliefs and bad habits. You can also improve a lot in your life, but some memories and beliefs may still remain in the body and can only be released through the body.




Transcend your whole Being with Tantric Massage

Tantric massage not only increases your love of the body, but expands your whole being, complementing parts of your life that prevent you from living your full potential. It is common for people to have deep insights during a Tantric massage. Deep relaxation and peace are common reactions. Some go through a deep healing experience, others learn to open up to pleasure, but others are surprised at how much happiness they can take to reach various altered states of consciousness.

Traditionally, sexuality is primarily associated with a physical body. However, by knowing how to work with sexual energy, we can transcend the physical realm and experience ourselves as energy. This is the magic of sacred sexual alchemy. It's not that the physical level is bad anyway. It is as divine as any other level, but it is by no means all that a human being is capable of accessing.

Why would we want to live on more than just a physical level? Because it reveals to us that we are not limited to our physical body, so our perception and knowledge of ourselves changes radically, impacting us in a way that we become more in tune with our true essence. Finally, it is so stimulating and liberating!


How does a Tantric massage session take place?

In the Indian tradition, it starts with a bath or a shower, you get a towel and a pareo used in India as ritual clothes. A massage is performed during a sensual oriental music also accompanying your purification. You will probably be able to distinguish several smells of essential oils. As soon as the purification is finished, the massage begins.

Then, the tantra massage begins with a ritual in a vertical position as an expression of respect for the receiver and harmonization with each other. You don't have to do anything at all, a masseur will take care of everything. Your role is simply to follow the awakening of your senses, your attention will be heightened and light waves will pass through your body. In this sense, you stop thinking and only enjoy feelings and touch. During the ritual, you will probably have the sarong removed without even consciously noticing it.

Afterwards, a massage relaxes you from tension and stress and through long movements and a pleasant massage of the head, feet and trapezius muscles. Then, a masseur will use warm towels with essential oils to bring you to deeper relaxation and intense body sensations.

Once the body is sensitized, it is massaged with furs, feathers and soft objects so that the excitement flows throughout your body. The peak of your sensual experience is a full body oil massage with warm oriental oil. Every part of the body is massaged to relax and spoil yourself to the limit of tolerance.




Intimate Tantric Massage

Very slowly, a masseur will approach your private parts, of course, this is a practice of which you are the sole decision-maker.

You discover that there is no shame and you are entitled to enjoy this type of moment with impunity. Generally speaking, you know that part of the tantra massage is also an intimate joni or lingam massage, but you can never imagine what it looks like.

The energy flows from your genitals to your spine and you begin to feel what tantra means. You begin to remember what you heard about breathing in the beginning and begin to focus on using the waking energy. The donor's hands are all over you. It helps you breathe and get energy throughout your body, and when you take another breath, it leads you further towards yourself. You don't think about whether you are completely devoted or open; the energy between the two of you is almost material. There is no pressure or expectations. You slowly lose yourself in time and space and your body is full of energy that nourishes and heals you.


Infertility and Tantric massage

Infertility is defined as a couple that fails to try to conceive for more than a year. Approximately 5 to 15% of couples face such a complication. Female physiological causes can be, for example, a lesion or the closure of an oviduct, hormonal defects or problems with the coating of the ovum. Male infertility is often caused by the quality of sperm from sperm defects or chromosomal defects.

Tantra teaches us to relax in accordance with reality. It teaches us to play, experience and enjoy ourselves in our own and our partner's body. Also, Tantra massage helps to relax the pelvis and to energize, especially the energy of life. This is extremely important because your pelvis needs to vibrate, live and be charged. During a Tantric massage the same applies to your breast with which you feed your baby. Moreover, in Tantric massage we have a sensitive and attentive approach while respecting the energetic elements in the stimulation of the basin. Tantric massage positively influences the production of dopamine and serotonin.

Thus you discover the limits of your sexual appetite by letting it reach a new dimension and a new place in your life. Let instinct and passion take control. If you're looking for endless inspiration, the individual Tantra massage lesson could be perfect for you. Without a doubt, you will discover the unthinkable about yourself. By discovering the magic of tantra, massage and tantra rituals, you will open a new door for yourself. Also, you will stop focusing on stress and the technical aspects of design. If there is no biological dysfunction to hold you back, you will find that everything is moving forward in one way or another, which is the whole point?


Conclusion on Tantric Massage

To conclude this beautiful article, we explored together the other facets of Tantrism. Tantrism is a universe with various dimensions having for finality the knowledge of oneself through an intimate elevation. I strongly recommend you to read our article on Tantra Yoga, you will find there other information likely to deepen your knowledge of Tantrism. Once again, this detailed approach to Tantrism brings us far from the stereotypes that have been conveyed for too long. It is important to go beyond the sensual and erotic aspect of this practice since it is by definition what connects the human being to his natural essence.

Do not hesitate to comment on this article in order to share your personal experience and the benefits it brings you. Of course, do not hesitate to share this subject with your entourage in order to break the codes and once again, readjust them beforehand!