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Yoga can keep Type 2 diabetes under control

Diabetes is one of the fastest spreading diseases in the world. With ever y passing day, more people are getting addicted to diabetes. It has been observed that less physical …

Does yoga help to reduce stress?

How can an extreme obese person lose weight?

Right food needed for regular exercise

Yoga can keep Type 2 diabetes under control

Diabetes is one of the fastest spreading diseases in the world. With ever y passing day, more people are getting addicted to diabetes. It has been observed that less physical activities and taking too much of fast food can lead to diabetes. Obesity is also one of the reasons for diabetes these days. This wrong path of life cycle over the years may lead to resistance of insulin and hence increase in glucose level and bad cholesterol level. It leads to formation of type 2 diabetes.

Increase of type 2 diabetes in the body may lead to many complications like kidney disease, an increased chance of heart attack and stroke, dysfunction of the nervous system, retinopathy leading to blindness. If type 2 diabetes is not controlled, it may lead to many fatal diseases, causing death at an early age.

Type 2 diabetes
can be controlled or can be kept at check, but it cannot be cured permanently. If the patient increases his physical activity with proper control of dietary measures, he can keep his type 2 diabetes well within his control.

Regular practice of yoga exercises improves the physical activity of the body to a great extent and hence helps to improve the metabolism. Medical research conducted on the patients show that doing yoga on a regular basis is having good, positive effect on postprandial glucose level of the blood.
People suffering from type 2 diabetes also suffer from a metabolism which is quite disturbed. It leads to formation of bad cholesterol levels. If you do yoga on a regular basis, it improves the metabolism to a great extent, thus reducing the bad cholesterol level. If the cholesterol level is reduced, it will improve the cardiovascular health to a great extent. It will decrease the risk of heart attack or stroke in the long run.

Does yoga help to reduce stress?

Yoga is one of the best practices where in you can combine physical exercise while you manage to control breathing and relax while meditating. It helps to reduce stress levels, controls blood pressure while lowering the heart rate as well. It’s very easy and any one can manage to do yoga. It’s a mind and body practice and is best approach to maintain health in a
better way. Yoga helps you to get peace to your mind and body. It’s one of the best ways to handle day to day stress levels and anxiety. There are different forms and styles of yoga and Hatha yoga is one of the best ones to manage stress. Hatha yoga’s main components are various poses, breathing and meditation.

Health benefits of yoga:

  • Stress reduction:several studies have shown that its one of the best practices to reduce anxiety and stress levels. It enhances the overall well being of a person.
  • Improves fitness: through yoga you can improve flexibility, balance and strength.
  • Health benefits of yoga: through yoga you can reduce the risk of chronic diseases like high blood pressure and heart diseases. It also helps you to get rid of pain, depression, insomnia and anxiety.

Precautions to be taken for yoga practice:

Yoga is one of the safest and healthy practices for people when followed under the guidance of right instructor. But it’s always advisable to visit your health care provider if you have any health conditions like blood clot risks, pregnancy (avoid certain poses), severe balance issues, osteoporosis, uncontrolled blood pressure etc. In such conditions you should take certain precautions and avoid some poses and stretches.
Accordingly you can practice yoga but if you develop any kind of pain then better you visit a doctor to get more benefits out of yoga.

How can an extreme obese person lose weight?

When you are obese it would definitely show health effects on your heart. So, it’s always better to start working on losing weight so that you can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes or even cancer, according to Robert Eckel who was the president of American heart association. As you keep losing weight the metabolic rate improves. In general, 17.5-25kg/m2 is considered to be a healthy BMI in adults. In order to have a healthy BMI the weight and height proportion has to be good. Through BMI doctors can check for the severity of obesity in a person.
Way to be healthier:
Obesity is one of the most important aspects to be considered and necessary actions should be taken to lose excess weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. It’s always beneficial to go for an expert professional doctor who can help you to shed the unwanted kilos from your body and help you to stay fit. As you keep losing excess weight you will become more and more active and can stay away from maximum health issues. Based on your health conditions the doctors would be able to prescribe you with the right workout program.

Treatment options available: 

Diet: you can consult a dietician who will prepare the right and suitable plan for you so that you can lose some pounds every week. Reducing the intake of calories will definitely help you lose weight gradually.
Physical activity: you should keep adding physical activity once you reach 10% of your weight loss goal.
Medication: some might also need medication to lose weight if they are extremely obese. But what you need to keep in mind is that medication can have some side effects and might be expensive as well.
Surgery: if you are unable to lose weight through physical activity, medication or diet then it’s time for you to look for metabolic surgery or bariatric. But before you go for any such procedure it’s important to check with your doctor about the risks and dangers it might be related to.

Some might make some changes in their lifestyle and lose desired weight accordingly and some may need the extra help and guidance from experts. Checkout the weight loss options which you have and choose the best possible one that would perfectly fit your requirements. Obesity can sometimes lead to depression and might need to take anti-depression suggested by doctor.

Right food needed for regular exercise

Through a well-balanced diet, it would be easy for you to eat the right energy you need for exercise. Food gives you the energy you need to exercise. It’s important to refuel your body before you start with any fitness activity.
Right diet to exercise:
Depending upon the sex, age, weight and the activity level, the amount of food of a person needs would vary. The rate at which you can burn calories would be based on the kind of exercise and also how vigorously you can do. You should divide the calories according to proteins, carbohydrates and fats:

  • Carbohydrates: These are the starches and sugars which can be broken down to glucose to give energy. The excess of carbohydrates can be stored in liver and various tissues and released as and when required. Cereals, vegetables, rice, whole grain breads, fruits etc are good sources of carbohydrates.
  • Proteins: You should make sure to have proteins for major meals as it helps in the absorption of carbohydrates. Protein rich foods include eggs, fish, meat, chicken, beans etc.
  • Fat: It’s also important to include fats in your food. Should take low fat dairy products such as milk, meat which provides the kind of fat your body needs.

It’s always beneficial to go for combined foods that give you proteins, fats and carbohydrates to provide everything that your body needs. 

Timing for fitness food meals and snacks:
When you are exercising in the morning you need not have anything in the morning but having a small piece of fruit would be beneficial. It’s always advisable to eat foods that are easy to get digested. You should always have food at least 3 or 4 hours before you workout.
Factors in fluids for fitness:
Drinking enough water during, before and after exercise is important. Even if you don’t feel thirsty you should make it a point to drink water. If you want to get more benefits then you can go for the sports drink that can provide you with required carbohydrates and electrolytes. There are particular sports drinks which have been designed to provide the desired energy for your workout. Caffeine will dehydrate your body. But it’s beneficial if you drink the same amount of water rather than any other beverage available in the market. Water is like fueling for our exercising body which maintains the balance in your body.